The Jill Cruz Podcast

The Jill Cruz Podcast

If you are a woman in leadership and/or aspiring for greater leadership and you are looking to have it all; success in your career, personal life, and health, you're going to love this podcast season. I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I believe that as women leaders we can have it all! We don't have to settle for being successful in just one area of life such as our careers. We can orchestrate a life that is fulfilling, pleasurable, and healthy in all areas. We are all a "work-in-progress" but it's important to BELIEVE we can have it all or we surely won't get that. We will be speaking about what it takes to be a successful leader AND have a thriving personal life. Topics include passion, purpose, grit, compassion, self-awareness, thought leadership, self-care, wellness, visionary thinking, and strategic leadership. --- *Health Is Freedom, LLC is providing this podcast as a public service. Reference to any specific product, treatment, health advice, or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Health is Freedom, LLC. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them, their opinions, or any entity they represent.


April 26, 2023 40 mins

We can’t rely on punishing popular health practices to offer us the gentle healing we need. 

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen is a chiropractor and a nutritionist who focuses on the clinical nutrition side of her practice and helps women heal naturally. 

Many women suffer from a variety of health issues and can’t get the help they need from standardized healthcare practices or commercialized products. Extreme dieting, intense ...

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There is a lot of confusion out there about how much protein you need in a day. 

That is why I really enjoyed this conversation with Beth Lipton. Beth is a food and wellness writer and shares her tips on why it is important to have meat-centric meals. Eating is all about self-care and giving the body what it needs, so the most important eating habit we can practice is listening to our body. 

Our body requires a lot of energy...

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Take care of yourself to ensure you have the mindset needed to serve others. 

Liz Johnson is the owner and Care Planning Consultant for Seniors at Always Best Care Bergen & Passaic. She shares critical healthcare information and resources for seniors. 

When family members become ill, guilt and heavy emotional burdens can make handling the situation problematic. 

The key is to practice self-care during these ch...

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The key to balancing work and life is to take more time for self-care. 

Beth Ramer is a career counselor and professional coach who helps women balance the alignment of work and life by prioritizing their well-being. 

The unfortunate truth is that the concept of work/life balance is often an illusion because being a high achiever can push us into a state of trying to constantly manage unrealistic schedules. 


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The healthcare system needs to view obesity through a more compassionate lens. Dr. Beverly Tchang is an endocrinologist who works with a medical team to help support patients seeking obesity management in a holistic and individualized way. Weight issues have historically been viewed by society and medicine as a problem that is centered on lifestyle and reflect an individual’s poor choices. Modern medical research proves th...

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It’s time to stop putting our ambitions on the back burner and find our true passions. 

Samrah Kazmi is an entrepreneur, trend hunter, and startup advisor in the fintech industry and shares her thoughts on staying true to yourself and your passions in your professional life. It’s so easy for us to lose our true nature in the working world, and we often lose focus while climbing the corporate ladder instead of pursuing w...

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Menopause can be challenging for many women, but there are ways to make it easier. Bette Vargas is a certified holistic health coach and the creator of Crazy, Sexy Menopause, and she helps post-menopausal women improve their well-being and live more gracefully and vibrantly. First and foremost, regular exercise and healthy eating are essential for alleviating menopausal symptoms. Your body constantly gives you feedback on ...

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March 10, 2023 18 mins

If you are waxing and waning with your motivation, there is a strong reason for that. While it is perfectly normal to have drops in motivation during your health journey, we need to ask ourselves why we feel this way. There is a lesson in our negative mindsets, and if we stop blaming ourselves and become curious about why we think the way we do, we can learn to shift and control our thoughts. It may not be easy, but you ca...

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February 2, 2023 33 mins

We need to stop denying reality and start practicing acceptance. Stop putting everything else in your life ahead of yourself and take responsibility for your health because you can’t look after your loved ones or enjoy your hobbies as much if you are unhealthy and stressed.

If you are practicing self-care but thinking negatively about yourself in the process, you will never realize all the benefits of your actions because ...

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👩 Mindie is getting her master's in marriage & family counseling and is doing research on burnout syndrome: everybody needs recovery time so we don't become a depleted nation. 02:25
🤳 Make your body a leaner, meaner machine by taking time to unwind: the phone is often the main work-home interference. 10:24
🥱 Sleep compromises are not good, but we all have them sometimes. 13:52
🌸 Lead with empathy but know ...

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🧠 Trauma is stored in the body: our brain is built on our experiences and relationships. 03:23
✅ When the vagus nerve is toned, we are in a safe and connected physiological state. 06:50
👪 Why creating a strong vagal tone is important: how trauma gets stored in us. 09:58
🤗 It takes a lot of energy to self-regulate but zero energy to be naturally regulated with a trusted loved one. 15:02
💞 Our nervous system ...

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Women need to have their voices heard in the medical care system. Yvette Sims is a nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health and talks about the decline of femininity in the healthcare system. 

One of the biggest problems of the modern healthcare system is the shift towards prioritizing the business model of making money over focusing on patients’ needs. This change incentivizes doctors to see the maximum number ...

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✅ We have inner dialogues around our goals all the time: you can be in the exact same situation as someone else but feel completely different. 00:22
👉 The only person who can make a change is you - not medication, diet change, or exercise, but being proactive: it's all about perspective, and you have control to change it - get to the root story first and build up on that. 02:40
💙 One of the most pervasive and damag...

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✅ You want to be fabulously successful and have great relationships and you can have it!: our worth is not tied to how we look. 00:26
💯 Establish what's important to you so you can have it all: don't listen to people who didn't do it themselves - success is an internal job. 02:32
💛 Relax to tune yourself like a beautiful Orchestra: you don't need to be perfect, it is all within your reach. 04:24
🎯 Your creative...

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🧬 Bioidentical hormones exactly match human DNA hormones: synthetic estrogen can be harmful, but that's not the whole story. 02:44
🤦‍♀️ Some women get a hysterectomy and nobody tells them anything about their hormones. 05:59
❗ When some hormones start to dip: lower progesterone causes your body to want to hold on to fat like a survival mechanism. 07:45
✅ If your mom is getting forgetful, check her estrogen-circu...

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💡 Linda used her weight loss issue as an excuse not to love herself: discovering a connection with inner narratives/self-talk. 02:57
🧒 It's a fool's errand to be searching for worthiness externally or in your physical appearance: it all goes back to our childhood history. 09:20
🎓 Linda explored her inner child over several years of cognitive work and reiki: becoming a master of mental health counseling in her 60s....

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January 18, 2023 23 mins

🤱 It's easier to connect with nature than with our own body: observe how we're taught unconsciously to disconnect, to look outward. 00:32
🥰 To have a deep sustainable level of health, you need to befriend your body: our body is a source of everything we need. 03:58
⛪ We source everything from within ourselves - we can read the Bible, but we connect with God inwardly, and creativity comes from within you: body, mind...

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👩‍⚕️ Why Dr. Renu, an endocrinologist, chose to be an obesity medicine physician. 03:25
❗ Obesity is not an intrinsic characteristic: we don't say somebody is cancer, yet, we say somebody is obese - it's not a personality flaw! 10:51
✅ The weight problem is multifactorial - it has genetic, biological, psychological, lifestyle, and environmental components. 14:07
👉 "If I had $1 for every time someone told me to e...

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🤗 It's important how we approach infertility mentally and physically: this shouldn't be an isolating journey - the more you talk, the less isolated you feel. 03:19
🎯 Challenge your core beliefs that there's something wrong with you or you're not enough. 09:05
💭 Helpful and nonhelpful core beliefs come from a compilation of everything in our lives, and we're usually unaware of them: it takes a lot of work to be awa...

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😮 Robin had a stroke even though she led a healthy life. 02:03
💤 Sleep is a time of healing. 06:28
💔 Living with a stroke and all risks: it's hard having speech problems and emotionally overwhelming moments. 08:15
💙 Robin couldn't teach in a physical classroom anymore: adopt a positive view and don't forget to recover emotionally, not just physically. 16:21
✅ Be kind because you don't know what someone else...

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