The Spiritual Freedom Show With Richard Lawrence

The Spiritual Freedom Show With Richard Lawrence

Want to know the purpose of life and why you are here; be at peace with your destiny; give powerful service to the world; discover the extraterrestrial message for these days; experience true spiritual freedom? This podcast by international bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Richard Lawrence, can answer the questions you may have thought could never be answered. Richard has appeared on radio, TV and in the press around the world thousands of times. He has been Executive Secretary for Europe for over 40 years of the oldest international spiritual UFO organisation, The Aetherius Society. He will share knowledge from his spiritual teacher and close friend, the late Dr. George King, who channelled hundreds of communications from extraterrestrial sources, focusing especially on a series of spiritual teachings, which he regards as the greatest ever given to Earth, The Nine Freedoms.


October 16, 2021 59 min

There is really only one major “sin” on Earth.

Can you guess what it is?

The Nine Freedoms gives us useful answers free from the traditional dogma and religious baggage that have obscured this and other simple truths.

Mars Sector 6 tells us exactly what the problem is, and exactly how to solve it.

The only sin, he says, is ignorance. Not ignorance in the sense of a lack of academic knowledge, but ignorance in the sense of a lack of t...

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What would you consider the hallmark of a great spiritual person?

Wisdom? Compassion? Humility? Spiritual Powers?

When the Master Aetherius described the greatest Master on the surface of the planet – the Lord Babaji – the word he chose was: active.

In this day and age, being active in service is a measure of true greatness.

One way that this is exemplified in The Nine Freedoms is in the example of beings who live on higher planes of...

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September 18, 2021 59 min

In true meditation, you experience a deep state of oneness.

You know that all things are part of a vast, interrelated cosmic whole.

Love becomes more than an emotion. It becomes something universal, impersonal and unconditional. Putting this into action is what service to others is really about.

But even if you haven’t experienced this awesome mystical state, any decent person can see that service is the right thing to do. Think ...

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Enlightenment is much harder to attain than many people realize, but also much greater than any of us can really imagine… It is a state far deeper, and more mystical, than basic peace of mind. It is true peace.

In the Fourth Freedom, Mars Sector 6 tells us what we can do to open the door of Enlightenment in our lives – revolutionizing teachings that have been in vogue for thousands of years.

In the previous show Richard talked abo...

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Enlightenment is where we’re all headed, it’s just a question of when!

Much more than a vague, wishy-washy state of so-called peace, Enlightenment is the intense realization that God is all – which is true peace.

Like anything worth attaining in life, Enlightenment is not something that just happens to you; it is the result of consciously working with every fibre of your being towards this awesome spiritual goal.

But how?

In the Four...

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With the giving of The Nine Freedoms in 1961, Mars Sector 6 stated that:

“The greatest yoga is – SERVICE.
“The greatest religion is – SERVICE.
“The greatest act is that act done in – SERVICE.”

And even declared:

“Serve – and you will become enlightened.”

Catch episode #16 of The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence as he explores this declaration and what it means for spirituality on Earth!

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  • How giving service ...
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    July 17, 2021 60 min

    There are many spiritual traditions on Earth which have worshipped the Sun – and they have not been wrong in doing so.

    According to the Cosmic Masters, the Sun is the most holy being in our Solar System.

    Everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we touch is solidified sunlight; the power and energy of those beings who make up the radiations of the Sun. When we feel the rays of the Sun upon our face, those rays have come ...

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    Bravery is essential at every stage of our spiritual evolution. The more we advance, the more we are tested, and the more we can continue to advance.

    In this episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show, Richard Lawrence takes us back to the First Freedom to focus on three practical ways we can each combat fear in our own lives!

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  • A Moment of Truth from Pat Higginson, who found The Nine Freedoms i...
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    The most ancient, the most sacred, the most enlightened beings from any planet in this Solar System come from the planet Saturn.

    In ‘The Nine Freedoms’, for the first time in history, we have been given a real insight into their true, Divine nature.

    In their example is the key to attuning ourselves with the more spiritually advanced civilizations on higher planes of other planets, which are invisible to our basic senses and techn...

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    Kundalini is a mystical power located at the base of the spine, sometimes referred to as the “Serpent Power”. Controlling this power is key to Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and beyond.

    In fact, we know from Master of Yoga Dr. George King that the main, if not the only, reason we are here on Earth is to learn to control this power, and raise it in its entirety, up the spine.

    But how?

    There are certain very dangerous practice...

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    After we have reached Ascension – the final initiation for all of us on Earth – we are free from the wheel of rebirth.

    But what’s next…?!

    In this episode of the Spiritual Freedom Show, Mars Sector 6 gives us a glimpse – for the first time – into the real nature of interplanetary existence: the next stage in our spiritual evolution.

    Interplanetary existence means life on certain planets in this Solar System. Specifically, life on ...

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    May 1, 2021 56 min

    For centuries people believed that Nirvana was the ultimate state; the final destination; a complete amalgamation with the Divine Source.

    But, in the Sixth Freedom, Mars Sector 6 reveals to us a completely new vista of spiritual evolution. He gives us a glimpse into the world of the ageless Ascended Masters on Earth and even life on other planets.

    There are many confusing ideas about Ascension today, specifically what it is and w...

    Mark as Played

    In the Fifth Freedom, Mars Sector 6 describes Cosmic Consciousness – the highest state of consciousness we can achieve on Earth.

    Only a relative handful have ever experienced this state, and even fewer have tried to describe it publicly.

    In one parable told by the nineteenth-century Hindu Saint Ramakrishna, four friends were out for a walk when they saw a place enclosed by a high wall and were eager to know what was inside.

    One o...

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    If there is anything that will change the world, it’s Love! Not the conditional love we experience as basic emotion, but true, unconditional, impersonal Love – something that motivates our work to help others and which we can radiate, as an energy, to help heal our world.

    But how can we really express this true Love unless we better understand what it is?

    In ‘The Nine Freedoms’ Mars Sector 6 tells us that Love is the direct resul...

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    March 20, 2021 56 min

    In our search for truth we all have difficult choices to make, like which guru, and which path, will guide us to enlightenment.

    There are a number of different true paths to the Divine, but there are also a number of false claims and dead-end roads, but, if we learn to use our powers of discrimination – intuition and logic – we will be able to choose wisely.

    Once we’ve made a choice, the next step is to stick with it.

    A true path...

    Mark as Played
    March 6, 2021 56 min

    Whatever problems we might face in life, it’s not fear that’s going to help us deal with them – it’s enlightenment.

    When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, we need to recognize the risks and act responsibly, but not live in fear.

    Once we recognize a fear, we can start to rid ourselves of it. Mantra, prayer, deep breathing, and Service to others, will all help to cultivate an inner strength and clarity of mind so that w...

    Mark as Played

    The Ascended Masters on Earth are not just serving us – they are saving us!

    Without their presence, civilisation as we know it could not continue. It’s a bold claim; it’s a big claim, but Master of Yoga Dr. George King was adamant: if they left tonight, we would have only minutes.

    So who are they?

    The Ascended Masters are those men and women of great wisdom, compassion and spiritual power who have escaped the wheel of rebirth on ...

    Mark as Played
    February 20, 2021 60 min

    Clairvoyance, psychic touch, psychic hearing – psychic abilities in general – are in fact all perfectly normal!

    Having psychic abilities can make the world feel like a fuller, more liberating, and more exciting place to be. You’ll be able to do things you never thought were possible. And it starts with overcoming our fear of the unknown.

    When we overcome our fear, we start to unleash our potential. One aspect of this potential is...

    Mark as Played
    February 13, 2021 60 min

    If I asked you what you thought the first step on the ladder to enlightenment was, what would you say? Compassion? Kindness? Humility? Mars Sector 6 tells us–unambiguously–that the first step on the ladder is Bravery.

    Without it, to paraphrase another great Master, we will get nowhere.

    Life is about experience. This experience is comprised of many tests. And difficult as it may be–because we all have fears–it is wise to remember ...

    Mark as Played
    February 6, 2021 58 min

    Who would you consider more spiritual? An atheist with the courage to leave home and serve others suffering in terrible poverty, or a devoted yogi secluded in the Himalayas in pursuit of their own enlightenment – and only their own enlightenment?

    At one time it was normal for the most committed of spiritual seekers to break away from humanity and pursue their own enlightenment without due regard for the suffering of others. Not t...

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