The Coolest Podcast Show

The Coolest Podcast Show


S03E59 "The Hero of His Own Story... Part 2

May 6, 201872 min

72 min
S03E58 "The Hero of His Own Story... Part 1

May 6, 201897 min

97 min
S03E57 "YEAHHH, WE LIT..."

March 24, 201887 min

87 min
S03E56 "One Black Ass Episode"

February 26, 201891 min

91 min
SeejaySTC On: A Moment With Diviin

January 25, 201852 min

52 min
S03E55 "Lights...Camera...Farewell...For Now"

January 10, 201874 min

74 min
S03E54 "So No Slavery, Right?"

November 23, 201765 min

65 min
S03E53 "A Dynamic Pair... Of Shoes"

November 14, 201758 min

58 min
S03E52 "A Diviin Intervention"

November 7, 201766 min

66 min
S03E51 "The Things We Are Afraid Of"

October 31, 201719 min

19 min

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My show is offensive, doesn't fit a mold, or pander to anyone's narrative.. Not the most popular way to win a crowd. But gives myself, and whoever my guest is a chance to have a conversation, raw, and unfiltered. And by the end of it, still shake hands. So come check me out once a week (maybe) where I tackle the mic and talk about what's going on with film, TV shows, media, and just real life in general. "The Coolest" podcast show!!... Show More

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