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Rep. Babin: Biden hiding 'child abuse' at the border - Sara Carter Show

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Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin joins Sara to discuss why the Biden administration is blocking members of Congress from key intelligence on the border. Sara also asks Babin, who sits on the subcommittee on space, about the upcoming UFO report and China's ambitions in space.

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Biden Covers up Child Abuse
Babin: And we can tell that they were absolutely not thrilled to have us there. It was, it was obvious to us they couldn't answer a lot of questions or they wouldn't answer simple questions like, what's your budget? How much? How much does this cost on the American taxpayer? And they wouldn't. They said, they said something like, well, this is a contract situation. I don't really have that information. I said, this is an Admiral. I said, Admiral, you don't know how much this thing is costing the American taxpayer. You know, he's got 700 people working in this facility. And we asked questions about Have you talked to these children especially the girls were they? They told us they were getting the girls were getting pregnancy tested. Are these girls are they talking about being sexually molested on the way up here? Well, we hadn't been obviously they hadn't been talking to them about this. We asked them about because they're mixing girls and boys earlier in the in the facility. They finally got them separated. They don't even have they don't have surveillance cameras. Even around this. This the the facility there.

Denied by the White House
Babin: To be turned down and denied admission when there were acts I think there were 13 of us quite frankly including myself from 11 different states all you know, all across this great land of ours and to be denied we've been working with them for weeks and then they've been denied, you know, less than two days ahead of time that we were not going to be able to come in. We took it all the way up to the White House we were denied entrance by the White House. And as you said, this is the you know, the the epic or an El Paso Intelligence Center is the is the the Intel center for drug interdiction for all the Intel is coming into has to do with our border. And here's the bad administration told us we couldn't come in because they said they just didn't have the personnel there wasn't enough time. They gave us some specious excuses.

Is Durham Even Real?
Babin: I'm furious. And I have lots of constituents. In fact, not even just constituents, people that follow me and text me or email me and say, like, why don't you allow this to happen? Why can't you do something about this? And I say, you know, I'm one of 435 different members of Congress and your imputing a lot of authority to us, that even a president of the United States could not get something done about some of these because of the deep state. And I have seen the deep state it's alive and well and I say this with tongue in cheek about Durham is even a real person. But what what in the world has ever happened about this? What is what what kind of accountability? Do we hold the FBI? You know, in some of these other agencies, it's simply just go rogue on us and and we cannot, we can't seem to get the truth. We don't see accountability. We don't see people that the scales of justice have got to be equal.

Lots of Border Questions
Sara: I have a feeling that the Biden administration doesn't want you or anyone else like my garcy or anybody else who was on the trip, talking to the boots on the ground without someone from Washington looking up over at them over the desk and making sure they're answering all the questions the way they want them answered. That's my guess I could be completely wrong. But go ahead.

Babin: We wanted to find out, you know, let's get a little Intel and basically just to see exactly what the Biden policies are causing, and whether that is the etiology or the cause of of the this horrible influx of drugs now escalating hundreds of percent over what they were under the Trump administration time. And plus that is this contributing to the unbelievable numbers of people that are coming across illegally. unaccompanied minors, family units, people from over 120 to 130 different countries.
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Rep. Babin: Biden hiding 'child abuse' at the border - Sara Carter Show