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The show where your hosts, are just two nerdy guys talkin' nerdy things (occasionally with their friends and guests). It's a nerdy roundtable style discussion podcast that is topical, comedic, and somewhat informative. It's all around good fun that we share with our subscribers to spread nerd love throughout all the fandoms in an attempt to end toxicity 1 episode at a time. Your hosts, also known as The Nerdtastic Duo, invite you the listener / viewer to join the conversation! Let's Talk NERDY!!!


September 23, 2022 79 min

Welcome Back to The Tavern weary traveler. Can I get you a flagon of mead or perhaps a shot of our homebrewed Goblin Whiskey now with 20% more Goblin blood in every bottle? No? Well alright then.

Perhaps I can interest you in a lovely conversation between the Rogue and the Bard where they discuss their favorite D&D monsters. Ah i see that peaked your interest.

Then pull up a stool while I deal with this goblin. It's time for ...

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Meet the Geek'd Moms, Katy and Chris
They are geeky parents helping raise the next generation of fandomites.
Gaming selections, family night recommendations, and self care for busy parents, its all here.

Welcome to the Geek'd Fam and thanks for checking out the show.
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September 23, 2022 69 min

Back on July 8th 2022 Taika Waititi's latest MCU film Thor: Love & Thunder rocked onto the big screen. A couple of months later on September 8th the film rolled on over to Disney plus where The Bear was finally able to watch the film.

So now after their hiatus The Nerdtastic Duo is back once more to do a nerdy review.
Joined by Social Media Sorcerer Supreme J, The Nerdsquatch, they'll discuss likes, dislikes, and everythi...

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September 9, 2022 76 min

Did you just see that Goblin go by? no? Just me? ok well anway.

It's time to head back to the tavern and check in with Tyler and JB as they discuss this week.... Lady Death.

Pour up some Mead and put away your Book of Spells its Time for the Second ever episode of The Bard's Tavern Talk. (Brought to you by The Bear & The Beard Podcast)

Keep Up with The Tavern Talk on Social Media"
Insta: @therogueandbard
FB: @the...

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Ms. Marvel is the latest installment in the Disney Plus extended MCU. The series follows Kamala Khan as she gains and learns to control her powers over a 6 episode stretch. 

This series was highly anticipated for Comic fans not only because it’s the first live action representation of a South Asian hero but also because Kamala was the first comic character that belonged to the islamic religion to get her own solo comic series.

So nat...

Mark as Played
July 22, 2022 77 min

On this first adventure to the Tavern we join Tyler, The Bard, and JB, The Rogue, at the Grand Reopening. (Since the goblins caught the outhouses on fire.) 

The topics of conversation are a Korean Zombie Series found on Netflix and Magic the Gathering... How do they relate? THEY DON'T but that won't stop these two from talking at length about them! 

This special first episode brought to you by The Bear & The Beard Podcast...

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In this special episode our Nerdtastic Duo and other friends discuss Literacy!
They interviewed a few Indie comic creators, authors, and artists while discussing their work and how important Literacy is to current and future Fandomites!


Fission Comics-
FB: @FissionComics

Jon McCarthy-
Hard Roll on Amazon:

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July 8, 2022 73 min

Pride month came to an end at the end of June but we believe it is never a bad time to be prideful.

In today's Pop and Nerd culture climate representation is being brought to the forefront in all forms of media. It's Awesome! We here at The Bear & The Beard are a team made up of allies, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and supporters of Love and Acceptance.

So in the spirit of PRIDE month let's get nerdy about re...

Mark as Played

Back on June 9th, 1993 Jurassic Park Premiered in Washington D.C.
for the past 29 years the Jurassic Park / World Franchise has arguably DOMINATED the Dinosaur themed film industry.

Now with the newest film, Jurassic World Dominion releasing our Nerdtastic Duo decided to take a T-Rex sized bite out of this AWESOME franchise.

Make sure the raptors are locked away  and the genetic synthesizer is operating correctly and Welcome to Jurass...

Mark as Played

Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness changed the whole future of the MCU. 

After seeing this film our Nerdtastic Duo reached out into their own multiverse of nerdiness and gathered a panel of geeks worthy of reviewing such a movie.

Dawn your Cloaks and make sure Bruce Cambell is near by

It's time for Season 3 Episode 10 Too Many Sorcerers, Not enough Multiverse.


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May 13, 2022 67 min

Since his first appearance in Werewolf by Night issue #32 way back in August of 1975 The moon themed, Egyptian deity housing, traveler of the night protecting hero known as Moon Knight has become a very recognizable hero in Marvel comics

Now in 2022 he has made his Marvel Cinematic debut in the form of a Disney Plus series starring such talents as Oscar Issacs, Ethan Hawke and more!

So what do we do? We review!

Joined by Nerdsquatch...

Mark as Played
April 29, 2022 102 min

Discussing Rumors and creating Fancastings has become somewhat of a nerdy pastime for not just comic book fans but members of all other kinds of geeky fandoms as well. 

A couple of episodes back our Nerdtastic Duo and their guests discussed some future heroes we would like to see in the MCU. 

And as we all know a hero is only as good as his rogues gallery, or at least that's what the neighbor in Peacemaker said, so now it’s time ...

Mark as Played

A Message from "The Riddler":
I'm so glad you’re here. I wanted to show you something. 
But first a riddle for you to ponder.

When is the top of a mountain like a savings account?

Give up?

The answer is when it peaks one’s interest!

A film as outstanding as mine grabbed attention across the globe and it deserves an equally fascinating analysis from people that understood it. So I searched far and wide before finding this litt...

Mark as Played
April 1, 2022 57 min

Sherlock Holmes (born William Sherlock Scott Holmes) is the world's only consulting detective, a profession he created for himself. 

Much like his fabricated profession, Sherlock himself and the many stories and characters in his world are all fictional creations from the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

And you may ask, why are the Bear and Beard doing an episode about some book character from the 1800s. And the response is simpl...

Mark as Played

The Bearded Bear and Geeky Vengeances teams just wrapped up Mississippi Anime Fest 2022 last weekend. 

It was a BLAST but you wanna know what else we just wrapped up?  Watching Peacemaker!

If you caught our The Squad is Back in Town episode back in season 2 where we talked all about the newest Suicide Squad movie then you know that we were huge fans of James Gunn’s DCEU debut and, now he’s back at it again, continuing the story of on...

Mark as Played

Ever since our Social Media Sorcerer, Nerdsquatch, met our Nerdtastic Duo one thing has been a huge topic among us Fan castings and theories. 

So, since The Riddler himself posed the question to us, Who would we cast in the future MCU?, we thought now would be a good time to do another Fancasting episode and also talk some casting rumors.

With a movie as awesome as Multiverse of Madness on the horizon now is the perfect time for this...

Mark as Played

Since his creation in 1962, our favorite Webhead has been swinging through comics, cartoons, and feature films with great style. For a character that was originally considered to be one of Stan Lee’s worst ideas it is funny to think that Spiderman has not only become one of the most recognizable superheroes but that he also has the most solo Marvel hero films to date.

Even more surprising is the fact that the newest film Spider Man ...

Mark as Played
January 21, 2022 72 min

From his 1st appearance in Thor back in 2011 to Avengers: Endgame in 2019 Clint Barton aka Hawkeye has become a fan favorite amongst the MCU’s ever growing character list. 
So much so that Disney Plus’s extended MCU TV verse got a new addition last year in the form of a show that gave us a lot more insight into Barton’s life. Hawkeye!

We were introduced to new characters like Kate Bishop, Maya Lopez, and more.  We even got to see som...

Mark as Played

From the Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888 to today's blockbuster hits the film industry has gone through so many changes and evolutions that it's almost unrecognizable from how it used to be.

The industry known as Hollywood is an ever-expanding enterprise that has given us so much entertainment over the years and is on track to continue to do so even with the hell of a year that was 2020. 

But what does it really take to work in...

Mark as Played
For the first time in Bear & Beard History 1 movie has required a Part 2.
This isn't a Fancast done a different way or an interview continued
This week our Nerdtastic Duo are still talking about The Eternals.

They welcome back Orey from Geeky Vengeance, and Josh from The Knights of the Nerd’s Table.
Also joining the panel for Part 2 is Jay aka Nerdsquatch from Fandom4All.
So if you wanted more Eternals here it is.



Mark as Played

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