The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show

The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show

What’s your guilty pleasure on a Friday night? .....Maybe a little something sweet, spicy, and super saucy? The Go2Girls are dishing it up HOT! Move over “DEAR ABBY” we're a group of friends with drinks in hand ready to tackle your "WHAT SHOULD I DO'S?"Our happy hour is like no other. We weigh in on some jaw-dropping, scandalous and for sure entertaining stories from REAL listeners with nothing off-limits and nothing censored. The only professional experience we have is our "Been There..Done That's" so you’ll get honest advice with a little bit of attitude. We’ll serve up our thoughts with plenty of humour and a whole lot of sass! Expect real-talk and pure entertainment from your trusty, and sometimes tipsy co-hosts. So, grab your GO2 bevy, get comfy and prepare for the shocking, moving, and downright hilarious stories you’ll hear each and every episode. if you need advice on your “what should I do” or you just wanna share a secret and stay anonymous while doing it….Hit us up for all things related to relationships, life and the fu**ed-up things that go along with it. Like and subscribe TODAY and you’ll be the first to know when new episodes of the best advice podcast on the planet drop each and every Friday night!ASKGO2GIRLS is available on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Stitcher


November 9, 2022 40 mins

It's been an awesome 1st season and the Season Finale won't disappoint as the girls dig into PRE GAMING before a date.  The top what to do's?  before the big EVENT are asked and as in usual Go2Girls'll be surprised at some of the answers.  Pre-game dating rituals are a real thing and as much as we think we don't do it....we all know we do!   

First Up - Amy is a newbie to the datin...

Mark as Played

From the meaning of happiness to deciding if bullying should be a family affair.....tonight's episode is a smorgasbord of entertaining and over-the-top WHAT SHOULD I DO?'s guaranteed not to disappoint our loyal listeners and soon-to-be superfans!

First Up  Alicia wants to know if "happiness" exists. and if so, what does it take to be happy?..... Money?..... Purpose?..... Relationships?  Everyone has an ...

Mark as Played
September 19, 2022 53 mins

When the sun goes down and the dance floor lights up it's "GAME ON!"  The Come On's - One Liners - Meet Ups - Pick Ups and Hook Ups  simply go hand in hand with the nightlife drama and everyone wants a piece of the action.   

Tonight's episode hits everything and anything NIGHTLIFE.... from the do's of "Dirty Dancing " to the don'ts of "Night at the Roxbury".

Mark as Played

Money can't buy happiness....why is it only the RICH say that?   If it can't buy happiness then that's the ONLY thing in this world money can't buy.  Seems everyone wants it and there's never enough to go around.
With financial discussions more taboo than sex these days.....the girls get on the bar stools ready and willing to have the talk........ARE YOU?

First Up "Loan by Leah"  loa...

Mark as Played

Do you welcome change or avoid it like the plague?   The unknown and fear of the unknown are downright disabling for some people.  Featuring our first-ever "live in studio" episode advice-seekers have a  lot to say about CHANGE and their need to embrace or resist it. 

First Up Rachelle's "what should I do?" is filled with a whole lot of family drama and dysfunction the likes of which the girls hav...

Mark as Played

Tonight's episode exposes secrets filled with enough drama to break the bond between the best of Friends....even Monica and Rachel!

First Up  Speak now or forever hold your peace chose the former when coming clean to her friend that she had an affair with her hubs.  She's back to share her story of how it all played out when she came clean and spilled the beans. 

Second  Dried Out has been married to he...

Mark as Played

Everything DATING  is on the table tonight!  Discussing the red flags to avoid and green lights to move forward....Can you tell the difference?

If you think you're alone navigating the complexities of the dating world......think again!   "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" you encounter are absolutely felt by everyone else and we've got the stories to prove it!

In this tough but true episode, the g...

Mark as Played

Door-slamming fights, secrets, suspicion, sibling rivalry....... Tonight's episode has it all exploring the period when young people contend with opportunities and challenges that have important implications over their life's course.

First Up "It's Just BS" calls bullshit on her parent's decision denying her permission to get a tattoo yet, 2 years earlier allowed her big brother the honour whe...

Mark as Played

QUICKIES  are OUR not always short and not always sweet  advice for your "what should I do's?"   Tonight's episode tackles everything from holiday do's and don't s  to the backstabbing and betrayal between lovers and families.  The temperature is at an ALL-TIME HIGH in the G2G studio as emotions get hotter and hotter through each quickie story.   



Mark as Played
March 23, 2022 43 mins

They say blood is thicker than water but.... is THICKER always BETTER?   Tonight's episode discusses the dynamics of family and if the rubber band is stretched further for the "TRIBE" than for anyone else despite a family's detriment and dysfunction.

First Up "Desperate for Direction" is dealing with a scorned Ex, and she's hitting where it hurts..... preventing his parents from seeing t...

Mark as Played
March 14, 2022 59 mins

Likes....Dislikes....Pet Peeves!  They all come oozing out on the BIG DEAL date number 4".   Tonight's episode explores the turn of events from date 3 to 4 and the changing of the guard moments such as getting closer to EXCLUSIVE that can bring out the good the bad and the ugly in all of us!

First Up "Dan +1" brings the girls his "plus 1" list.  The choices vary from Dani the girl who keeps h...

Mark as Played
February 12, 2022 38 mins

In this "where are they now...what did they do" episode the girls get updated on everything past and present.  Our previous advice-seekers check in with what they did with the advice they were given on their what should I do's?

First Up - "Prude or Pleasure" was willing to do ANYTHING for her husband and get their marriage back to the honeymoon stage....her "need to please" is put to the ...

Mark as Played
January 15, 2022 45 mins

"3 strikes your out" or " 3rd time's the charm"........tonight's episode takes us inside 3rd Date Drama's from What happens when they're not as advertised? and What would you do if they "Dine and Dashed" you?

First Up - Mixed Signals is exactly what he gets on date 3 with his research lab partner.....but are his MOVES or lack thereof the cause or result of the "confusi...

Mark as Played

Have you ever had an enticing dream.....of something or SOMEONE?  Maybe you dream of the "perfect person" the "perfect life"..... tonight's episode explores dreams and the idea of what they say about who we are and the insights into our deepest desires and darkest wants.

First Up...... He calls out her name while he sleeps....but it isn't hers!  It's the older woman he does jobs for 2 hou...

Mark as Played

You think you got what it takes for business ownership.....Tonight's episode spotlights entrepreneurship and the perks and pitfalls of following the "be my own boss" dream.  The girls round table the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise and the risks that come along with it. 

First Up "Fast nor Furious" just graduated and is now a fully certified auto mechanic who wants to open his own garag...

Mark as Played

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression .....or can you?   Do first impressions really matter?  Experts say we size up new people in as little as 30 seconds.  Tonight's episode discusses the importance of first impressions and the "how to's" on making them count!   

  • First Up "Sky's The Limit" has an interview for the job of a lifetime  but fears her small town upbringi...
Mark as Played
October 21, 2021 49 mins

Tonight's episode confirms that Names & Words  can hurt more than Sticks & Stones!  Whether it's the news itself or made worse by WHO tells?   The girls table-talk through  stories of people stuck with the burden of bearing news nobody wants to hear and debate how to do it?   

First Up..."Just Shoot Me" didn't pay attention when he accepted a date by text from the wrong girl.  When he final...

Mark as Played

Woody Allen would have surely showcased these story's in his "Everything you always wanted to know about SEX" 1972 American sex comedy anthology.....or would he?

Tonight the girls debate  sinful"what to do's" from deciding when is the RIGHT time for the FIRST time to double dipping in a relationship just because you can. 

First up "Good to the last drop" wants his cake and ...

Mark as Played

From board games to relationship infidelity.....cheating affects everyone.  For some it's a "one time" mistake for serial cheaters the thrill is necessary and absolute "way of life".   Tonight's episode dives into the depths of deception including which cheats should be concealed and which should be confessed?

First Up "Pending Proposal" is ready to pop the question to his long time...

Mark as Played

Does "love at first sight" exist?  Does your past matter in dating?  When to disclose baggage or do we need to? 
Tonight's episode uncovers the controversies & complexities of the dating world.

First Up   "Lock In or Lose Out" has found THE ONE!  After several crappy dates and failed romances he knows he's hit the jackpot.  Only problem is....its only been 3 dates. 

Second ...

Mark as Played

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