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Episode 23: We're Stable - The Odd Podd

The Odd Podd

The truth IS out there and Odd and the gang are going to talk about it. Whether you believe in UFO's and Aliens or not, you cannot deny the impact that the idea of them have had on our society as a whole. From radio shows, to books to movies to tv shows...

The human race is enamored with the idea of beings from another world visiting us. Will they be friendly? Will they bring war and strife? Do I have to ask for the probing or just be patient? This episode, we dedicate to the idea of little green men from space. So strap on you space suits and settle in for a ride through the stars inside The Odd Podd.Joining Odd will be Ace and making his return....Mr. Dr. Cookie. See we brought in a doctor, you know we're serious.

Our Featured Artist is Jordan Allen and the Bellwethers
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Episode 23: We're Stable - The Odd Podd