The Remnant LEADERSHIP Podcast

The Remnant LEADERSHIP Podcast

Equipping Remnant Leaders of the church and business world for maximum impact through the lens of THE BIG PICTURE! We discuss leadership principles, life challenges, current events, or anything else that is affecting the believer's influence in our culture today. www.LarryRagland.TV for our other podcasts, YouTube Channel, social media links, and more!


October 25, 2022 26 mins

In a world of compromise, there have to be leaders who will Stand Firm!

You are not a Plan B. You are Plan A.

Your voice is essential in this moment. Do not bow!

Stand Firm on what you know is right and the Gospel.

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Mark as Played

Paul tells us exactly what type of leader each of the people connected to us are.

Without exception. They will fall into one of these catagories.

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Mark as Played
October 4, 2022 27 mins

There is more to the story of Gideon than you know.

God has called you to follow his example. The Gideon Leaders are the Remnant Leaders.

You may have disqualified yourself, but God calls you a Mighty Man of War.

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September 27, 2022 28 mins

All Christians know that we are to "GO."

But few understand the place of SENT!

This leadership teaching is a revelation for the Remnant Leader.

You will never know how to "go" until you understand how to lead from a place of "sent."

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September 20, 2022 29 mins

Jesus spoke of Noah when referencing the "end times."

Of course, he was speaking of the condition of the world being compared to the culture of the last generation. But, I think He was speaking of more than that.

Noah was a leader ahead of his time. He led through conditions that no man ever had before or ever has since.

Remnant Leader, you can learn a lot from Noah. I will show you how to "Lead like Noah."

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September 13, 2022 27 mins

On 9/11, the First Responders ran INTO the towers while others were running out.

True "First Responders" do not run from the crisis, they run to it!

Remnant Leaders are the First Responders of the spirit realm. We do not run from the fire, the sickness, the tragedy. We run to it!

The world is burning! Run in and save as man as you can.

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August 30, 2022 30 mins

So many men and women have simply been faithful behind the scenes.

No one knows their name. Their ministries are not large. They don't have many social media followers...

Yet, God knows exactly who they are and He is about to make sure the world knows who they are too!

This is the day of the Unknown Leader!

If you feel like you have been forgotten and you wonder if you will ever see the dreams and visions that God gave you come to pass...

Mark as Played

Jesus said the Church of Ephesus was a great church. They did so many things "right." But, He still had ONE MAJOR thing against them.

They "left" their first works.

What were their "first works?" What does it mean that they "left" them vs "lost" them?

I'm going to show you why this is one of the most essential things a Remnant Leader needs to get in their spirit.

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Mark as Played
August 9, 2022 26 mins

Nothing is more exciting than seeing young men and women on fire for God and leading in the Remnant Church.

But we cannot forget those who have been faithful and paved the way for us. If they are still with us, God is not through with them.

We can't allow ourselves to neglect the very ones that brought down the walls and enabled us to follow the call on our lives.

I want to help you help them see their dreams come to fulfillment!


Mark as Played
August 2, 2022 33 mins

So many leaders want the anointing of God on their life. But, do they want to correctly position themselves for the anointing oil to flow on them and through them?

Larry explains the importance of correctly positioning yourself to operate in the overflow of those above you. Then as you receive your own oil, you can let it flow through you to those you have influence with.

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Mark as Played

God's Word clearly tells us many horrible things will happen in the last days. He also tells us there will be a great shaking.

The earth will shake and also the heavens.

There is an intention in the shaking. God has an agenda.

Not many will survive the shaking. Will you?

When all of the world's systems fall and crumble, will you still be standing?

We need you to stand REMNANT LEADER! Grab a hold of something "sure" and hold on! The King...

Mark as Played
July 19, 2022 34 mins

If leadership is "influence" then Jesus was not born a leader!

He didn't have major influence for most of His life. Yet, in a little over three years - He changed the entire world.

How did Jesus become the leader that every Christian should follow?

Larry will break it down.

Make sure you finish the podcast before you make a judgment regarding the title :-)

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July 12, 2022 30 mins

The fact you have decided to lead in this moment is critical. The church needs your voice now more than ever! The hurting, sick, and lost need your anointing.

As a Remnant leader, you will be attacked. The snakes of this world are coming after you. Their goal is to silence you.

You will need to know how to "shake the snake" off of you when he strikes. Not just for your sake, but for those watching you.

This podcast is essential for Re...

Mark as Played

You can't rely on someone else's anointing or talent. Their journey is not yours!

Remnant Leaders have their own individual paths to the reason and purpose for their life. They understand what worked for others may not work for them.

Larry shows you the dangers of trying to ride the coattails of perceived successful leaders in our life. God wants more for you. He will demand more from you. Because more is needed from you at this mome...

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June 21, 2022 36 mins

Where are the Mighty Men and Women of God? Many are asleep. Many are tired. Many are discouraged. It is time for the Generals to be re-ignited with the battle plan (vision).

There is a Remnant Rising. There are people hungry for the next level of understanding and revelation. They are in a battle and they need someone to lead them.

The Generals are those that have been faithful. They didn't quit when others did. They are still in the...

Mark as Played

Success in the world and success in the Kingdom are two totally different things.

Larry shows you how to properly position yourself for TRUE SUCCESS.

You have been called to greatness...Kingdom greatness. But you can't achieve that greatness if you are not in the proper position.

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Mark as Played

Toxic voices and influence have infected the voices of the Kingdom for too long. We have watched Pastors and Leaders "buy in" to "relevance" with the world - with the goal of reaching them.

But the truth is. The world has actually influenced us. As a result, more and more pastors and leaders are leaving a Biblical Worldview and embracing a secular worldview.

The Remnant Church has to stand up against this heresy.

Larry goes deep and...

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May 24, 2022 35 mins

No matter how anointed you are, you will go through burnout and letdown. You will feel like you have "lost your edge."

Bishop Larry will show you how to get your "edge" back and come back sharper than you have ever have been.

You will have to make some tough choices, but it will be worth it. You can't quit now. We need you sharp, alert, and awake.

Listen to this podcast and let it speak to the depths of your heart.

For all of Larry's o...

Mark as Played

Larry interviews Chris Owensby about the most important thing every Kingdom Remnant Leader needs in his or her life - The Anointing.

Whether you are a pulpit minister, lay servant in your church, or a leader in your job, school, or family...You need the anointing in your life!

Unfortunately, many do not flow in the anointing because they don't understand it, are afraid of it, or have been taught it doesn't even exist anymore.

Larry an...

Mark as Played
May 3, 2022 33 mins

Larry breaks down the power of your VOICE in this moment.

There is a battle for the identity of people of all ages. People are now "saying" they are something other than what they know they really are. The enemy has confused so many.

If there has ever been a time when the Remant Leaders need to see the power of their voice it is now.

This episode will show you how everything from the beginning of time until now has hinged on the voice...

Mark as Played

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