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June 19, 2023 64 mins

Welcome to episode nine  of season three. 

In this episode we catch up with Ellie Harrison from Wild Thyme Horsemanship, who like many horse riders just considers herself a everyday rider working with horses. 
Back in 2021 Ellie was the winner of the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses wild stallion challenge and has since been part of clinics and the evening shows at Equifest NZ in Taupo and Christchurch. 

We dive into the journey she has had with her stallion Mars along with her journey of how she has got to where she is today.
To find out more check out the link below and find upcoming clinic and retreat dates.

Special shout to Lammermoor Distillery a unique Central Otago distillery producing premium gin and whisky. Order yours today and discover more of their story

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