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The Ecommerce Alley

Trying to scale your ecommerce business is tough. Not only that, but staying profitable in the process is even tougher. Hosted by Josh Coffy every Monday, The Ecommerce Alley podcast provides strategic insights on how to grow your people, profits, and impact. From marketing to leadership & operations, you’ll get inspiration and insights that can’t be found anywhere else – but in The Alley.


November 27, 2023 24 mins

Sometimes all it takes is ONE tweak that can cut your cost to acquire a customer by 30%, 40%, or even 96% – and it's likely not what you think.

I'm talking from $105 cost per customer to $4.51.
Or $43 to $23 cost per customer.

All with one change: the offer.

In this episode, I'll show you how "offers" impact your ad results, share examples of offers have worked wonders, break down offer economics...

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Over 60 high-quality videos filmed in our studio with over the shoulder, step-by-step instructions on launching, managing, and scaling profitable Facebook ads.

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Does it feel like all the money you put into Facebook Ads isn't generating a tangible return on your investment?

Do you feel lost when it comes to building campaign strategy?

Does the Ads Manager in...

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday is when more money is spent online than any other weekend of the year. That's why it's best to go in with a solid advertising plan.

In this podcast, I break down 5 different campaign structures we recommend for that weekend, as well as strategy around budget, audiences, ads, and intra-day scaling for heavy spending.

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What are Facebook's Advantage+ Audiences, how do they work, and should you use them? In this episode, I'll break down what they are, the capabilities of them, and my thoughts on them so far.

If you want to see a very visual breakdown of this, then I HIGHLY recommend you watch the episode on Youtube, as it'll give more context to what I'm talking about! 🙂

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Jared Oliva is a tech bro turned moss farmer and owns

Not only is he an entertaining personality & inspirational entrepreneur worth following, but Jared is a friend & client of ours.

After seeing his massive growth (8X+) in a short few months, I had to have him on the podcast to get a peek behind the scenes of what it took to make that happen and what he's had to do to prepare for the ...

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Once BF/CM are over, there's still an entire month to maintain momentum. This is our Christmas marketing strategy that will allow you to create serious cash injection a few times during the month of December, as well as maintain sales throughout with ads!

In this mini-series, Josh breaks down our 4-phase marketing strategy to take you into the most profitable Q4 you've ever had.

Each year, we te...

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Black Friday-Cyber Monday is the largest sales weekend for ecommerce stores for the year. It's your FAT PITCH. The opportunity to take everything you have and swing as hard as possible to produce loads of revenue.

But you have to meet opportunity with preparation.

In this episode, I break down our Offers/Email/Ads strategy for BF/CM.

I break down some more advanced Facebook Ads stuff around audiences, budgeting, intra-day scaling...

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Once your offers, website, and inventory is planned (Phase 1), we move into a unique Black Friday VIP Presale strategy. (Phase 2)
This is where you get a ton of buyer-intent people raising their hands to get exclusive EARLY access to your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals along with 5-day sale the week before!
This grows your email list, helps you test tons of offers, and gets people spending before your competition.
If y...

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In this mini-series, Josh breaks down our 4-phase marketing strategy to take you into the most profitable Q4 you've ever had.

Each year, we teach & implement this with our clients and the end-result is similar: record sales months. Hopefully, you follow this & experience the same!

Here are the four phases (from a high level):
Phase 1: Offer, Website, & Inventory Planning
Phase 2: The Black...

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If you walked into Shark Tank, there are three pretty common questions you'd get asked. Most people know the answer to TWO of them: what are your sales? What is your profit?

But most can't answer: what's the cost to acquire a customer?

In the marketing world, the acronym for this is CAC. (Cost to Acquire a Customer)

Every successful business obsesses over this number and does so on two prim...

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Jessica Principe is the founder of and as the owner a subscription box business, she's mastered the art of getting stuff done & working ahead in her business in a way that creates a life she loves.

In her journey to shipping razors to ladies all over the United States, she's become very talented at staying focused & in front of things in her business – which is why I wanted to bring h...

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One of the most stressful things as a business owner (especially entering Black Friday season) are the questions surrounding inventory.
"Will I have enough?"
"Can I sell what I have?"
"What should I buy?"

In this podcast episode, Ciara Stockeland, author of the book "Inventory Genius", tackles these questions head on and gives us the confidence to answer them ourselves. C...

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Your ability to craft messaging has a trickle-down effect. If you can speak to your ideal customers in precisely the right way, your ads will not only become more effective but all marketing channels will.

In this interactive session, Josh will show you a 4-step process to build messaging that will PRINT money in your business – whether that's with ads, emails, SMS, or social.

If you do this simple exercise, ...

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Dive into the captivating journey of John Roman, CEO of BattlBox, as he reveals the intricacies of creating an engaged community for a booming subscription box. Discover how passion combined with savvy marketing can lead to exclusive Netflix deals and audacious challenges. Learn firsthand why fostering an exclusive, tight-knit community can be the key differentiator for subscription box businesses.

00:00 Intro
02:49 Wh...

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Creatives are almost always the culprit in poor ad performance. Copy is important, creative is more important. But… if your copy AND creatives are both aligned on your messaging, then the outcome is scalability.

In this podcast, I break down our "seed, sprout, and scale" framework to help with your creatives. I'll share the types of creatives you can test, how to gather inspiration, and how to get a whole lo...

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The 2020/21 wave of stimulus-check customers is gone. Competition is fierce – much from the many businesses birthed in those two years. Belts are being tightened. 

We've been seeing this amongst our ~200ish clients for the last few months.

I believe we're about to see the largest divide (particularly in the ecommerce industry) than we've ever seen before.

The chaff is about to be separated ...

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Join ecommerce giants Matt Harward and Stafford Newsome as they reveal the secret behind maximizing the Facebook algorithm. Discover why your testing methods might be trailing behind and how, with the power of AI, you can transform your approach to reach the right audience. A hint of what’s coming in our deep-dive AI ads workshop - this episode is a must...

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On this week's podcast, Josh hosts an insightful discussion with Julie Ball and Renae Gonzalez, co-founders of Subscription Box Basics, as they unlock the power of gamification to boost your business. Discover how hidden easter eggs and gameboards can increase your customer lifetime value (LTV) and retention, and take home a free Canva template to kickstart your own gamification journey. Don't miss out on these creative s...

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Josh shares a low-cost, high-impact strategy to grow your Instagram following and convert followers into customers. This isn't just theory; we've seen remarkable results both for our business and our clients. Tune in to discover how to fuel your organic marketing efforts and supercharge your retargeting audience with this simple, yet effective Instagram strategy.

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Josh unpacks the all-too-common issue of sales slumps in the business world. Every business owner faces such downturns, but your reaction and adaptation during these challenging times can be game-changing. He provides actionable advice, outlining three practices to avoid and five steps to rejuvenate your momentum when sales start to dwindle. From optimizing your ad spend and igniting your branding efforts to pioneering new products...

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