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January 19, 2024 71 mins

Hey friends! Your favorite BeerdBro here with a potent brew of insight, swapping hops for triggers in a riveting discussion on firearms that's sure to ignite your curiosity. We've got the scoop on everything from the pressing need for firearm education to the intimate tales of challenge and triumph. Cara Conry, a sage in the realm of guns, graces us with her expertise, sharing her evolution from corporate life to a champion of safety and tactical training, with a special nod to her work in bolstering church security measures.

This episode packs a punch, offering up personal anecdotes that track the passage from early gun encounters to the complexities of concealed carry life. We dissect the dressing code of holster safety, and I'll confess, the initial awkward dance with concealed carry before achieving the finesse of a quick, safe draw. We're not just talking hardware; we're embracing the brainpower behind self-defense, dissecting the psychology of violence for protection, and navigating the murky waters of legalities that come with responsibly toting a concealed weapon.

Finishing with a bang, we open up about the hardships life can hurl at us, like my guest's gripping recovery from a near-fatal accident that redefined her approach to shooting. So, whether you're a beginner with an eye on the bullseye or a veteran marksman looking to refine your craft, this conversation is loaded with the kind of wisdom that can only be found at The Brewhaus. Pull up a chair, and let's raise our glasses to the courage of overcoming and the unrelenting pursuit of skill and safety. Cheers!


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