The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late

The Official Seenagers, It's Never Too Late The creation of The Official Seenagers podcast is to remind us we have the teenage spirit in all of us. The Slogan, Never Too Late, is perfect because it's never too late to do what you want to do and be who you want to be, no matter how you go about getting there! This show is all about improv comedy, observation comedy, self-deprecating comedy, and insightful fun with a twist of humor. While it lends itself to the over 50 crowds, it inspires every one of all ages from all walks of life. Join The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late movement, enjoy and say hi to someone you have never met before. It may lead to something very cool! You can find us on all podcast platforms and on our website The Official Seenagers, for even more content like fun blogs, listener comments and ratings. You too can add a rating and comment!


June 27, 2022 14 min

Laughing It Up with LuLu, our San Rafael Correspondent

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late with our new San Rafael, California correspondent Lura "LuLu" Flynn. She's a pistol!

Listen to how LuLu goes on an impromptu date at a guy's house, her neighbor. LuLu just happened to peek through his fence first, only to find him nude by the pool.

LuLu will soon be in New York to do another episode with us in our studios...

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The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late

With Billy Sample, former major league baseball player. Billy spent a combined nine years, from 1978-1986 playing for the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. Billy is a native of Roanoke Virginia and grew up in Salem, Virgina. Billy is known for his funny quit witt. Other MLB professionals nicknamed him "The example, Billy Sample.

Billy plays down his career in a self-d...

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June 13, 2022 5 min

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late!

Will Debbie Go To A Nude Beach?

Since the weather is nice, here in New England, this is a fun time to grab an excerpt from a previous episode. Will Charlie convince Debbie to actually go to a nude beach?

#nude beach, #clothes, #boots, #Italian #American, #beach, #nude beach, #sunscreen, #tanning, #bathing suit, #New England vacations, #gardening, #nude swimming, #skinny dipping, #nude, #talk, #T...

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May 30, 2022 14 min

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late.

We asked people to write in and finish this line. You know you are a Seenager when....

And they did, here are the top ten.

You know ur a seenager when.

Today’s top ten write ins

You can listen to all of our funny sidebar comments for each of the top ten

1.    You start out with a 4 head and now u have a 5 head

2.    Understanding that getting older isn’t the same as growing up

3.    You usta do cart...

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May 23, 2022 16 min


Debbie's comical approach to being a grandmother in training.

Charlie is exhausted by her exhaustion!

Debbie walked into the studio with a smirk on her face, didn't say a word, and Charlie knew to pour her a shot of tequila, and then we started recording. Debbie sure needed that shot of tequila.

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May 16, 2022 12 min

So yeah, I thought I was gonna be one of the lucky ones. There are a lot of nicknames for COVID 19. The Rona, The Vid, The Covid. In my instance it was incredibly mild. For me, not a big deal, I have all the shots. I am really grateful. For others, my heart goes out to everyone.

The funny part is when we are all asked or ask this question. How did you get it, where did you get it? Are you kidding me, If I knew I wouldn't have...

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Charlie got stung by bees in the outdoor shower, guess where? This is hysterical! wait to you hear Debbie's responses! This is from season one and worth repeating.

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May 2, 2022 12 min

The Official Seenagers

Episode When women say “I’m fine”

There is a little bit of everything in this episode from Flip Wilson’s gardener interpretation  to marriage expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and women.

All funny stuff.

If you missed our previous episode Pickleball with Jeff Weiss...

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April 25, 2022 21 min

The Official Seenagers, with teenager spirit.

 This week’s episode it’s all about Pickleball with Jeff Weiss. Such a fun interview!

Jeff is a great guy, a funny dude… and has a company named Age of Majority Revolution55; it’s all about highly engaged Active Agers. Jeff is the President and CEO with over 30 years of marketing experience. Including working with Pepsi, Gillette, Dannon, and so many more.

 Jeff tells us all about the expl...

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April 19, 2022 14 min

You know you are a Seenager when..

The Official Seenagers, can’t make this up

In this episode, you know you are a Seenager when…

It’s all about the discovery of becoming a Seenager. You can be a Seenager at any age above the ages of 20, 30, 40, and probably 50. The funny thing is people in their 20s and 30s listen to this show because it reminds them of their parents! We take that as a great compliment.

As a bit of show note teaser.. ...

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The Official Seenagers, can’t make this up!

Forgetful?!, Public Speaking Life Hack, & Where did my Butt go?

In this episode Charlie and Debbie talk about being forgetful, a public speaking life hack and what happens to our butts!

You forget stuff too? Well so do we, we all do. It just seems to be a little bit more prevalent, doesn’t it? We think it’s because we have so much on our minds, well that’s what we are going with and stic...

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The Official Seenagers, Can't make this up!

Every now and then we will run "A Best Of" this is one of those episodes.

This episode is named 'The Overnighters' it really demonstrates how even with a man's best intentions he may miss some of the most important details. Charlie is having overnight guests and think he has it all planned out until he can't get the rust ring out of the guest bathroom! Debbie w...

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March 31, 2022 16 min

‘On Hold’ For Customer Service! Again!! 

 Getting to a Customer Service ‘Human’ these days has become an extreme sport. You could even liken it to a sadistic game show. Your full range of human emotions rear themselves as you make your way through the customer service on hold obstacle course. 

 Dialing a customer service number is easy enough. The mission still feels hopeful and pleasant while you listen to your choice of ‘press num...

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The Official Seenagers, can't make this up. Another funny episode about Scooters, Golf Carts, & I'll Call You Right Back?!

Another must listen, just can't give this one away!

A tiny favor, in order for us to get rated on the podcast charts, and this is huge for us, we just learned if you scroll down on your podcast player, Apple, Spotify or whatever podcast player you use. Find Rate and Review, write something, it ta...

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The Official Seenagers, new episode, Plastic, The Priest and Drag Queens

Debbie and Charlie laugh about how difficult it is to open plastic packaging these days. Why is it so difficult??

It goes on when you are trying not to laugh during a funeral. Wait till you hear why and what happened!

How did Drag Queens get involved? Well, you will need to Listen!

We also have a little Seenager Life Hack in this episode, you are gonna wanna kno...

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John DeSilvia, the star in the iconic show 'Rescue My Renovation.' The show had a helluva 10-year run on HGTV.

In The Official Seenagers, in this episode, John DeSilvia tells us the hysterical story about how he was fired from a construction company and ended up with his own TV show.

And the funny story on how he ended up with his new nickname... Johnny TV,

Oh, there's more! As a special treat, Johnny offers some sage advi...

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Happy Hour the new Blue Plate Special!

We Seenagers still love to party, we just prefer to do it a little earlier than we used to.

Ok, like a lot earlier. Like 4 o'clock works.

Conveniently that's when Happy Hour usually starts at most bars around the country.

That's pretty much the time the ol' time Blue Plate Specials we used to make fun of started too.

Yes, those same Blue Plate Specials that in our minds were for...

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February 24, 2022 16 min

Dating Swindler Red Flags

We Seenagers are all about encouraging romance. It's fun and burns calories. Very few people we know who are single or single again love dating apps. Still, most will give them a whirl because they're bored yet hopeful because who's got time to spend all day cruising a produce aisle.

We know some fantastic online dating success stories, so we don't want to discourage anyone from 'trying&#...

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'Broadway Joe' Told Me Something He Never Told Anybody 

Not even FORTUNE. 

That Joe Namath he's a funny guy. Cracked up when I saw DraftKings drafted him for their Super Bowl Commercial called "Fortune: Life's A Gamble'. First, Joe was lounging at the pool surrounded by admirers back in the day. Then there was Joe in real-time in his signature fur driving a hot convertible corvette with a fab female named FORT...

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February 14, 2022 16 min

Debbie shares the embarrassing what's underneath where Fabio, the famous male model, is holding Debbie's leg, exactly like Fabio's famous romantic novel photo covers

This episode begins when Charlie started talking about the night he put his hand through his date's hair, felt something weird, freaked out.

And he blurted out: "What the hell is that?!" It must have been a weave or extensions or whatever, but n...

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