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April 15, 2023 57 mins

Welcome to episode five of season three. 

In this episode we catch up Canterbury based equine photographer Bella Maitland. 
We discuss everything from her first camera to what happens behind the scenes when it comes to getting that prefect shot of both horse and rider at equine events across New Zealand. 
Listen to hear the challenges, why photographers do it and how you can assist them to get the money shot! 

Find out more about Bella's business

This episode is proudly sponsored by Dream Gear Rentals New Zealand. 
To proceed your photographer career or to just get hold of a piece of gear that you have always wanted to try at affordable prices check them out

Many thanks to Casey Evans Music The music behind all episodes. 

Apologies for the hosts bad audio we had a microphone fail for two recordings, but our guests sounds amazing!  

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