The Bitcoin Journey Podcast

The Bitcoin Journey Podcast

Join CJ & Tim on a journey of discovery for the best money the world has ever known. The Bitcoin Journey Podcast is a weekly Bitcoin podcast where hosts CJ and Tim discuss the best Bitcoin articles. They cover the key points of each article and put them into context considering the wider world of Bitcoin, related technologies and economics. The podcast is intended to feel informal and entertaining while being accessible to pre-coiner‘s and a source of fresh knowledge for Maxi‘s.


May 23, 2022 65 min

In Block017, Tim & CJ discuss the state of the Bitcoin ecosystem today, the general market sentiment and how Bitcoin is viewed in the wider economy. Discussions inevitably lead to how bitcoiners should treat the dip, whether to go nonKYC when smash buying, how easy it is and other tactics to react to market crashes.

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Video versions of our episodes can be found on as well as on youtube.

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We release re...

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Welcome to Block016 of The Bitcoin Journey. In this episode, Tim & CJ discuss the tools and services which compliment their bitcoin stack, tools any bitcoiner should consider using! By no means experts, this discussion is designed to highlight some apps and projects that arm bitcoiners with privacy and security that you may not have heard of. It's by no means comprehensive, but they've certainly found it useful to hear ...

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April 1, 2022 95 min

Welcome to Block015 of The Bitcoin Journey. In this episode, Tim & CJ discuss KYC vs non-KYC methods of getting bitcoin.

They cover:

  • What is the difference between KYC and non-KYC
  • Some examples of places to get non_KYC corn
  • Pros of KYC corn (couldn't actually think of any lol)
  • The risks with KYC
  • The pros and cons to non-KYC corn
  • And finally, they discuss is it worth it for you?

    Some useful resources for this topic:

  • A list of KY...
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    Today I Learned #3

    Welcome to Block014 of The Bitcoin Journey, the third installment of the Today I Learned series. In this episode, CJ explains to Tim what BIP47 Payment Codes and PayNyms are.

    They cover: - When and why to use PayNyms - How BIP47 / PayNyms work - Some caveats with using them

    Now, this one doesn't go to plan...

    If you (understandably) struggle to follow the maths in this one, lets go though it now. (I also twee...

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    Today I Learned #2

    Welcome to Block013 of The Bitcoin Journey, the second installment of the Today I Learned series. In this episode, Tim explains what the SWIFT system is to CJ. It isn't what we originally thought!

    They discuss:

  • The structure of SWIFT
  • The role it plays in global financial settlement
  • Who controls SWIFT
  • How SWIFT works
  • This is a great episode, we hadn't appreciated just how SWIFT works, and it's sparked a d...

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    February 26, 2022 102 min

    Welcome to Block012 of The Bitcoin Journey. In this episode, Tim & CJ discuss proof-of-stake, the supposed next generation of decentralised consensus (spoiler alert, it isn't).

    They discuss:

  • What is proof-of-stake and how it differs from proof-of-work
  • Countering arguments against PoW
  • Why PoS centralises control of a network
  • Why PoS doesn't achieve consensus
  • And many more ramblings inbetween! We really enjoyed recording thi...

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    In Block011 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ discuss what Open Source means, how it came about and how it relates to Bitcoin. 

    They discuss:

  • The definition of Free Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • The history of how open source came to be
  • OSS licences and their effect on the ecosystem
  • Should proprietry code even exist!?
  • Some case studies of OSS projects
  • How to get find and view OSS (for beginners)
  • Some of resources used/mentioned in this...

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    February 12, 2022 94 min


    In Block010 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ explain bitcoin nodes, aimed at helping newcomers understand what a node is and why it is important to run your own.

    They discuss:

    - What is a node and how you can set one up

    - Why you should run a node (and what are risks of using someone else's)

    - Downsides of running a node

    - Different node implementations and ease of set-up & maintenance

    Nodes are a core aspect of the B...

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    "Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and since we can't get privacy unless we all do, we're going to write it. We publish our code so that our fellow Cypherpunks may practice and play with it. Our code is free for all to use, worldwide. We don't much care if you don't approve of the software we write. We know that software can't be destroyed and that a widely...

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    In Block008 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ discuss the Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, the paper which started it all! Covering what bitcoin is, how proof-of-work works, and privacy, this discussion delves into the baiscs of bitcoin and what things have changed since the release of the whitepaper.

    The discuss: - Proof-of-work, why it's superior to proof-of-stake, how bitcoin implemented it in a way that hadn't...

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    "When countries are forced to exchange their own currencies for dollars to buy oil, this strengthens that trading pair for that country, extending U.S. influence beyond energy markets." - Alex Gladstein

    In Block007 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ discuss Alex Gladstein's article "Uncovering the Hidden Costs ofThe Petrodollar", a fantastic account of the USA manouvering to control the currency denomination o...

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    In Block006 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ discuss the bitcoin price over 2021. They cover:

  • The difficulties of trading
  • What happened to S2F?
  • Fear and Greed
  • Indicators which happened to work
  • Is cycle theory dead!?
  • Some of the sources mentioned:

  • Plan B's twitter @100trillionUSD
  • S2F website
  • Also check out Philip Swift (@PositiveCrypto), who made many of the indicators at
  • Our tra...
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    Today I Learned 1

    In Block005 of The Bitcoin Journey, Tim & CJ each share a fact on something new they learned about Bitcoin in the last week. Tim talks about some interesting developments in the Lightning Network, whilst CJ explains why there will never actually be 21 million Bitcoin.

    Show notes for each section are found below. --------------------------------

    TIL1 - There Will Never be 21 Million Bitcoin

    Calculate the supply...

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    December 24, 2021 65 min

    "When Satoshi announced Bitcoin on the cryptography mailing list, he got a skeptical reception at best. Cryptographers have seen too many grand schemes by clueless noobs. They tend to have a knee jerk reaction. I was more positive."

    - Hal Finney


    In Block004 of The Bitcoin Journey, Cj & Tim talk around a Bitcoin Talk forum post by famous early bitcoiner and cypherpunk, Hal Finney. In it, he talks about his career, the ...

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    "... bitcoin is financial empowerment and now some nations are beginning to recognize this. As long as enough nations not only classify bitcoin as legal, but actually embrace it, regulatory arbitrage will drive bitcoin owners and businesses to bitcoin-friendly nations."

    - Nik Bhatia

    In Block003 of The Bitcoin Journey, Cj & Tim discuss the points Nik Bhatia raises in his article, 3 ways El Salvador has Changed Bitcoin Fo...

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    Welcome to Block002 of The Bitcoin Journey.

    "You don't change Bitcoin. Bitcoin changes you."

    - Gigi

    In this episode, Tim & CJ use the article "The Responsibility of Adopting Bitcoin", authored by Gigi, as a framework for discussing the impact Bitcoin has had on them. They cover how adopting bitcoin not only installs a sense of responsibility in the individual, but how the individual inevitably becomes respon...

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    Welcome to Block001 of The Bitcoin Journey. In their first full episode, CJ & Tim discuss the topics covered in Vijay Boyapati's well known article, The Bullish Case For Bitcoin, including:

  • The origins of money
  • Bitcoins path dependence
  • Market hype cycles and their effect
  • Common misconceptions and FUD busting!
  • Be sure to read the full article and give Vijay a follow on Twitter, via the links below.


    Vijay's Twitter @re...

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    November 26, 2021 41 min

    Welcome to Block000, the first episode of the The Bitcoin Journey. This is a short introduction to the hosts of the podcast where you can get to know CJ and Tim and how they got into bitcoin.

    We will be releasing regular episodes discussing the best bitcoin related articles.

    Follow the hosts on Twitter:

    CJ  @CharlieJBitcoin

    Tim  @BitcoinTimO

    Podcast  @BTCJourneyPod


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