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May 29, 2024 16 mins
In Stranger things, The Upside-Down is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world. It contains the same locations and infrastructure as the human world, but it is much darker, colder and obscured by an omnipresent fog. The Upside Down is devoid of human life, instead being overgrown with ropy, root-like tendrils and biological membranes covering practically every surface. At least one recognizable animal, a humanoid predator, was native to this dimension, while ash-like spores floated in the air.  To go into the mainstream media, social media and inner workings of the music business, the story of Sean Combs, is starting to descend into an upside-down dimension, the problem as I see it, is that in today’s ingestion of news or just fodder to throw around at a BBQ, this story not only has it all, but it also has pieces of it that at this point again is unraveling into a game of searching for meaning and truth, something to grasp onto that is close to reality it’s hard. To wait for the Vanity Fairs, New York Magazine, the New Yorker or anyone at the NY TIMES to really dig into this is an exercise in futility as far as I can see it, the masses, they want fodder as fast as 50 Cent or Akademics can post, and they want more and more gluttonous hot takes into what exactly is going on, and what will happen next.  Was Diddy engaged in satanic rituals, or on Epstein’s Island, adopted a young white teenager, this stuff, is just getting Upside Down. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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