The Purple Koolaid Podcast

The Purple Koolaid Podcast

Hello, my name is Angela. My pen name or aka is Lois Lane Miami. And I’d like to Welcome you to "The Purple Koolaid Podcast”. I started this podcast to make you think and help you understand life and people through a different perspective. A perspective that makes many people uncomfortable but helps some people understand life and other peoples motives. I am not here to appease anyone or make friends. Because, although we all need friends and even appeasing at some point, these things don’t typically help you evolve. If you learn something or begin to understand some things you never understood after listening to my podcast, then I’ve served my purpose. If you felt uncomfortable by some of the things I’ve discussed on my podcast, then I’ve served my purpose. If you agree with everything I say, then I need to work harder. In the meantime; take a sip, and let me take you on a trip with the Purple Koolaid Podcast. “Thank You” for listening!


July 15, 2024 4 mins
This is a song I wrote and performed featuring Pit Bull the rapper back in 2003 when I was working on my then “Rap Career”.

I never quite made it in the music business. But I had a lot of fun, made a little money and had the pleasure of working with many great, successful and established artists.

I was even signed and paid as a writer for the late, great Isaac Hayes and went on tour with the latter version of...

Mark as Played
Welcome to “The Purple Kool-Aid Podcast,” hosted by Lois Lane Miami, also known as the Equalizer. In this episode, I discuss the controversial notion of whether women can use men solely for sex. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, I argue that it’s not possible for women to genuinely use men in this way due to inherent differences in emotions, biology, and societal conditioning. 

While some women may c...

Mark as Played

Today, we’re discussing “falling for the okey-doke” in a professional setting. We’ve previously covered avoiding traps with money and relationships, but now we’re tackling workplace pitfalls. From unknowingly training your replacement to being underpaid and covering company expenses, we’ll explore how to recognize and avoid these traps.

Learn how avoid training your replacement, how to maintain professional boundaries, pro...

Mark as Played

Welcome to "The Purple Kool-Aid Podcast" with your host, Lois Lane Miami, "The Equalizer" as I discuss real-life experiences, provide insightful advice, and give you engaging stories as I explore the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the many "okey-dokes" we encounter in life.

In this episode, I focus on women, by delving into the all-too-common scenario of men claiming to be single wh...

Mark as Played
Today, I’m discussing a topic I see many women struggling with after a breakup: the overwhelming concern about what their ex is doing with their new woman.

Drawing from experience and the countless conversations I’ve had with men in various settings—from working in male-dominated industries to touring with music professionals, I’ll share insights on why worrying about your ex’s new relationship is a waste of your time...

Mark as Played

Today, I'm diving into the complex world of cheating. We'll explore the titles women compete for—side chick, wifey, main chick—and the dynamics between these roles. 

Women often engage in rivalries when dealing with a cheating man, labeling each other as the mistress or homewrecker. These titles create a hierarchy where the "main" woman feels validated, masking her pain and shame. I've experienced ...

Mark as Played

In this episode of the Purple Kool-Aid Podcast, I explore the deeply emotional and often misunderstood world of cheating. I shed light on common misconceptions, such as the belief that once a cheater, always a cheater.

Drawing from personal experience, I share the devastating impact of discovering infidelity and the emotional responses it triggers. I discuss why people cheat, the different personalities involved, and the c...

Mark as Played

In this insightful episode of the Purple Kool-Aid Podcast, I share valuable tips on how to avoid getting involved with men who are secretly married or have live-in girlfriends. Drawing from my  personal experience, I provide insight and practical advice to help you identify the subtle signs that a man might be hiding a significant other.

Many people think it's easy to spot a married man, but I explain why it's more complic...

Mark as Played

As most men already know, there are all types of women in the world. Some will give you their money, some need your money, and others will try to take your money whether they need it or not. Of course, there are women that fit into none of these categories, but since this podcast is about the “okey doke,” we focus on these scenarios.

In this episode of "Falling for the Okey Doke," we discuss:

  1. Women Who Give You Their Mo...
Mark as Played

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