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Trauma is often misunderstood.

Some think it only happens in life-threatening situations. But it is anything that overwhelms your system and leaves you feeling helpless or scared. It could be a car accident, a natural disaster, or even being bullied. No matter the cause, trauma can have a lasting impact on your life.

In this episode, Dr. Gerry Schmidt shares his powerful tips on overcoming fear, trauma, and anxiety. He guides you on how to start healing and moving forward so you can live to your fullest potential.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Change how you respond.
  • Reflect on your behavioral patterns.
  • Determine the positive intention.
  • Use your energy to move forward.

Episode Highlights:

[12:59] Redefining Trauma

Trauma is a brain-functioning injury. When you have post-traumatic stress, you need tools to overcome it. Meanwhile, trauma with a small “t” can cause anxiety. Fears and anxiety come from projecting a worst-case scenario from present moments.

[19:47] Healing Yourself

Find out about what parts of your life you would say, “I _____ and I don’t want to.” Your younger self may have made a decision without the proper resources that led to behavioral patterns. You must heal so you can fulfill the positive intention behind them.

[31:03] How to with Trauma and Anxiety

Identify the behavior you want to change. Then ask yourself:

  • Where do you feel the underlying feeling?
  • How large is the area?
  • What’s the physical sensation?

Focus on that feeling without judgment. Determine the positive intention behind that feeling and its direction. Then focus on what you truly wanted. Allow that feeling to spread throughout your body.

[40:51] Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is feeling less attached to the expectation of feeling good all the time. Use that energy and feelings to move forward. Change your vocabulary and the meaning you give to things.

Four notable quotes:

[06:35] — [06:44] 

“Two people could experience the exact same event. One could be traumatized, hold trauma. And one could catapult into growth.” - Matt

[18:43] — [18:50]

“Fear is anticipating a future that’s not great. And anxiety is the anticipation without joy.” - Matt

[39:25] —[39:32] 

“The only people that never have anger, have sadness, or have fear and anxiety are in the graveyards.” - Matt

[42:10] — [42:18]

“Everything will be okay as soon as you’re okay with everything. And until that point, it will not be okay.”

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Healing Trauma and Anxiety with Dr. Gerry Schmidt - Good Mood Revolution