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If you’ve ever spent a day at a Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) food-packing center, you know it’s an experience you’ll never forget—remarkably consistent and uplifting for the 1.4 million volunteers across 40 states who participate every year. In this episode, Kris talks to Feed My Starving Children CEO Mark Crea to unearth the secrets on how this once-small organization has grown from 1 site packing 3 million meals for kids in 17 countries annually, to having 8 permanent sites in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix preparing and shipping 365 million meals to kids in 70 countries. No matter what industry you’re in, Mark’s story reveals some incredible insights on leadership, process, culture, partnership, and purpose. If you’re as inspired by this interview as Kris was, we’ve got good news: If you reach out to Kris through, he’ll join your group at an FMSC packing session. And for every comment or like that this episode gets, Kris Lindahl Real Estate will donate a dollar to Feed My Starving Children!

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