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Protecting Your Mutual Fund Assets: What You Need to Know and Do As you’re investing in mutual funds for your retirement, children’s education, or for a rainy day, you want to keep others from getting their hands on your savings! Sometimes the threat comes from a fraudster, and sometimes it comes from little-known rules buried within your state government’s bureaucracy. Because educated investors are more able to protect their assets, you’ll learn about potential risks to your assets being taken or stolen, and the steps you can take to avoid them. Hear from two mutual fund industry experts about: * How to shield your financial accounts from winding up in the hands of the state; * What funds are doing to protect the accounts of senior investors from financial exploitation and abuse and how you can assist; and, * How funds defend against fraud, as well as common warning signs you should watch for when monitoring your accounts. ICI Associate General Counsel Tami Salmon and ICI Director Joanne Kane will discuss these issues and answer your questions. Join us!
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