The Art Of Quantum Healing

The Art Of Quantum Healing

Find abundant happiness, health, and wealth through spirituality with Leisa. Leisa Nadler is an Activator, Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release Practitioner, Light Language Facilitator, and a No 1 Bestselling Author. She helps others with their journey to ascension and enlightenment, transforming old worn-out survival mechanisms that no longer serve them. Leisa drafts new cognitive, neural, and cathartic pathways, bringing undetected areas into life through light work and intuitive sacred healing arts, dissolving old non-serving beliefs systems and archaic methods, and forging a way for people to establish and embody all that is new and nourishing, encouraging and supportive. The Art of The Quantum Healing is all about Trauma, Mental Health, and Healing. Leisa will be sharing my own encounters with drugs, abuse, and self-sabotage. She will also be welcoming guests who have overcome trauma and found happiness, health, and wealth through spirituality. Leisa‘s mission is to help women high vibe and thrive with inner peace, passion, and purpose!


November 16, 2022 30 min

EEEKKKKK, IT IS HERE!🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 🔥SEASON FOUR TRAILER OF "THE ART OF QUANTUM HEALING PODCAST" IS LIVE🔥 In this season, I am shaking things up. It will be a flow-based, soul-hearted, truth series with zero bullshit. There is no theme, no forward thinking, just delivering a soul chat with Leisa on every episode. I will be connecting and seeing what my beautiful listeners need to hear and be guided each week, wit...

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Join me and my sister as we journey into the hidden truth and depths of Astrology and tie it all up in a bow with human design and Gene Keys. All three are linked in the most beautiful, powerful way to understand the essence of one true self. THE POWER OF THREE!

Sarah is a Love Alchemist and Transformational Soul Guide. She and her daughter Monet co-founded Poes for Peace and the Sacred Soul Ministry Trust to actively cultivate Pea...

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Today, I want to talk about your inner world vs. your outer world. or, as I like to call them, your internal environment vs. your external environment.

What you feed your inner world can affect, change and completely transform your outer world.

Have you taken time to tune into your body and soul and discover what is it that you need. Maybe more meditation, more movement, more water, more play?

When we take the time to listen to our...

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I loved recording this with my sister and Breathwork teacher Berenice. 

Join us for an uplifting conversation with lots of laughter as we delve into how and why breathwork is so powerful for healing and transformation.

Ber turned childhood trauma into a global mission to empower coaches to heal their communities at scale. She works with established coaches and visionaries to use breath as a vehicle to scale down time, energy and ef...

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September 6, 2022 24 min

Join me in this episode where I will guide you through a bedtime journaling session that focuses on self-love and gratitude. 

Did you know the most important time of your day is when you wake up and go to sleep? Learn why and how power gratitudes really are for manifestation and creating unconditional within your life. Learn how to make an impact when you sleep and the joy and abundance it creates within your life.


Learn more abo...

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We often find that we have major moments of discomfort - even self sabotage - right before a breakthrough.

So, during this episode, I cover how we feel uncomfortable before a breakthrough, and how to move through it. When we learn to push through, we get to enjoy what is on the other side. It is always what we are desiring, but we just need to learn “how to” move through the messy moments and towards our success. 

We will also delv...

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Today, I want to talk to you about comparing the theory of growth and evolution! 

Do you often find yourself comparing yourself, your spiritual growth, what others have, where they are against where you are in life. Feeling uneasy or upset by other people's achievements, growth and successes. Triggered in so many ways, causing you to slow down or worse stop! 

In this video, I will share how you can start shifting into a flow-based ...

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In this episode, I will share with you how everything in life is a choice.

Everything you do, say and how you react is a choice. No change can happen until you make the choice to act upon something. When we choose consciously, change will happen.

When we feel that we don't have a choice, we fall prey to a victim mindset and procrastination. 

I hope that this video will inspire and motivate you to choose yourself and your happiness,...

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Join me on this episode as the magical Sam the writer of the book “Visionary” goes deep on mental health, navigating Intensity, hearing voices and having visions as well as we dabel in the process of awakening. 


We extensively talk about the wisdom accessible through Intuitive senses and expand perception. No longer do you need to feel you are the only one and going crazy. This episode will help it all make sense!


OMG, this epi...

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A Spiritual Hangover is how your body communicates with you that you are undergoing spiritual growth. 

Do you ever wake up feeling completely drained?  Your energy is down to zero, your head feels jumbled and you crave rest? Well you might be dealing with a spiritual hangover: aka energy hangover. 

If you feel like you're forcing yourself today and not able to get your bearings, I invite you to rest. That's all your Spiritual...

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I quit my job 8 years ago and it set wheels into motion that changed the course of my world forever! 

Listen to my story in this episode where I share how my decision  to quit my job changed my life forever!

You can design your life the way YOU want.

So if you are wondering if it's time to make a big scary decision you have been putting off and don’t know how, let this video be the sign you've been waiting for! Watch it and learn h...

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This series is a total flow-based interview. The intention were ever we were guided.   We speak and go super deep on all things Light Language, manifestation, meditation, codes, opening yourself up to receiving, surrendering. @Narelle and I share some tips on how to move through ascension.   AND   Then we go deep into the feminine and masculine as an entirety. We unpack the universal misconception of what the feminine embodiment is...
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Everybody has those days when they do not feel like doing anything. Maybe we had a bad work day, or maybe we're just a little lazy. No matter what the reason, it's so easy to lose motivation these days. But if we're consistent, even on the days when we don't feel like it, we'll still get things done. And usually, once we've started, it's not as bad as we thought it would be. 

In this podcast, I will share with you why good motivati...

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July 19, 2022 24 min

Welcome back to Season Two.  

Long time between season one and the release of season two - so much transpiring, transcending, transmuting for me, you and the collective.  Earth is shifting, the frequency is changing so much and as to are we having to. I talk about what is happening now on earth. How the vale of truth is thin. 

As a collective, we are energetically releasing deep ancestral patterns, beliefs, and old ways of being. W...

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Do you show up in your business as your truest self?


The one who is full of love, curiosity and playfulness?


The one who feels fully, be it happiness, anger or any other dark emotions that we have learned to push down on through years of societal programming.


On today’s podcast, these are what we explore (and much more!) about spirituality, shadows and entrepreneurship. I welcome my guest @Samantha J to open this discussion w...

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Do you feel stuck in Survival Mode?


I sure was! SO much so that I fell into a deep hole of self-sabotage and self-loathing.


And this affected my relationship with others, stopping me from trusting and from loving. 


The reality is that we all have some form of emotional trauma that we carry from childhood, some from past lives before. And this trauma leads us to live in survival mode, always on the lookout and scared of the fu...

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March 18, 2022 57 min

“Even after 8 years of rehab, there are still things I am dealing with” This hit me hard! For those who know my story, you know very well about my history with alcohol and drug addiction and how I slowly healed and transformed my life over the years! But healing has no ultimatum - it happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! So today I want to welcome my guest on The Art Of Quantum Healing Podcast as we dive deep into the journey towards sob...

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Does money buy happiness? Why do we feel a void inside although our life feels so good “on paper”? What is it that our soul is craving that nothing we have seems to be fulfilling? My guest today, @Doug Cartwright, felt this way for a very long time. Until he has this first experience with psychedelics. Ex-Mormon and ex-millionaire, Doug gave it all up and embarked on a personal mission of introspection and healing. From partic...

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Can Feng Shui change your life?


The short answer: Yes.


The longer one? In today’s podcast!


Join me as I welcome my latest guest on the Art of Quantum Healing Podcast, @Krystal Holm.


Krystal is a Feng Shui Designer & Clutter Expert who helps soul-driven leaders declutter and design a workspace that empowers them to create the life & business that they want.


Through the power of Feng Shui, Krystal us overcome some of our bi...

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To make the right choices for yourself, you need to first understand WHO you truly are.

And one of the very best ways to do that is through Meditation.

That’s why today’s podcast is not only a “nice to listen”, it’s a MUST-LISTEN. So that you can learn the delicate ways of tuning in, connecting with yourself and discovering who your most authentic self is!!

So, my beautiful souls, I invite you to join me in welcoming the amazing Sp...

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