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Will Biden abandon our Afghan allies? - Sara Carter Show

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As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan, Sara speaks on her experience from covering the war on terror. She also brings in James Miervaldis and Simone Ledeen to discuss what Biden should consider before the United States leaves the region. They agree that President Biden needs to give the Afghans who helped our troops priority for the legal immigration list.

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They Will be Killed by the Taliban
Sara: My belief, and I'm I'm really concerned about this is that we only have 18 weeks, the tala bond is controlling a lot of the territory in Afghanistan right now. We know that based on intelligence that's coming through, I'm seeing stories where, you know, the President's envoy and others are saying, you know, at the Afghan government won't collapse. I'm not too sure about that. I have a very, I mean, this is only a guess, on my part, a very deep feeling here that the Taliban will try to make a move on Kabul, and that the government will collapse in that case. And if that does happen, all those people that worked with US forces are going to be on that list. They will be killed by the Taliban. There is no doubt in my mind.

We Need a Massive Airlift
Ledeen: You know, we've got 18 weeks to go. And the the number of people that, um, you know, James and his organization have really helpfully kind of put together requires a massive airlift operation. And I know general McKenzie, the commander of CENTCOM was asked this past week. You know, have you been ordered to undertake such an airlift? And he said, No, I haven't. So it's clear that they are not planning to meet the moral obligations that we have set out for ourselves in order to save these people from what's coming.

Our Friends Are Being Killed
Miervaldis: The evidence that we have coming through directly from Afghans, applicants and people who worked with the United States, in Afghanistan and Iraq actually flooding our Facebook and info at no one account. It's bad. We've got a couple 100 requests in the last 48 hours, which is certainly a spike. Citing death threats, they're worried about their families. To that point. No one left behind conducted research last year that highlighted 300 different instances of translators or the family members being killed specifically because they worked with the United States. The good news is that this research has been cited to the House Armed Services Committee in testimony and brown University's cost of war project, validated it. They included their own study on this Siv program. And this is probably a low estimate. We get pictures of beheading we get pictures of our stories about kidnapping. I mean we are the only avenue for this these allies to reach out to.

Congress Can Save Our Afghan Allies
Miervaldis: We need actually our senators to really come together. We've been working very hard to make this a bipartisan effort. senator john mccain was the one who first started this program with Senator Kennedy back in 2007 for the Iraqis. So Sarah, coming back to the beginning of the show, when you said there were only 50 visas. That was that program. Two years later. Yeah. Two years later, Senator McCain created the Afghan allies Protection Act was Senator Shaheen. Unfortunately, when Sarah McCain passed, very few republicans stood up so we've been working really hard with Senator Ernst as a combat veteran herself, Senator Cotton combat veteran arm and Senator Graham.
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Will Biden abandon our Afghan allies? - Sara Carter Show