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Harmony in Action with Rick DellaRatta - The Michael Esposito Show

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From the heart-wrenching tragedy of 9/11, where Rick, a witness to the events, penned a poem that sparked a remarkable movement. From those ashes, the Jazz for Peace. A benefit concert series was born, redefining peace through the art form of jazz and a unique fundraising model – The Jazz for Peace Empowerment Tree.Rick's journey unfolds through historic concerts, including a groundbreaking performance at the United Nations uniting Israeli, Palestinian, and American musicians. With over 850 Jazz for Peace events worldwide, he has masterfully used music as a force for global change.But his mission goes beyond the stage. Ricki's involvement in philanthropy and the empowerment of causes is a beacon of hope. Challenging norms by proposing a "Trickle-Up" economy, like the Jazz for Peace Cryptocurrency, prioritizing the funding of outstanding causes promptly.Immerse yourself in the podcast, where Rick shares riveting stories, from performing in the vicinity of Pakistan to raise funds for educating mothers to promoting peace and unity through the transcendent quality of music.Get to know more about Rick and his concerts and mission at
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Harmony in Action with Rick DellaRatta - The Michael Esposito Show