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September 25, 2023 103 mins

You've heard the phrase "small-town charm," but how about "small-town beer?" That's exactly what Nate and Tiff, the owners of Beard Engine Brewing Company are brewing up in the heart of Alba, Missouri. Their unique journey from saving up for brewing equipment while juggling full-time jobs to crafting beers that are creating a buzz in the craft beer world is enough inspiration for anyone with a dream. 

And how about a British telephone booth in a brewery? Or the Mayor of Alba being one of the owners of the brewery? That's right, Tiff's role as the Mayor of Alba has positively impacted their business in ways you'd never expect. Take a walk with us through the steampunk-inspired corners of their brewery, formerly the Old Miner's Inn, where every feature, every design choice echoes their love for art and history. From Nate's carpentry skills to Tiff's background in massage therapy and her father's knack for woodworking, their passion is truly tangible. 

But it's not just about the beer. Nate and Tiff are also deeply invested in their community, from safety measures for the local baseball field to planning a nine-hole disc golf course. They're brewing more than just beer; they're brewing a sense of community, camaraderie, and charm that's hard to resist. And then there's the beer. From crafting unique water profiles, experimenting with secondary fermentation and adjuncts, to tackling the challenges of sourcing hops, Nate and Tiff show us what it truly means to revolutionize a pint. Don't miss this journey of passion, perseverance, and pints with Nate and Tiff of Beard Engine Brewing Company.

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