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The SteelFlyers Podcast Episode 29 - SteelFlyers All Sports Network

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Thank you, that is the lovely co-host RoNece. It has been a while but your host has been on the IR after ankle surgery but on the mend and getting better and ready to get into a show!

* The NHL is finally putting every team on the ice as all teams have been taken off the Covid list for the first time since the bubble!

* As restrictions in each state are relaxing the NHL has announced that 15 US teams will begin to allow fans in the stands!
Finally we are getting butts in the seats!

* MLB is in full spring training mode with teams playing games and the NBA is on the verge of their All-Star game!

* We have a lot to cover and a short time to cover it in so we are going to get right into it. A huge thank you to our sponsor!!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Hang Tough!!!
Cannot thank you enough for listening and checking us out.
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THANK YOU to The Overview Effect for providing the great music on this episode!
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The SteelFlyers Podcast Episode 29 - SteelFlyers All Sports Network