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April 30, 2024 21 mins

238 – Have you ever wondered if there's a way to really know God loves you?

Does God's love ever seem far away? Or maybe you know theoretically that God loves you, but you just don't feel it?

Maybe you've made bad life choices that makes it hard to imagine God still loves you.

When I'm discouraged, it's been really helpful to remember that God sent Jesus because He loves us so much, all of  us.

Jesus's whole life, everything he said and did, is an example of how God loves you and me, not just the people he talked to and healed 2,000 years ago.

In this week's episode I share some examples of how Jesus's life, and how he treated someone with love, is actually proof that God loves us just as much as He loves the people in Jesus's time.

  • Jesus chose a tax collector, Matthew, to be one of his disciples, even though Matthew was considered a sinner by the Jewish leaders
  • Jesus healed the daughter of a Syrophoenician  woman, whom Jews wouldn't normally even talk to

In both these cases, Jesus loved these people because he could see God loving them, even though society had rejected them to some degree.

The ultimate "proof" in Jesus's life that God's love us is the crucifixion. Jesus won the victory over death, not just for himself but for you and me as well.

Nothing you do can ever make God stop loving you. Jesus proved this. No matter how terrible someone's life choices or circumstances were, Jesus treated them with compassion, love, and healing.

That gives us hope that God loves us, no matter what life mistakes we may have made.

Jesus wants us to love each other the way he loved his disciples. And you can do this.

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Episode 165: How Did Jesus Love His Disciples?

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James Early, the Jesus Mindset Coach, is a Bible teacher, speaker, and podcaster. His focus is on getting back to the original Christianity of Jesus by embracing the mindset of Christ in daily life.

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