The Four Gods

The Four Gods

Gain clarity and awareness, move beyond uncertainty and stresses of life. Achieve fulfillment, Success and Improvement. Life is all about moving forward and learning The podcasts are dedicated to learnings and clarity in the four areas ever present in everyone's life. The four areas which are called the four gods of life Self Wellbeing Finances Relationships Spirituality Get bonus content on Patreon Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


April 28, 2023 β€’ 23 mins

This episode is all about...

Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude for making it to the completion of the second year of the podcast on air. Appreciation for the amazing audience listening to me

and also talking about the changes coming in the future and so much more

Show your love and support for the show πŸ’–πŸ‘‰

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Mark as Played

This episode is about


without knowing your values, it is easy to fall into other people's agendas and live your life without being influenced to do and live in default

You got to ask yourself WHY

In this world, we are being daily influenced, be it by social media, sources of entertainment, or friends. To ensure you make the best out of your life, rake up good influences without falling into a state of living out of jus...

Mark as Played
March 17, 2023 β€’ 29 mins

This episode is about...

Significance/Self Improvement

all of us have our reasons for jumping into the rabbit hole of self-improvement. But regardless of the diverse context of our reason

In the beginning, we do not realize where the path of self-improvement and significance is leading us.

Today, I will talk about where it leads us, surprisingly... not where we want to be, but perhaps where we need to be

Link to Peter S...

Mark as Played
March 5, 2023 β€’ 39 mins

This episode.. is about uniqueness

Image a world where everybody.. and I mean EVERYBODY was like you

exactly like you, they like the same things, are as smart as you are, have the same personality and tendencies

now in reality that's not possible but, that kind of a world at first would seem interesting but over time will feel like a living dull nightmare

we all have something unique about ourselves, our experiences are ...

Mark as Played
February 16, 2023 β€’ 30 mins

this episode is on..


In today's fast paced world, easy any time access to entertainment, talking to people around the world in seconds and getting stuff you want delivered to your door within a day is normal but

to the people about 50 years before, it would be a shocking.. even worse

think about the people in their 1800's, they would have deemed it impossible and anyone who would have believed so would be declared c...

Mark as Played
February 3, 2023 β€’ 22 mins

This episode is about..

not having a reason for the moment. and trusting in the path you strive for in your life

be it your business, job, your relationship or school life

there will be a point where you will not know why you are doing whatever it is you are doing but

know that sooner or later, the answer to your question will reveal itself.

just keep breathing for now and keep moving forward and, don't forget to listen to...

Mark as Played
January 18, 2023 β€’ 27 mins

This episode is about..

Being and things stopping you from releasing the true potential of your being

there surely is a reason why we exist in this world, and the fact that we do exist might hold the answer to our existence.

as far as I have come to understand, life is about learning and meaning. within our being lies the answer to our meaning and learning which..

will lead us to our unique reason for existence.

So, today I ...

Mark as Played

This episode is about...

Essential Oils

Whether you believe it or not, nature has always had mysterious abilities which has baffled human minds

Today, in this episode, I am with our guest, Rachelle Jackson, a super mother to her children and a true believer in the power of the essential oils, using essential oils to better help her children and the world

We will be talking about the essential oils, but to answer an importa...

Mark as Played
December 13, 2022 β€’ 28 mins

this episode... is about THE prophecy

a powerful prophecy which, if taken advantage of, can turn your life 360 in the direction you want your life to go but

if you turn it against you, it will keep you stuck, in a place where abundance would seem far out of reach, no matter how much you have

Hint: it's not a "movie prophecy" where you get to know you are going to die if you don't do a list of things,

it's an empowering con...

Mark as Played
December 3, 2022 β€’ 22 mins

this episode is about...

the pursuit of happyness

it is a known fact that everyone is this world is striving towards leading a happy, comfortable and satisfying life unless...

(You are in one of those cults trying to make others' lives miserable along with your own, I hope not)

other than that, we all are, so to say, in the pursuit of happyness, if you have seen the movie "Pursuit of Happyness" (which is an amazing movie bt...

Mark as Played
November 22, 2022 β€’ 60 mins

This episode... is about pain

Doesn't matter the type, be it physical, emotional or mental, everyone goes through pain

but is that pain you are feeling in your neck or back, might be due to something more than just your body acting up?

I have Dr.Michell Yas, experienced in his craft in dealing with chronic and all kinds of physical pain, and developed the Yass method

and today we will unravel mysteries of pain

Check ...

Mark as Played
November 15, 2022 β€’ 22 mins

This episode... is about rules

Did you know that we spend most of our time trying to make life more satisfying? probably getting that new house or new car or that sweet new iPhone and even a loving spouse

But we almost never reach there, no matter how hard we might try

I can say without a doubt, your effort is not to be blamed, but

it's time to look into the crappy Rules and conditions you have set for yourself (that you mi...

Mark as Played
November 2, 2022 β€’ 22 mins

This episode is all about the PAST

the past can hurt, the past can be cringy if we think back on our memories of our childhood, a piece of memory which can either haunt us or make us feel nostalgic

if a memory of the past haunts you, you should the options that a person has, either learn from it or run from it

I will let you in on a secret... you might have already chosen one of the two options already and might not be aware...

Mark as Played
October 26, 2022 β€’ 22 mins

This episode is... about those moments

I am talking about those "Go Big or Go Home" moments which scares the sh*t out of people generally

how the heck is someone able to go through tough times, not let their demise make them bitter but

help them become better? 😱🀯🀯

today I will talk about how that is achievable

This is for all those going through a rough patch in their life or those who will in the future ;)


Mark as Played
October 18, 2022 β€’ 28 mins

This episode is.. about intentions and

I don't mean the "do you intend to rob a bank?" kind of intentions, I am going to talk about

intentions which go deeper than the surface level use of the word

what do I mean by that? I guess you have to listen to the episode for that... but I will give you a hint

it is self-improvement oriented (as if that wasn't obvious πŸ™„)

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Mark as Played

This episode... is all about focus

we live in a world filled with distractions, from the Instagram on your phone to that annoying person always bothering you

Thats why, I have on the show, Michal Stawicki, an author of 19 bestselling books and a business coach.

and together we will be sharing some shocking insights we have had :)

Michal's Work:

Stay updated on the latest episodes: the-four-go...

Mark as Played
October 3, 2022 β€’ 23 mins

This episode, is all about life... and the power of your actions and inactions

What you do today, will affect your tomorrow, your day after, this week, next week, next month and next year

So, what about that? go through the episode and you will know :)

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Mark as Played
September 16, 2022 β€’ 21 mins

In this episode, we will look into the answer to the question of..

why do we want to improve/achieve?

Our reasons might be diverse given our circumstances, area of interest and life etc.. but

do you think that we make it obligatory for ourselves to be better?

To figure that out, I am going to go into the "peeling the onion" technique in the episode (listen carefully to it, if you want to use it for yourself)

Stay updated ...

Mark as Played
September 2, 2022 β€’ 35 mins

Today, we will dive into a topic which many who strongly believe in today's science will deem.. controversial

It is the topic of the non-physical, all about the knowledge and science that goes deep into the energies and vibrations that exist and makes our world what it is

and to help us understand this, I have on my show, a researcher and expert in scalar energy, Tom Paladino

but, many of you might be thinking to yourself.. "...

Mark as Played
August 26, 2022 β€’ 15 mins

Pain is one of the most sensitive words to say, or to hear.. for many people its a word that is best to be avoided 

Although, even though pain is troublesome, be it physical or emotional. IT IS A PART OF THE CYCLE of IMPROVEMENT 

Its like the saying at the gym "No Pain, No Gain" and yes this applies to mental strength as much as it does to physical strength

Join the fam! and check out the extended of this talk wi...

Mark as Played

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