Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth

Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth

Welcome to Seen, Heard, Paid with Kat Elizabeth - formerly The Personal Branding Project. The podcast where we believe that success isn’t just about what you need to do… it’s about who you need to be. Whether you’re brand new to personal branding or you’ve been building your personal brand for years, you’re going to get all the practical advice, brand strategy, inspiring stories and tough love you need to go from industry’s best kept secret to in-demand brand. Messaging, positioning, social media, sales, content strategy - this is the weekly fluff-free dose of personal branding strategy you’ve been waiting for. Hosted by Kat Elizabeth, an actor turned copywriter turned brand strategist & personal branding coach who’s done the soul-sucking 9-to-5, the starving artist thing and understands the struggles of being #multipassionate. But despite a rocky start, she built a platform from scratch and is now here to share her framework, allow you to learn from her mistakes and help you build the self-belief, strategy and support you need to do the same.


December 9, 2021 29 min

Sick of spinning your wheels, working your butt off... and not actually seeing results that match the effort you're putting in? This one's for you!

Whether you're a freelancer, solopreneur, small biz owner or aspiring thought leader, the 5 strategies I'm sharing in this episode are guaranteed to help you make traction and build momentum over the next 12 months.

In fact, even if you run with just ONE of the things I sh...

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It's burnout season - but before we blame all of our exhaustion on the end of the year, I think we'd better first have a chat.

Countless conversations with stressed out solopreneurs this year have revealed a pretty interesting pattern to me that I'll be unpacking in this episode.

A specific cycle that leads to burnout and may also be the reason you're finding it so hard to stick with your marketing plan consistently (...

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This year did not play out the way I thought I would. Instead of the year I *hoped* I would have, I got the year I needed... a year that highlighted my weak points, the gaps, the things that were stunting my growth.

You may have noticed I spent a lot of the year behind the scenes. This episode will help to shed some light on why that was and what I was doing while I wasn't "showing up".

Most importantly, I'm going to ...

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Imposter Syndrome. EURGH.

I've never met an entrepreneur who hasn't experienced it. It tends to get worse the more visible you become (the double-edged sword of building a personal brand!)

And yes, I'm now about to tell you that you may actually be playing a role in how bad it is!

While imposter syndrome isn't something we can ever completely be rid of - in fact, I like to see it as a sign that I'm levelling up - ...

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Whether you're a solopreneur or small biz owner, chances are you have a VERY long to-do list... always.

And while you know content marketing is essential for growing your audience and authority, the content creation part is one of the most difficult to keep up.

Whether it's a lack of clarity on what to do when, the uncertainty of how or whether to repurpose your content, the struggle to find time while juggling client work (...

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As entrepreneurs and aspiring thought leaders, we spend a lot of time thinking about the external impact of our personal brands...

But how often do you stop to think about how our internal compass, vision, energy, personality and perspective are shaping that impact?

Today I'm joined by special guest Cat Skreiner a Human Design Guide & Energetic Business Strategist who's made it her mission to help us understand our own un...

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Got the content basics down and ready to take your content to the next level? Awesome!

Today we're going way deeper than "write a good hook" or "be consistent!" and looking at what it really takes to create magnetic content.

If you've been finding your content is a little vanilla or isn't creating the impact you want it to, then this episode is for you.

Whether you're creating a content strategy for soc...

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Find yourself so caught up in your to-do list (or imposter syndrome!) that you completely forget why you're doing "this" in the first place?

The work you do.
The effort you're pouring into your brand.

You're not alone! I recently had more than one wake-up call that showed me just how out of touch I was with my big "why" and the result was I ended up feeling like I'd created another day ...

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Let's be honest. Social media is getting reeeal crowded these days (and will only get worse).

So in such a noisy place in what may feel like an over-saturated niche or industry, how do you stand out and stop the scroll?

In this episode, I'm diving into 5 ways you can stand out as a personal brand (or any brand for that matter!) so you attract dream clients and position yourself as an expert they actually want to pay attention...

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Welcome to Seen Heard Paid with Kat Elizabeth - formerly known as The Personal Branding Project!

I hinted that something was shifting (although I didn't know what at the time) and now here it is. A podcast rebrand to signify all the changes that have been going on behind the scenes!

This episode is a bit of a tell-all where I'll unpack...

  • Why the rebrand and the significance of the name
  • How I feel I've been hiding in plain ...
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    Today I’m pulling back the curtains on some counterintuitive decisions I’m making to reach my own next level - the level where I earn more, work less, and have a bigger impact.

    Old Kat would have assumed this meant doing more. Working longer. Working faster. Saying yes to everything.

    Kat today finally understands that scaling a business requires the opposite.

    Doing less, doing it slower, doing it better. Say no more than yes.

    I wish I...

    Mark as Played

    We need to talk about consistency.  I know, I know. EVERYONE is talking about consistency. But this time it's different.

    I care way less about you posting daily and way more about...

    -> Consistency in your messaging
    -> Consistency in your strategy
    -> Consistency in your systems

    So in today's episode we'll be talking about what consistency is NOT when it comes to social media.

    Then breaking down 5 strategies to help y...

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    If you're sick of wondering what to post, over-thinking every caption, questioning whether social media (and content creation in general) is worth the effort... this is the episode for you.

    In part 2 (of 3) of this social media series, we're breaking down the strategy behind content (in particular, the content you share on social) that actually helps turn followers into paying clients.

    Spoiler alert: it involves speaking to p...

    Mark as Played

    We're kicking off this 3 part series on social media by diving into why social may be stressing you out, causing you anxiety and therefore either leading to no results (or not even showing up at all).

    If you're experiencing...

    😱 Fear of the algorithm (it's out to get me!)

    😰 Guilt if you’re not posting daily (I'm failing at social!)

    💔 Constantly checking likes (why is my engagement so low?!)


    Mark as Played

    Ohhh... 20/20 hindsight's fun, right? So much wisdom, but so much of it comes to you too late to apply it to your own situation. Which is why I decided to create this very episode!

    There are so many things I figured out so late in my business that would have made my life so much easier (and the business so much more profile) if I'd just done them BACK THEN.

    But rather than beating myself up about it, I'm going to pay this...

    Mark as Played

    Overwhelm. Stress. Anxiety. Feeling of failure. Not doing enough. Not BEING enough.

    These are all common themes with my clients, my friends, and yes, even me.

    So let's unpack them, because the reasons behind why we're feeling this way and why our businesses seem to be stagnant despite the ridiculous amount of time, energy and resources we're pouring in are very real.

    As always, we're going to work from the inside out a...

    Mark as Played

    I spent a LOT of money on personal and professional development in 2020. Enough to make your eyes water.

    But I'm happy to report that every single one of the investments I made paid off in some way (whether directly or indirectly) and I thought it was time to talk about them.

    So in today's episode, I'm pulling back the curtains on my personal brand related investments, why I made them and, of course, what kind of ROI the...

    Mark as Played

    Question: What's one thing entrepreneurs of ALL levels have in common?

    You got it. IMPOSTER SYNDROME!

    Seriously. After working with more clients & students I can count over the last couple of years, I've found that nothing does as much damage to their long-term success as imposter syndrome.

    But what is it really? And can we just "get over it"?

    To help me answer those questions, I'm thrilled to be chatting with V...

    Mark as Played

    If you've ever said...

    "I'm only attracting crappy clients" or...

    "I'm posting to social and getting crickets!" or...

    "There's just too much competition, no one will ever choose me!"

    Then this episode is for you.

    The fact is, becoming a magnetic brand (personal or otherwise) isn't something magical or only saved for "special" people.

    But if you're not currently doing that, there'...

    Mark as Played

    Time for something a little bit different! A few questions have been coming up again and again, so I decided to pull together an episode to tackle them all at once.

    Those questions aaare...

    👉🏼 Should I start working on my brand or my product first?

    👉🏼 How do you create time to work on your business and branding when you carry a full time job and have a family?

    👉🏼 What's the biggest ch...

    Mark as Played

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