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In this episode Kelvin is joined by entrepreneur Peter Yeargin shares with us his entrepreneurial journey starting with the CIA and in Summer of 2020 launching his own startup Sage - whose mission is to democratize knowledge and expertise in the world. Sage - was born out of Peters own need to solve a challenge that many people including himself was facing - an on demand platform built to connect people who need advice with those who have it.  Sage provides a personal interaction, 1 on 1, between people with knowledge and people that need it. Peter talks about the challenges of having a full time job and building a business on the side while managing work life balance , he speaks about the tough competitive nature of building on line marketplaces and navigating a post-covid world in company  building. This is an episode not to be missed for anyone looking to learn what it take to launch a business in a midst of a pandemic...From a Knowledge Broker to a Renegade ..Welcome to the Pod..Peter

***Please Review This Episode ***

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