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The Pop-Up Pod

12-episode explorations of life's most common & interesting questions. Our question for season 2 is this: How much money is enough? Host Nicole Antoinette and her guests will explore the role money plays in our lives and relationships. We'll talk debt, overcoming under-earning, anti-capitalism, taking care of both our current and our future selves, how to determine financial goals, experiencing class mobility, as well as the emotional side of it all—the times when our financial decisions and circumstances make us feel resentful, scared, joyful, proud, guilty, ashamed, grateful, and more.


October 19, 2022 92 mins

How can we orient around making enough money instead of trying to make an ever-increasing amount more? What does it look like to live a good life under capitalism, while also working toward a more equitable world? 

Bear Hebert (they/them) is an anti-capitalist business coach and social justice educator who joins us to share some of the most common misconceptions people have about ant...

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How does social media influence our money habits? Which purchases do we tend to regret? How can we better align our spending with our personal values and our joy?

Sarah Von Bargen (she/her) is an educator, coach, and speaker who helps people spend their time, money, and energy on purpose. She joins us to talk about leaving the internet, the experience of changing careers, and what she’s learned about how her media ...

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Why are we striving to be millionaires? How does individualism hold us back? What if we put less of our time and energy into money and more of it into friendships, into having comrades, and into collective care?

Toi Smith (she/her) is a Growth + Impact Strategist whose work centers on doing life, business, and motherhood differently. This conversation is absolutely packe...

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Why do we avoid doing the things we know we need to do with our money? How does debt make you feel? How can you learn to save money when you were raised to believe that money is bad? What happens when we out-earn the people around us?

Marlee Grace (they/them) is a dancer and writer who joins us today to talk so freakin honestly (with real numbers!) about debt, not paying taxes for many years, how m...

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Where does spirituality intersect with money? How might we approach manifestation if the idea of manifesting makes us roll our eyes? What does it mean to be in the flow of money? How can we be unapologetic about wanting a life of ease, freedom, luxury, and wealth?

L'Erin Alta (she/her) joins us to talk about all of this and more. She is one of my absolute favorite people to be in conversation with, and ...

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Does retirement even seem like a real possibility? What if you know you'll never pay off your debt? How does it feel when most people in your social circle grew up in a higher class bracket than you? Where can money cause resentment? What are your illogical money behaviors?

Muffy J. Davis (she/her) joins us to discuss all of this and more, transparently sharing the specific numbers of her financial life...

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Welcome back to The Pop-Up Pod: a show where each sporadically released 12-episode season explores one big and juicy question.

Our question for season 2 is this: how much money is enough?


This show is 100% listener-supported on Patreon, which ensures that every single person involved gets paid (host, sound engineer, transcriptionist, and guests)—come join us! We'd ...

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Today I’m bringing you the final episode of our first season. And who better to interview to close out this 12-part conversation on marriage than my own partner, Tom Grossmith (he/him), who many of you know by his trail name: Gent.

In this episode we answer a bunch of listener questions about money, kids, conflict, jealousy, alone time—and, of course, marriage!

You can find Gent on IG:...

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What if you really want a partner, but don't yet have one? Why do we think it "means" something about us if we aren't yet in the relationships we thought we would be by a certain age?

Holly Whitaker (she/her) joins us today to talk about her experience of being mostly single over the past 10 years. She shares honestly about what it’s like to really want something, to feel like you’re missing out by not having it, and y...

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How can our boundaries support deeper intimacy? What do we lose when we're stuck in a loop of people-pleasing? 

Natalie Lue (she/her) joins us to share stories about some of the obstacles to intimacy she’s had to navigate—such as people-pleasing and poor boundaries. In the realm of boundaries she also shares about her experience of needing to creating healthier boundaries with extended ...

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How do you heal on purpose? What might help to bring you back to yourself after a life-changingly hard experience?

Cait Flanders (she/her) joins us to talk about healing. More specifically, she shares what the past 2.5 years have been like while healing from a sex-related trauma. (So yes, this is a gentle content warning for you about the conversation ahead, but know that Cait does not go into any detai...

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What role might therapy play in our relationships? How do we support a partner through a tough mental health time? What if both people are having a hard time at the same time?

Grizel Williams (she/her) joins us to talk about being a newlywed, and about her experiences at the intersection of marriage and mental health. 

You can find Grizel at and on IG @_grizel_

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March 9, 2022 85 mins

How do you know if (or when) you want to have kids? What happens to your marriage after having a baby?

Becca Piastrelli (she/her) joins us to talk about her experiences with marriage and motherhood, and in particular how having a baby was like dropping a bomb right into the center of her relationship with her husband. She talks about the decision to have a baby amidst climate grief, her experiences with...

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How do you divide up chores within a partnership? How much money is shared money? What are the daily friction points of being together for many years?

Katelin Bannan (she/her) joins us to dig into all the minutia of her 11-year marriage: money, sex, chores, whether a relationship needs to stay exciting over time, and more. 

You can find...

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Today I’m here with a little minisode for you, a peek behind the scenes if you will, which is a chance for me to answer two questions I’ve been getting from folks since this show started back in January. The first question is why I chose a pop-up style and what that will mean for new seasons going forward. And the second question is about how my listener-funded actually model works, and what it looks like ...

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February 23, 2022 78 mins

How do you know when it's time to leave a relationship? What if leaving means breaking your own heart? 

Sasha Glasgow (she/her) joins us to share about her own tender experience of navigating heartbreak, about the doubts and fears that kept her in a relationship longer than she maybe should have stayed, and about the fact that grief has no timeline.

You can find Sasha at fr...

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In what ways do you have an invisible job description for your partner? Which stories are alive in your relationship that keep each other in certain roles?

Calvin Michael West (he/they) joins us to talk about the roles we play in our relationships, as well as weddings, boundaries and requests, and how to get more comfortable hearing a “no” from your partner.

You can find Calvi...

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February 9, 2022 90 mins

What happens when one person wants to get married and the other person doesn’t? How can we maintain relationships with folks who have totally different needs (and ways of being) than us?

Caroline Zook (she/her) joins us to talk about the evolution of her romantic partnership, as well as the journey of getting her needs met (or, more specifically, how to ask for what you need when you're not gettin...

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February 2, 2022 97 mins

What happens when you want to live alone, but stay married? How much room do your relationships hold for each person to grow? What are you willing (and unwilling!) to compromise on?

Ev'Yan Whitney (they/she) joins us to share details about the time they recently spent living apart from their husband, Jonathan, and what it looked like for them to be apart, together. We talk about establishing your own identities and individual...

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January 26, 2022 93 mins

What does commitment look like? Who are you committed to? What does it really mean to be committed to someone, particularly if you do not want to get married?

Melissa Fabello (she/her) joins us to talk through these big questions, as well as topics like relationship anarchy, maintaining friendships and outside bonds while in romantic partnership, and more. 

You can fin...

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