The Big Sale Illuminati

The Big Sale Illuminati

The Big Sale Illuminati is a bi-weekly podcast where some of the best in business discuss what’s worked, what’s working, and what’s failed in selling big sales. The panel of experts include Monique de Maio, Mark Kennedy, Tiffany Olson, and Tom Searcy with occasional guest appearances.


November 30, 2023 33 mins

Episode 23 – What Is B2B Selling Today?

Video selling conversations for big business-to-business (B2B) sales are becoming the norm. Efficiency is increased, but does that mean fewer sales people are needed? How is multichannel impacting B2B? How are the implications of these evolutions impacting sales staffing, training, and sales leadership this year, next year, and beyond? We dive into it all in this episode. 


Mark as Played

Episode 22 – Owning the Sales Conversation to Educate Buyers

To sell executive buyers, you must educate them in a way that they see a better future if they buy from your company. You have to educate on why the past has run out of runway, current state does not provide much advantage, and that your solution creates the best answer moving forward. This episode is about educating the buyer and using that conversation s...

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Episode 21 – How to Decommoditize Your Offering and Avoid Being Commoditized

Commoditization is a major threat to any business, but it's especially dangerous for sales teams. When your product or service is seen as a commodity, it's difficult to compete on price and value. In this episode of The Big Sale Illuminati Podcast, we discuss how to decommoditize your offering and avoid being commoditized out of business. W...

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Episode 20 – How to Close Big Sales Without Meeting In Person

The number of sales calls that happen face-to-face has dropped dramatically in recent years. So, is the person-to-person sales call dead? Can you still close big sales without meeting your prospects in person?

The answer is yes, but it takes leverage, technique, and chemistry. In this podcast episode, we unpack the numbers behind the changes in big sal...

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Episode 19 – Selling the Future State and Overcoming Fear of Change

Customers buy a better future than their current state. Whether it is technology platforms or train cars of steel, the promise is the same. Sales people are promising that the customer’s future will be better because they purchase from you. This episode focuses on the very specific tactics necessary to sell that future state. There are pitfalls in t...

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September 21, 2023 28 mins

Episode 18 – Speaking the Language of Money in Sales

Salespeople are often afraid to talk about money. Successful salespeople know how to not only talk about money, they know how their customers' C-Suite talks about money...and if we learn how to ''speak their language'', we win big deals. If you don't master this, you will be sent to a lower-level person, or worse, relegated to Procurement. This episode focuses on ...

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Episode 17 – Messaging Design & Delivery: Sales' or Marketing's Problem?

When your organization presents itself one way in the public domain, and your salespeople go in with a different value proposition, message or delivery--you have a problem! From bricks and mortar to board rooms, eCommerce, social media platforms and everything in between, you had better be thinking about how you come across and if you and y...

Mark as Played
August 24, 2023 33 mins

Episode 16 – Outselling Your Monster Competitors

Companies often find themselves selling against much bigger competitors. Those competitors often have strong brand names and large market shares. To win in those competitive sales efforts, your company is in a David v. Goliath scenario. This episode is about how to win that fight even though your company is not the biggest player in the fight.

To learn more about o...

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August 10, 2023 42 mins

Episode 15 – Closed Door Secrets of Buyers

When prospects are buying from your company, we know there is ALWAYS a “meeting-after-the-meeting.” That’s where the real feedback is shared and decisions are made about buying from your company or not. This episode shares the secrets of what is said and how to control the talking points of that meeting.

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Episode 14 – The Importance of the Sales Narrative Structure

Sales narratives: organizing, presenting and engaging your content in a way that gets results. Our panelists begin with the dissection of the famous Zuora presentation model (among others) and determine what aspects work for buyers and why. We review how and when to include research, third party information, trends in the clients' business and then how you...

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July 13, 2023 40 mins

Episode 13 – Unsticking Stuck Sales

Half of every sales professional’s pipeline is stuck in some way. Often, we don't know whether it's time, the offer, decision-makers, inertia or a combination. Whatever it is, it can mean losing an important sale. This episode addresses head on how to break through selling roadblocks on the way to big sales.

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June 29, 2023 29 mins

Episode 12 – The AI Fueled Salesperson

AI can make sales professionals better prepared. It will also make buyers better prepared when buying. Where is the intersection that gives sales professionals an advantage? Which prospect receives that advantage? No sense in being the smartest person at the wrong door. This episode is about leveraging AI to not just be smarter but who you are smarter in front of when selling.


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Episode 11 – Pilot Selling: Avoiding the “Nibble” Strategy

Often sales professionals sell a pilot or test program to a prospect to get “their foot in the door” while buyers mandate a pilot to ''test out the vendor or the proof-of-concept" while minimizing risk.  What sellers may not realize is the pilot may be riskier than waiting or trying harder to get a full deployment or deal. The panel discusses how to avoid pi...

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Episode 10 – Work from Home: Are Musk, Bezos and Zuck Right?

Do Elon, Bezos and Zuck have it right? This episode goes right at the issue of working from home or in the office, or both. Which one is better for landing big sales? For training? Mentorship? Accountability? The panel takes a big step toward the best answer for various scenarios.

Work from Home Data - Click Here to Download PDF

Patrick McGowan

Founder, Punc...

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Episode 9 – Leveraging AI (like ChatGPT) in the Sales Process

Our panel of experts from sales to the C-suite have a candid and pragmatic discussion about how best to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), like ChatGPT, in their sales efforts. While AI cannot replace humans in the sales process (at least, not yet!)--it can certainly enhance and augment sales efforts, if done right. We dissect specific ways we believe tech...

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Episode 8 – Your CEO: Friend or Foe In Landing Sales?

When do you bring your president or C-suite executive into the big sales selling or closing process? Our panel members have been on both sides: invited by salespeople to help sell, as well as being the ones determining when and how to involve the C-suite. We discuss the science and art of leveraging your C-suite to close your big sales.

To learn more about our pan...

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April 20, 2023 42 mins

Episode 7 – Selling in 2024

Selling in 2024 will look different than it does today. What are the macro and micro trends that are emerging in sales? What are the implications of things like AI/ChatGPT, virtual selling, customer experience, sustainability and social responsibility? The panel looks at these issues so that you, the listener, can make your plans and own your future.

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Episode 6 – How to Leverage Your Personal Brand in Sales

In the latest episode, we explore the importance of personal branding for salespeople and how it relates to the brand of the company they represent. Learn how to develop a brand that is congruent with your company's brand and identify consistent brand traits for selling big sales. Join us as we discuss strategies for building a successful personal brand. 

To le...

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March 23, 2023 56 mins

Episode 5 – Sales Compensation: Show Me the Money

Salespeople, revenue teams and customer retention share a very strong interest in sales compensation. We share the truth that is not always pretty, but facts are our friends regardless if they are friendly. In this episode, the panel picks apart sales compensation and has some fresher ideas on how to make it work better.

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March 9, 2023 43 mins

Episode 4 – The Money Machine

Bigger, faster, leaner. A sales process promises to deliver more than just good salespeople can on their own. Stories and examples of how to build the machine and be more effective operating it are discussed and best practices set in this episode.

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Monique de Maio

Founder & CMO, ondemandCMO


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