The Divorce Confidante - divorce and co-parenting tips, single mom life

The Divorce Confidante - divorce and co-parenting tips, single mom life

Confidently Navigate Divorce, Co-Parenting and Single Mom Life! Is your divorce creating anxiety? Do you struggle with how best to co-parent with your ex? Are you concerned with how to help your kids cope through the transition? But through all of this, are you ready to be an independent woman? The Divorce Confidante Podcast is a place for women navigating divorce, learning to co-parent and reclaiming their freedom. A faith-filled community for single moms and empty nesters to get support and resources. From communication to custody. From child support to confidence. We talk about all of the things you struggle with in this season: financial freedom, stability for you and your kids, dating, overwhelm, self-care, and so much more. You are more resilient than you think! You are ready to walk into the next chapter of your amazing life with grace, strength and independence. You were not meant to do life alone, so let’s grab a latte or rose and let’s do this together. Contact: Website: IG: @divorce_confidante


December 3, 2023 9 mins

To follow up on episode 71, Adding More Faith to the Holiday Season, I wanted to bring you bonus episodes this month for Advent.  Each Sunday through the month of December I will be posting a meditation to correspond with the Advent theme of the week.

The first week's theme is Hope.

Verse referenced:

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the powe...

Mark as Played

If your Christmas season has become too busy and chaotic, and the focus has swirled around twinkling lights and mounds of presents, then it may be time to refocus your energy into a more faith-based, slow-paced Christmas season.

As a Christian, Joy battles the same struggles to make her kids happy and do ALL of the things during the holidays, as well as balance her need for peace and spiritual connection.  It's the ti...

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Are you too eager to fix a problem ..... even if it's not yours to fix?  Do you say "sorry" for things you had nothing to do with?  Or feel responsible for something out of your control?  Well, welcome to the club.

As moms, we often feel like it's our job to do more, fix more, say "yes" to more, and we end up trying to "keep the peace" at the expense of our personal peace.  It's...

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Are you always feeling "less than" when you see his social media posts or hear about his trips or great life?
Do you feel resentful when the kids come home from Dad's house with great stories of fun activities and amazing trips they did?

It can be difficult to hear the comparisons between you and your ex.  And sometimes it may make you feel inferior.  But you can take the control back by switching your p...

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Do you and the kids always feel frazzled and out of balance?  If so, you're in the right place!

This week's guest is parent coach Clair White, who is helping us find whole health balance in 5 areas of our lives.  Since it's not just us moms who get stressed and overwhelmed, this is a family plan for health that balances emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual health.

This is a great pl...

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If you are struggling to figure out how to make co-parenting work with an ex who constantly undermines you and speaks negatively about you, then you need to listen in to this episode with Vickie Lynn.

As the founder of The Survivor Center, Vickie Lynn is a faith-based, personal coach for women who are dealing with an abusive or toxic ex, making the process of co-parenting difficult to navigate.  Vickie Lynn is a divorced m...

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Sleep is such an integral part of how we manage our emotions, our day, and our relationships.  If you're not sleeping well... If you're not falling asleep easily....Or if you're non staying asleep through the night, it's time to take control of your nighttime routine.

Let's create an evening routine that works for you.  We can use natural means to enhance your body's hormones and natural rhyth...

Mark as Played

There are so many creative options to co-parenting.  And sometimes we get stuck in the traditional models of "50/50" and "every other weekend".  But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you and your co-parent are in a stable and respectful place in your co-parenting relationship, it might be worth some discussions around non-traditional custody options.

Dawne Christine is a mindset coach and...

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Resilience isn't a trait we are born with.  It's a skill we can learn and develop, so when we hit a bump in the road we have the shock absorbers ready to smooth out our ride and keep us moving forward.

We are constantly bombarded with stressors.  And we need to build more resilience so we don't succumb to these events, but transcend them, bringing in a growth mindset to flourish when we might otherwise withe...

Mark as Played

Marriage is complicated and so is divorce.  Likely we've made mistakes in both arenas along the way.  But can we look objectively at the mistakes we've made in our marriage to build better relationships in the future?

That's what Joy tackles today.

There's a process from taking responsibility for our part of the relationship that didn't work and learning from it so we can grow stronger in ...

Mark as Played

I'm pretty sure if we take a good look at our spending habits there are some places that we can tighten up our budget.

Going through a divorce can create a lot of uncertainty with money and financial stability.  By doing a "no-spend" challenge for a few days or even a few weeks,  it's an opportunity to get back on track, find where some spending leaks may be occurring and help you create a manageable bu...

Mark as Played

Ladies, did you put on a few pounds after divorce?  Were you eating your emotions?  Did Burger King and Wendy become your new best friends?

Yeah, you're not alone.  Stress can wreak havoc on your diet.  And putting on a little weight happens.  BUT, you don't have to stay in that place with the extra pounds creeping up the scale.  It may be time and you may be ready to lose the weight and get healthy.

My ...

Mark as Played

Did you hold yourself back during your marriage?  Did you "play small"?  Was there never enough time or money to step into a calling or purpose that you felt fully aligned with?

Well, now might be the perfect time, during this pivotal life transition, to rekindle those dreams or break out and create new ones.  But how do you even start the process of realizing your dream?  Or identifying your true purpose? 

Mark as Played

Who do you want to become after your divorce?  How do you want to live?

Are you ready to do the work, learn the lessons and make the changes?  If you are, then it's your time.  Kelly says, "a divorce is not a failure, it's just a relationship that has ended." So let's get back to a healthy life - body, mind and spirit - to move forward.

It's taking time to detox your life -- physicall...

Mark as Played
August 30, 2023 22 mins

Do you ever feel like you're trying to get past old hurts, but you keep getting stuck?  Do you feel like you've plateaued in your healing process?

It's completely natural to find that flatline in your healing process.  So if you've found that it hasn't been a smooth path or that you've found dips and valleys along the way, you're not alone.

 But sometimes you need some help to ge...

Mark as Played

Maybe you grew up in an abusive home or were in an abusive relationship.  Or maybe you had betrayal in your marriage.  Are you holding on to a backpack full of pain, hurt and anger?  Or have you been able to set that heaviness down through forgiveness, releasing it to be free and open your heart to happiness?  You can learn how to forgive even what seems to be unforgivable.

Natalie Baird-King is a dedicated Florida attorne...

Mark as Played

There are so many emotions that are stirred up during divorce -- not only for you but also for your kids.  They don't always know how to process all of the information or verbalize their questions or concerns, and it's up to us Moms to help them through it.

It's learning to communicate with them, being open and honest, while learning to listen and keep judgments at bay.  Creating a safe space for your kids t...

Mark as Played
August 2, 2023 28 mins

It's coming up to the big day....D-Day.....Divorce Day!

You've taken care of the documentation -- the finances, custody,  monetary support -- and now you're ready to make it final.  You're ready to finally have your day in court. 

You want to be confident, and you want to show up as the best version of yourself.  But how do you do that?

So much of it comes down to how you present yours...

Mark as Played

Do you need to live with shame and guilt for separating from your spouse?  What about remarriage?  

There are so many questions and uncertainties when it comes to divorce and the church.  So this week's guest, Pastor Kevin Baker from Oakdale Church, talks about marriage, counseling and divorce from a biblical perspective.

We talk about:
The grief of divorce
DivorceCare programs in the church
The s...

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If you're a mom who's stressed and burnt out, you are not alone!  It may be that you need to create your own Home Ecosystem!

My guest, Katie Keene (mom of 5 and home-schooler extraordinaire) joins me this week to talk about how to set up a home ecosystem and family government of your own.  How she creates her simplistic and effective self-care.  How she finds joy in motherhood, connects with her kid's and th...

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