The Book Marketing Action Podcast

The Book Marketing Action Podcast

The Book Marketing Action Podcast is a resource where you can get actionable advice to build your author platform, plan a book launch, launch your book successfully, and sustain interest in your book after launch. This podcast is focused on ACTION. At the end of every episode, we’ll share one or more actions you can implement to reach more people with your book and message. If you implement these actions consistently over time, you’ll see results. Some of these actions will seem easy, others will be more challenging. We want to be your guide in focusing on the actions that will make the biggest difference for you over time.


June 25, 2024 30 mins

In this episode, Becky talks to Hesha Abrams—master mediator, keynote speaker, and author of Holding the Calm: The Secret to Resolving Conflict and Defusing Tension. Listen as Hesha talks about her author journey, the impact of her book marketing efforts, and how she has adapted over the years since her book launch to reach new audiences, define new goals, and find lasting success. 

During the episode, you’ll learn:  

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    In this episode, Becky talks to Leah Paulos—Founder of Press Shop PR and Book Publicity School. Listen as Leah shares her advice for navigating book publicity, explains how authors can find their audiences, and outlines strategies for breaking through the noise to get as much media attention for a book as possible. 

    During the episode, you’ll learn:  

    • About Leah and her work in the world.
    • The types of authors Leah s...
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    In this episode, Becky talks to Glen Van Peski—Ultralight Backpacker, Founder of Gossamer Gear, and Author of take less. do more.—and Jeevan Sivasubramaniam—Managing Director of Editorial at Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Listen as Glen and Jeevan share their insights on who to ask for book endorsements, the impact of endorsements on book sales, how to ask for endorsements, and the ideal number of endorsements an author should strive ...

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    In this episode, Becky talks to Becky Antkowiak—Writer, Editor, Founder/Chief Encouragement Officer of the 540 Writers Community, and Serial Extrovert. Listen as Becky explores the value of writers being in community with each other and the benefits of attending writers conferences. She shares her experiences attending conferences and the importance of camaraderie, learning the culture of publishing, making connections, receiving c...

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    In this episode, Becky talks to Jesse J. Anderson—Author, Speaker, Creator, and ADHD Advocate. Listen as Jesse talks about his personal journey of being diagnosed with ADHD, the impact of finding his niche and building an online community around it, and how nurturing that community led to book marketing success, selling 10,000 copies of his debut book in the first three months.  

    During the episode, you’ll learn: &nbs...

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    In the first episode of Season 5, Becky talks to Sarah Fay—private Substack consultant, award-winning author at HarperCollins, and a member of the faculty at Northwestern University. Listen as Sarah discusses her personal journey through the mental health system and her decision to share her stories through writing. She also talks about her experience with landing a book deal, how she discovered Substack, and how impactful the plat...

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    In this final bonus episode of Season 4, Becky talks to Lucinda Halpern—Author and President of Lucinda Literary. Listen as Lucinda discusses her brand new book, Get Signed, what she hopes to achieve with her launch, and some of the surprises she has experienced throughout her book launch journey.   

    During the episode, you’ll learn:  

    • About Lucinda and her book. 
    • What success looks like for Lucinda a...
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    November 30, 2023 33 mins

    This episode is all about the world of public relations for authors. Becky is joined by PR coach and publicist Lilian Sue. Lilian talks about how impactful mindset is when it comes to PR, some of the most important components of a PR strategy for authors, and how PR supports book promotion and marketing.   

    During the episode, Lilian also shares:  

    • A little bit about herself and her work in the world.&nbs...
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    November 14, 2023 41 mins

    This episode is about the various platforms for book distribution and how to use each one. Becky is joined by Everett O’Keefe—Founder of Ignite Press and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author. Everett shares his vast knowledge of three book distribution channels—KDP, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital—including their benefits, cost, and how they impact a book’s pre-order campaign.

    During the episode, Everett also shares:  

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    This episode is about the importance of having a long-term view of the value your book can bring to the world. Becky is joined by two former guests, Gena Cox and Kevin Wilde, who have both reached the one-year anniversary of their latest book launches. Gena and Kevin share what they have learned about book marketing and some tactics that have helped them continue gaining momentum for their work post-launch. 

    During the episode,...

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    This episode is about the process of writing a book for your business and how to overcome the inner obstacles you might face along the journey. Becky is joined by Catherine Gregory—Book Coach, Publisher, and Co-Founder of Modern Wisdom Press. Catherine shares her expert guidance for writing a book, and she discusses understanding when it’s the right time to share your message with the world. 

    During the episode, Catherine also ...

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    This episode unlocks some of the secrets of successful book marketing with insights from an accomplished author who has sold over one million books! Becky is joined by Michael Bungay Stanier—Bestselling Author of The Coaching Habit, Founder of Box of Crayons, Keynote Speaker, and the #1 Thought Leader on Coaching. During the episode, Michael talks about the continued success of his book, The Coaching Habit, and what he has learned ...

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    September 21, 2023 33 mins

    This episode is about Porchlight Book Company and their 2023 Business Book Awards! Becky is joined by Sally Haldorson, Managing Director at Porchlight Books. During the episode, Sally talks about the mission of Porchlight Books, what it’s like for an author to work with a bulk retailer, and a shift in the selection process of this year’s book awards. 

    During the episode, Sally also shares:  

    • About herself, her work...
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    This episode is about the exciting return of USA TODAY’s Best-selling Booklist! Becky is joined by sisters Nancy Sheed, Social Media Marketing and Communications Consultant at Sheed Communications, and Holland Saltsman, Owner of The Novel Neighbor. During the episode, Nancy and Holland discuss various bestseller lists and what they mean for authors, why USA TODAY’s list is so unique, and how authors and independent booksellers can ...

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    August 22, 2023 55 mins

    This episode is all about book awards! Becky is joined by three authors—Gena Cox, Libby Hoffman, and Kevin Wilde—who have all been successful in applying for, and winning, book awards. During the episode, Gena, Libby, and Kevin talk about the process of seeking out awards for books, whether it’s worthwhile to apply for them, and what book awards have done for the life of their books. 

    During the episode, you will also discover:...

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    August 8, 2023 36 mins

    For this exclusive two-part interview, Becky is joined by attorney, New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, athlete, co-founder and CEO of The Ready State Inc, Juliet Starrett. In this second installment, Juliet discusses how PR firms help to maintain momentum after a book launch, lessons learned during her book marketing journey, and best practices for achieving long-term success. 

    During the episode, you will discover:&...

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    For this exclusive two-part interview, Becky is joined by attorney, New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, athlete, and co-founder and CEO of The Ready State Inc, Juliet Starrett. Juliet reveals effective ways to pitch your book to publishing companies, efficient book marketing strategies and techniques, and insights from her journey to becoming a bestselling author.

    During the episode, you will learn:  

    • Book mar...
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    July 11, 2023 35 mins

    During this episode, Becky is joined by virtual event design consultant and executive Zoom producer, Robbie Samuels. Robbie gives insight into methods authors can use to establish effective launch teams, the importance of garnering authentic book reviews, and the best ways to maximize network connections.

    During the episode, you will discover:  

    • How and why having a launch team is necessary to build awareness around a b...
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    During this episode, Becky is joined by Ben Fox, Founder of Shepherd. Ben discusses how authors can gain increased exposure, the power of newsletter writing, and the importance of personal branding and showing up authentically online.

    During the episode, you will discover:  

    • Methods authors can use to promote their books.
    • Emerging book sites that readers are using to find new books.
    • Which book marketing methodologies have...
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    During this episode, Becky is joined by leadership consultant, philanthropic strategist, and author of One Bold Move a Day: Meaningful Actions Women Can Take to Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential, Shanna Hocking. Becky and Shanna discuss the challenges of the book marketing journey, knowing when to re-strategize your book plan, and why you should make one bold move a day. 

    During the episode, you will discover: ...

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