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What The Pentagon MUST Tell us About UFOs - Sara Carter Show

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The information on UFO sightings is getting wide mainstream attention and new information is coming out regularly. Sara dives into why this is and what it means and also brings you some of her conversations with the leading experts in the field on where we are today. #WhyNow

Elizondo: The SRS 71 otherwise known as a blackbird in the vernacular, was an aircraft that we use to spy on Russia. And this was an aircraft that at 3200 miles an hour, if you wanted to make a right hand turn or do a U turn, it would take you almost the state of Ohio to accomplish that. So certainly, if you wouldn't expect a vehicle that's traveling that fast to be able to do a 90 degree turn, instantly, obviously, it would liquefy anybody or anything inside of it because of those g forces. We're talking g forces in some cases well north of seven 800 900 g forces, whereas the human being can withstand about nine g forces for a very short period of time.

Disclosure Brings UFO Proof
Elizondo: That I think takes us neatly to your first question about disclosure. And is it inevitable? I think it is. And I, I would go so far as to say, it's not a question of if it's when and I would go further. I'd say we're seeing disclosure Now, a few years ago, if you'd have got in touch with the public affairs department at the Pentagon and asked about UFOs, they would have said nobody's interested nobody's investigating now they are putting out press releases. secdef discussed this with his opposite number a the Japanese defense minister in their recent bilateral meeting, Senate Intelligence Committee has asked for a report, the Pentagon is itself, releasing these videos. And so there is zero doubt about the authenticity of all of this and by their own admission, it's unidentified.

UFOs Drawn to Nuke Sites
Sara: It appears that these objects are very interested in our nuclear facilities. That's something that comes up quite often. Even with the Rendlesham Forest incident in Great Britain, that was something that was done wasn't known then to the public. But later on the military officials, the American military officials that actually witnessed the event and saw the objects near Rendlesham Forest said that well, you know, that was a nuclear site, an area where, where they were dealing with nuclear, nuclear weapons or nuclear armament. So is that something that concerns you? Is that something that concerned the British Defence Ministry?

Elizondo: It's of extreme concern. And you know, even though I've taken early retirement from the Ministry of Defense some years ago, I I rather think that I neither supposed to confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons at Rendlesham, even if it's now a piece of Cold War history. But what I will say is that there are certainly I'm aware of numerous cases where there have been these, these interactions. And again, whether doesn't matter whether people think this is from Russia, from China or from somewhere else, clearly, when this sort of thing is happening. We need to know what's going on.

Compelling Data on UFOs
Elizondo: Long story short in 2008, I was asked to be part of a very small nuanced program. At the time, I had no idea what it was later on. I think it became rather rather famous as the a tip program, the advanced aerospace threat identification program. And it was a program that was studying and looking at UFOs. I know it's a bit of a hard pill for people to swallow. But the reality is that your government, our government, spent quite a bit of taxpayer money trying to figure these things out. We had data very compelling data, that there were things that were in our controlled us airspace both abroad and here domestically, that we're displaying. The performance characteristics we'll just say that are well beyond our current understanding, or current paradigm, if you will, of existing aircraft.
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What The Pentagon MUST Tell us About UFOs - Sara Carter Show