The Bible Speaks to You

The Bible Speaks to You

Discover the healing power of God. Do you want to understand what Jesus said and learn how to apply it in your life? Each week we take a fresh look at the Bible and dig beneath the surface of things to its deep spiritual lessons. You’ll get insights on how Jesus thought and prayed, and how you can follow his example. If you want to learn how to pray more effectively and experience God’s healing power for yourself and others, this podcast is for you. The goal of this podcast is to help you rediscover and live the original Christianity of Jesus.


May 11, 2021 58 min

083-What is the Biblical model for hospitality?

How do you feel when someone invites you to their home? Maybe it's a party or an intimate dinner with just a few people. Or maybe it's just a one-on-one conversation where you really get to know someone and they get to know you.

Or maybe you're the one inviting someone else.

Either way, there's a wonderful feeling of including others and being included that makes us feel ...

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082 –It's time to open your spiritual eyes

Look around you. What do you see? Your computer, your smartphone? If you're on a walk in the woods, you see the trees, the rocks, the gurgling stream.

Now be really observant. Do you see everything there is to see, where ever you are? At first you may  think you take it all in. But there's no way to see everything.

Can you see the stuff in your desk drawer when it's closed? C...

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April 27, 2021 28 min

081 – How would you feel if Jesus spit on you?

I know, it sounds kind of gross. But once Jesus actually did spit on a blind man who had come to him to be? healed.

If you were that man, it must have been quite a shock to hear that tell-tale guttural sound coming from Jesus's throat and then suddenly feel the warm gooey mess in your eyes.

Spitting was a sign of contempt and rebuke. Was Jesus showing contempt for this man?

Not at all...

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080 – Have you ever missed an opportunity God gave you?

I certainly have. It feels like such a waste, doesn't it?

Sometimes I have acted too soon and sometimes I have responded too late to do what God wanted me to do.

It reminds of what happens with my three peach trees.

It's spring time here in the United States. The weather is warming up. The flowers are starting to bloom. AND my peach trees are in blossom. That means I will ...

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079 – Have you ever gotten yourself in trouble by doing what you wanted to instead of what God wanted?

All too often, we do what we want and them complain when things go wrong.

Or we tell God what we want to happen. And we tell Him exactly how it should happen.

We talk to God like He's an old man who is hard of hearing. We talk loud and repeat ourselves to make sure He hears our prayers.

How's that workin' for you?


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April 6, 2021 25 min

078 – Do you have to die and go to heaven before you see Jesus?

That's what a lot of people believe. In fact, I have a friend who can't wait to die so he will get to see Jesus in heaven.

But Jesus never said we have to die to experience heaven. He said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And he emphasized the fact that the kingdom of God is within us. That means it's here right now. We just have to learn to perceive what th...

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077 – Where will you celebrate Easter this year?

I invite you to spend it in "the garden" with Jesus.

It was in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus completely surrendered to God's will with that famous prayer: Not my will but Thine be done.

And it was in another garden, near the place of his crucifixion, where he was buried. And of course it's in this second garden where he rose and talked to Mary Magdalene.

In this w...

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076 – The Bible says a lot about atonement.

There are many theories about what the atonement really is. And one of the most popular ones has only been around since the 1500s.

In this week's episode, I talk with Keith Giles about his new book, Jesus Unforsaken: Substituting Divine Wrath with Unrelenting Love. In it, Keith explores the history of various atonement theories and explains how they differed from the teachings of the e...

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075 – Jesus said to Nicodemus "You must be born again."

This is one of the most often quoted verses in the Bible. And rightly so! Jesus wanted Nicodemus, and all of us, to know who we are as children of God and where we come.

It's about our discovering our spiritual origin, not about somehow getting back into your mother's womb and being born again literally, like Nicodemus thought.

What it means to be born again

The p...

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074 – True worship is deeply spiritual

This week's episode takes you on a journey back to Jacob's well when Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman at Jacob's well.

Imagine for a minute that you are there as one of Jesus's disciples and how you felt when you saw your Master talking to "that woman."

But when you found out what they were talking about, you realized that Jesus had just revealed a powerful truth: God...

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March 2, 2021 36 min

073 – How do you make important decisions?

If you're like me, you make a list of all the pros and cons of all the possible choices.

You go round and round trying to figure out what to do. You ask for advice from friends, family, and maybe even an advisor. But there are too many good options and there's no way to know which one is best.

In this week's episode, I share several experiences where I was in that exact situation...

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February 23, 2021 31 min

072 – According to the world's standards, Jesus was not a success.

He left a good career as a carpenter to become an itinerant preacher. He did not have an important job, big salary, or fancy house. He did not find favor with the religious authorities.  A lot of people followed him for a while, but when he was executed like a common criminal, almost of them deserted him.

But from another perspective, Jesus was the most successful...

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February 16, 2021 24 min

071 – Lent is not Biblical

Then why do so many Christians celebrate it every year in preparing for Easter? I guess it's because they find meaning in the Lenten season through contemplation, prayer, fasting, and other activities. It? helps them feel closer to Christ and follow him more sincerely.

But shouldn't we do that all year long?

The first time Lent is ever mentioned in Christian history is at the Council of Nicaea in AD...

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070 – Do you have the mindset of Adam or the mindset of Christ?

Paul talks about putting off the old self and putting on the new self in Ephesians 4 and Colossians 3. He makes it sound so simple. But it is not necessarily easy.

He talks about his own challenges in Romans 7:15-25. He knows what is right and what he wants to do, but struggles to do it because of the tendency to sin. He cries out in exasperation but then reveals the an...

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069- Have you ever read the book of Proverbs for business advice?

Recently a webinar speaker, Brian Dixon, mentioned that he read one chapter in the book or Proverbs every day and used the ideas to run his business based on what he learned there.

The whole idea intrigued me and for the month of February, 2021, I will read one chapter each day to find Biblical business principles.

Business lessons from the Bible

There are so many helpf...

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January 26, 2021 24 min

068 – Let's face it, humility is not the most thrilling topic to talk about.

But without it, we can't really understand and follow Christ.

In this week's episode, I talk about

  • Why humility is important
  • What it is and what it isn't (a lot of people get this wrong)
  • Jesus was humble in his relationship to the Father, but he was bold in who he was
  • You can be bold in fulfilling your purpose and still be humble
  • Humility is the k...

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    067 – The first angel in the Bible appeared to Hagar

    Angels appear to lots of different people in lots of different situations throughout the Bible, but it recently dawned on me that the very first angel appeared to someone who was not exactly on the top of the social or religious status charts.

    Hagar was foreign. She was a slave, and obviously, she was female. Basically, she was at the bottom layer of social importance. And she is t...

    Mark as Played
    January 12, 2021 31 min

    066 – The Law of the Harvest is at work in your life

    Have you ever planted a garden? When you plant carrots, you get carrots. It's not a mystery. It's the law of the harvest.

    The rules that govern the way a garden grows also apply to our spiritual life as well. Jesus often referred to seeds being planted and wheat being harvested. 

    In this week's episode, I talk about many of the laws of the harvest that are at work in our...

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    January 5, 2021 37 min

    065 – Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15

    Instead of the traditional New Year's resolutions, I invite you to join me in striving to obey Christ more earnestly in 2021.

    In this week's episode, I have included 21 specific commands that Jesus has given us. Some are to one person in particular. Others are to his followers in general. But they all apply to you and me today.

    For the next several mo...

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    064 – Goodbye 2020

    What a year it's been. We were all so full of hope and expectation last January, but things didn't turn out like we expected.

    But through all the struggles and losses of 2020, there is still much to be grateful for.

    Really? Yes, really.

    Thank you 2020

    Yes, there were so many challenges this year, but as a result, there were so many lessons learned, so many opportunities to trust in God.

    I have learned so much,...

    Mark as Played

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