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September 25, 2023 57 mins

Pour yourself a glass and tune in as beer aficionado and master brewer, Bradley Riggs, takes us on a heady journey through his world of craft beers. From his humble beginnings in home brewing to running two successful breweries, Hawk Moth and Bike Rack, Bradley's story is as intoxicating as his brews. With his passion for unconventional beers and an unquenchable thirst for innovation, Riggs discusses his entrepreneurial journey, his unique approach to crafting the perfect beer, and how the challenges of Covid led to a significant pivot in his career.

Step into Bradley's shoes as he leads us through the evolution of his brewing journey, from the first pale ale that kickstarted his brewing career to the establishment of his renowned Hawk Moth Brewery. Tread with us as we explore the fascinating connection between the name Hawk Moth, the migration of these intriguing creatures, and the population boom in Northwest Arkansas. As we round off the episode, Bradley gives us a sneak peek into his exciting plans for a new beer bar, The Beacon, poised to become a hotspot in downtown Bentonville.

Finally, brace yourself for some thrilling stories of collaborations with breweries far and wide as Bradley shares his collaborative ventures and aspirations. From his dream of working with Oxbow in Portland, Maine, to brewing a beer inspired by classic American loggers, Bradley's passion for creating unique beer experiences is infectious. As our conversation winds down, Bradley reflects on his journey, his fascination with Northwest Arkansas' trail system, and his mission to make craft beers more accessible and affordable. So grab your favorite pint, sit back, and enjoy our riveting conversation with Bradley Riggs!

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