The Debt-Free CEO Podcast

The Debt-Free CEO Podcast

The Debt-Free CEO is for women, moms, and entrepreneurs looking to set themselves on the path to financial freedom. In this podcast, you will learn how to earn a profit from your passions, ways to manage your finances as an entrepreneur, and how to set yourself on the path to becoming debt-free. I'm Megan, your host! I was a tired teacher needing to get out of debt to leave the classroom for good. In 2021, I paid off $53,000 worth of debt in 12 months so I could walk away from the classroom. Shortly after, I found my true passion and started my freelancing business. Finding my passion and turning it into a business has allowed me to make an income from home and continue on the path to financial freedom, and now I want to help YOU do the same! Connect with Megan: Follow on Instagram - @meganmendez__ Website - Join The Debt-Free CEO FB Community - The Debt-Free CEO Community Email -


December 4, 2023 26 mins

Welcome back to The Debt-Free CEO Podcast! In this episode, we reflect on the ups and downs of 2023 and set our sights on the goals and plans for 2024. I share tips on creating dream boards, evaluating revenue, managing expenses, and planning for financial success. Whether you're a business owner or not, these insights can help you make progress towards your financial goals. So grab a pen and paper, tune in, and get ready to make 2...

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Today, we're discussing the realities of spending and finances during the holiday season. The fall and last three months of the year can be hectic and draining on both your schedule and bank account. However, I want to assure you that you don't have to buy everyone a gift during Christmas. You have the permission to prioritize your own financial well-being and not feel obligated to give gifts to every family member. The holidays ar...

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In today's episode, we have bookkeeper, Annie Hillman. Annie is here to share some invaluable insights and strategies for business owners who are looking to become more financially savvy. She shares her thoughts on understanding income and expenses, provides resources for navigating financial regulations, and offers tips for budgeting and planning for inconsistent income. 

In this episode we share:

  • Understanding inc...
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Today's episode delves into the crucial topic of prioritizing profit over revenue in your online business. We discuss how this shift can lead you to financial freedom and the path to becoming debt-free. I want to emphasize the importance of understanding that increasing profit doesn't always require increasing revenue. I’ll guide you through pricing strategies, tracking business numbers, and making informed decisions that will scal...

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In today's episode, we have a special guest, Branda Villacob, a copywriter and email marketing expert who shares her insights on maintaining consistent income as a freelancer. We dive into Branda's journey as a former teacher turned solopreneur and how she built her successful freelancing business. We discuss the importance of having a side business while still teaching, saving money, and the mindset shift needed to transition out ...

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In this episode of the Debt-Free CEO podcast, we discuss the order of prioritizing debt, saving, and investing. Paying off high-interest consumer debt is the first priority, followed by building a small emergency fund. We compare investing money versus paying off low-interest car loans and highlight the importance of having an emergency fund. 

We also provide information on HSAs, FSAs, and Roth IRAs as investment options. Real ...

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Most of us work hard at having financial freedom, paying off debt and paying attention to how we save our money. But not many of us do things in a nontraditional way. We tend to stick to what we know works and what is safe.

In today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sierra Scacco, a scaling coach and entrepreneur who made a bold and nontraditional decision with her husband and children that had significant financial invo...

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Today’s episode is about Master Resell Rights. What is it? Why is it so popular right now? Is it a scam and should I buy into it? 

If you’re on TikTok and Instagram right now, MRR is blowing up! That is because it’s a new idea and people are obsessed with what you’re able to do with it. 

Listen to today’s episode as I break down everything Master Resell Rights related so you can form your own opinion on the topic. 

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    Today’s episode is about two different ways to pay off debt the quickest: the Debt Avalanche and the Debt Snowball methods.

    If you've been tackling your debt without a specific strategy, don't worry - you're still doing great! But if you're looking to maximize your savings on interest and pay off your debt as efficiently as possible, then this episode is for you. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each method and how they can help y...

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    In today's episode, we have a client spotlight featuring Allison Nitsch, who went from drowning in interest fees to being well on her way to becoming debt-free. Allison shares her inspiring journey of conquering debt and taking control of her finances after our 1:1 coaching call together.

    Join us as we dive into Allison's financial transformation. From researching financial statements to tackling income, bills, and debt, Allison sou...

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    I know a lot of us either have the goal of owning a home, or we already do own a home, but sometimes I hear people say that they are debt free and want to know if the mortgage counts. So today I dive into all things mortgages: whether you should pay it off to be debt-free, when to buy a home and should you purchase now or wait until a “better” time.

    In this episode I share:

    • When to know the best time to purchase a home
    • Wh...
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    July 17, 2023 17 mins

    Most Americans have some sort of consumer debt. Car payments, credit cards, school loans. Sometimes knowing where to start can be the hardest part. This episode is going to explain which debt to pay off first, and give you some tools and resources to help you do so. 

    Sometimes just knowing we got ourselves into debt is overwhelming and can negatively affect our mindset enough to where we do nothing instead of taking action. Som...

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    Being able to pay off debt is amazing, but what about being able to save money for those unexpected circumstances that arise?

    Having a savings account can not only help you have money for things that come up, but it can also help keep you out of debt.

    In this episode of the Debt-Free CEO Podcast, I share tips and strategies on how to save money, and emphasize the similarities between paying off debt and building a savings. I want to ...

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    Imagine feeling lost and alone in your entrepreneurial journey, desperately searching for a tribe to call your own. That's exactly how I felt when I first started my business, until I stumbled upon a game-changing discovery. The key to unlocking success and achieving your dreams is through the power of community. By connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas, and supporting each other's goals, you'll find the motivation...

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    Are you tired of trading time for money in your online business? In this episode, learn how to scale and grow your business without working more hours. But is hourly pricing really the best option? Listen in as I explain other options that help move you away from the hourly rates that could be holding you back from your income goals.

    In this episode I share:

    • Techniques to grow your income without sacrificing your work-life balanc...
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    Do you dream of breaking free from financial constraints and achieving true independence? Well, I have a solution that just might be your ticket to financial freedom - the power of freelancing! 

    With the flexibility and endless opportunities offered by freelancing, you can finally attain the financial stability you desire. Let me show you how to unlock your full potential and realize your dreams of living life on your own terms...

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    Discover the secrets to finding an extra $500 a month for your family's financial goals in this episode of the Debt Free CEO podcast. From cutting subscriptions to freelancing, you'll learn practical tips to increase your income and reduce expenses.

    In this episode, we will cover: 

    • The significance of budgeting and eliminating needless expenses for long-term financial health.
    • The benefits of selling unused possessions to gene...
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    Are you looking to find a way to manage your finances, and become debt free?

    After paying off $53,000 of debt myself, in this episode I am going to take you through the same debt-free framework that I would use if I was starting over today.

    In this episode, we will cover: 

    • Developing a strategy to follow so that you can become debt free
    • The significance of preparing for taxes, expenses, and savings in advance
    • Transitioning from...
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    April 10, 2023 18 mins

    Money is a tricky matter, and sometimes it takes debt to get to where you need to be. 

    In this episode, we will dive into the differences between good vs. bad debt. I will provide insight into what debt is worth considering and what should be avoided. 

    We speak on mortgages, car loans, 0% interest and credit cards.

    If you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of debt you are accumulating despite the budgeting, ...

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    Struggling with money management as a couple? Find out the essential strategies for successful financial planning and communication!

    In this episode you will learn:

    1. How to be a successful financial team with your spouse, even if one of you is a saver and the other is a spender.

    2. The importance of communication and compromise when it comes to budgeting for a successful marriage.

    3. How to get your spouse on board with budgeting and...

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