The Call with Nancy Sabato

The Call with Nancy Sabato

Have you ever wondered how Jesus could change your life? My guests have faith in Jesus! Join 'The Call with Nancy Sabato,' a Christian talk show where you can learn about Jesus, Prayer, the Bible, transformed lives, and more. Hear inspiring faith stories and find encouragement to strengthen your faith, find hope in Jesus Christ and connect your life with Him in new ways. #TheCallwithNancySabato #faith #jesus #God #holyspirit #healing #miracles #addiction #depression #forgiveness #strength #promisesofGod


December 6, 2023 14 mins

#KarenKingsbury  #justonce  #someonelikeyou 

With over 25 million books sold, Karen Kingsbury  has just released her latest novel, "JUST ONCE." It's a World War II love story. 

Karen talks about: 

#How does "Just Once" connect to The Baxter Family series?

#Why does the book bring you to tears? 

#How God inspires Karen to write these novels and the message she wants her readers to know 

Karen’s newest film, d...

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Is Bible Prophecy unfolding? How Close are we?

#endtimes  #leadingyoutoChrist  #thecallwithnancysabato  

Barry Stagner from "The Truth about God" walks us through the biblical timeline so that we can see the world events unfolding through the pages of the Bible as we see all the chaos in the world and so many events unfolding. Barry co-partners with Amir Tsfati from Behold Israel on tour and co-wrote the book “Bible Proph...

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What does The Church Need to Know about Online Dating?

And how do you know what you are clicking is trustworthy?

Jason Lee is talking about educating people and churches on what you should be aware of and trust when you go online to dating sites. Jason and his wife provide

 a free ministry training program called  The State of Dating and how it’s  helping pastors, Christian singles, and Church leaders understand online dating, 

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Part two

John Burke returns in Part Two to share more NDE (near-death experiences) with you.

Are Near-death experiences real?

What happens to us when we die?

Does everyone see Jesus?

JOHN BURKE is talking about his new book called 

Imagine the God of Heaven. Listen to the stories told by those who did not believe in God and returned to walk in a changed faith-filled life.

John can be seen on Focus on The Family and many other Chris...

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November 8, 2023 17 mins

Are Near-death experiences real?

What happens to us when we die?

Does everyone see Jesus?

JOHN BURKE is back, and if you didn’t see his last interview, you’d love to know more about this one because he’s talking about his new book called 

Imagine the God of Heaven. 

John Talks more about:

-How the stories show God's character

-What is the one thing you want people to understand about near-death experiences?

Come back for Part t...

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November 8, 2023 26 mins

Greg Koukl is here to help you become better at sharing your Christian beliefs with others. He'll provide you with the tools to tackle the challenges you might encounter when discussing your faith." It’s outstanding information you don’t want to miss!


If this ministry has blessed your life, 

would you like- subscribe and share this with others? We are here to fulfill The Great Commis...

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November 6, 2023 11 mins

Whitney Hopler wrote the book Wake Up to Wonder
many people don’t recognize the miracles around us; how do we open our eyes to God’s wonder and be aware?

Whitney talks about:

How do we pursue encounters with God?

How do we recognize miracles all around us?

Why do people ignore God’s beauty?

Do you listen to The Call of God?


God speaks to you every day. Are you listening to The Call?

To learn more about this ministry, go ...

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November 1, 2023 17 mins

Do you struggle with trying to fix everything and everyone around you?

Can studying God’s word change your life?

Ann White says"A lot of times when we lead people to the Lord they wanna know OK what's next and if we don't help guide them on the steps to a deeper understanding of who God is and how they can have a close relationship with Him"

Listen as Ann talks about Brokenness, Jesus, finding hope through God'...

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October 25, 2023 34 mins

Paula Black says: "I'm taking the road less traveled"

Paula went from terminal breast cancer that was all the way into her chest wall to total healing in Jesus' name and wants you to know her story of reversing terminal cancer and getting her life back. Paula says “I am not a cancer victim”, and authored the book: Life, Cancer, and God. 


#cancer #Imtakingtheroadlesstraveled #jes...

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October 18, 2023 12 mins

Joe Battaglia says- “We no longer have the moral compass and the moral compass comes from the Bible. And “When you raise the flag higher than the Cross you have a problem.”

How the Bible Shapes Our Moral Compass

Joe  Battaglia stands on the principles of the Bible, the foundations of America, and wrote the book "Make America Good Again"


#moralcompass #jesus #leadingyoutoChrist #thecall...

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October 13, 2023 17 mins

Suzanne Niles, she’s an actress, writer and producer. She’s the director at Broad Street Publishing and is known for  Divine Influencer (2023) and Charlie's Angels (1976). She’s here to talk about her journey in acting coming to Jesus, what she is working on now,  and what she learned along the way.

Watch the Interview:

#jesus #thecallwithnancysabato  @suzniles1234   @TheCallwithNancySabato  


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October 11, 2023 16 mins

Are you struggling with Isolation? 

Or maybe even loneliness?

Is there a difference in isolation being either harmful or sometimes necessary?

We are going to explore ways to beat loneliness, engage in conversations, and have the courage to step out with God’s strength.

Heather Holleman and she wrote the book The Six Conversations -pathways to Connecting in an Age of Isolation and incivility

Watch the Interview:

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Tim Llewellyn is a Christian actor after the heart of God and today we are talking about his recently produced short film called The ART of Acknowledgment - a must-see for everyone.

Tim said: We believe this film brings awareness to the severity and significance of how important it is with how we treat people. To take our words and actions seriously with one another, and to be mindful of others around us everywhere we go, being int...

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October 4, 2023 32 mins

Is it possible to die and come back again? Dale Black not only died in a plane crash and experienced seeing himself and everything around him, but also experiencing what hell was like and meeting Jesus.

#lifeafterdeath #NDE #DaleBlack #thecallwithnancysabato 


To learn more about this ministry, go to 


--- ...
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How can detours and disappointments prepare you for something more?

Robert Morgan joins us once again and he’ll be shedding light on how God prepares us through storms based on Paul's journey through the Mediterranean Sea 


#Paul #apostlepaul #paulsjourney #jesus #storms #robertjmorgan


The Call with Nancy Sabato: Discover Jesus' Life-Changing Power | Christia...

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September 20, 2023 26 mins

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson joins The Call and talks about BIBLICAL PROPHECY IN THE LAST DAYS, the current situation in Israel, where we are in prophecy according to the Bible, and what is unfolding right now that we should be aware of. Dr. Jeff answers -What would cause all the nations to go against Israel and more.

#prophecy #lastdays #endtimes   #revelation #DrJeffreyJohnson 




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Lost My Son, Chose to Praise God with Actor Joe Rojas Jr

Joe Rojas Jr, the actor, joins The Call and shares the story of his 13-year-old son’s sudden death, what he and his wife went through, and how they responded by praising God through this traumatic event. Listen as Joe talks about how he and his wife heard God speaking into their hearts.


#suddendeath  #losingachild  #jesus  #godspeaks #actor...

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Discover the secret to unwavering trust in God during difficult moments. Join Author and Speaker Melissa Spoelstra as she shares her personal journey of trusting God amidst uncertainty. Learn how to rely on Jesus and trust in Him when life takes unexpected turns. This teaching episode will delve deeper into the power of trusting Jesus in tough times.

#jesus #trust  #trustingGod #dependongod #christiantalk #Melissaspoelstra 


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September 6, 2023 35 mins

Hollie Roberts executive director of Bible Study Fellowship International 

Where men, women, and children all over the world can study the Bible from September to May in-person groups or online.

we’re talking about what you can expect in the upcoming study 2023-24 year John's Gospel.

Hollie says, come and see


#johnsgospel #jesus #gospelofjohn #bsf #biblestudyfellowship  @WeAreBSF  #hollierober...

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August 30, 2023 20 mins

The Call features Producer-Actor Ruben Martinez discussing his portrayal of Aquila in the newly aired TV series titled "Paul: The Last Apostle." This series stars Christina Garza as Priscilla and Ulises Larramendi as Paul.  These three Christian Actors also share insights into how being a part of this series has had a meaningful impact on their spiritual lives for Christ.

Watch on Youtube


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