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August 3, 2022 84 mins

Aren't you yes I am good evening this is Yobi with Yobiworks, pilgrim on point for the human collective keeping it brief but I also want to document some writing progress that beneficial engagement and I had and have not much benefit is the constant labeling classification and separation one from another that seems unintentional absolutely is by design in recognizing the accepting that is key to accepting ourselves within the context in which we live in and that is of utmost importance to each of us so, let's see why am I sharing this man apps droopy available and in Germany is increasingly good friend that's something that I quite enjoy so, Pardon me while I reach out to him in a wisdom chat room crying Cromie maybe not kiss son more likely droopy because he's going to be awaken that said the planet right now. Does it have to be on right now just so I don't burn my arm. So we'll try and get you away from that one when it is Martin but it did very much have an opportunity to sometimes, just sometimes, sometimes sometimes. Certainly, I can't get it out to you. Quite a bit formative of where I'm at and what informs where I'm going. So by way of introduction, I am a simple West Texas boy born and raised in Odessa, Texas. 49 years old, be 50 this are probably the most most prolific people you've never heard of gotten hundreds of podcasts live cast. I like doing improv comedy. Working on my main project I'm focused on right now. And I have five or six and they when the doors are open, I move forward. The doors demonstrate that they're closed I look around and see what doors are open. main one is called the struggle between the theology of short stories beginning with the one in the room and ending with the other tours and in between our comedic tales of animal engagements. Like move on Bob finally bonds is voice. There we go. We are an appeal from the collective to itself. We are Earth in our garden does not seem well in cries out but is not nor lost even wants to be seen under our feet felt in our blockchain and lungs in the unnatural Rick in our when we drink notifications never and then other deep places of which we do not speak whether you see your sense is irrelevant it's our collective self first view its own mortality or absolute lack of ability to save or ever after answer why would our Creator make such beauty only to annihilate our Earth our garden our blue sky environment was sadness we refuse the knowledge of ourselves within any garden choosing to live within the waterfall of every single tear from every eye falling in each and all and any coming year we must release our fear the requirement of life is its death that does not mean we should park really if we stop put fear shall never mend and in love born in one again we'll all grow strong as love born by all once again yes again let us continue with the only eating we will ever have and have ever known from the start of the big round Bang to the flat altar event of black freezes even the thought of heat and all memory water or ground this is the moment we must choose to wake up else why forever having not chosen in our self made prisons frozen floating in eternal terror felt good you know I should be able to dropbox so now, I'm going to give you rounded experience. I can take any of these and put them in Otter and transcribe them fortunately we're all Today's been a snarfed day let me explain snarf start this nurse origins in the desert one year, I found myself in the blyat metaphorical landscape to play everyone out there is out there very much intensely. Nobody just intention you meet few people, or between ones that you meet tend to be significant and interesting. Or at the middle of my epiphany. Birdman decided to have a dream party come out into the middle of abdominal epiphany and tried to appeal to my friends who were there who didn't see things the way I did. And in doing so I lost track of my bicycle which was 10,000 different bikes run out of water. I was feeling miserable and hurt is incredibly grating noise generator and I wanted to do chicken Biden scream at the university instead They sit down next it's different they're cruising racing the suck after about 12 minutes and released it felt much much much much that's what I mean when I know I need to release songs right torture my 16 year old doing so. This the frustrations I've had, I've been on the internet 10 years old. My uncle got me on the internet taught me everything that he knew and I was hook, line and sinker. There was until I got my first car discovered hormones were incredibly out for more interactions with the opposite sex but I was all about it. Interestingly enough, I had a really long interesting conversation with his go to names a leprechaun. It was part of the design studio was in just last year, sponsored by Buckminster Fuller Institute. And turned out he is one of the original project designers and proposers of d3 to God in 1979, which became what we're

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