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March 6, 2024 57 mins

Today on the Stories Collective Sarah is excited to be sharing a special interview as she had the opportunity to sit down with her co-worker and brother-in-law Pastor Trevor Schalow! Sarah and Trevor begin the interview with a lot of laughs, reminiscing on the summer of 2015 when they first met having no idea that they would one day be family. Trevor shares about life growing up in the small town of Show Low in northeast Arizona. He and his two brothers were homeschooled, and Trevor speaks of those years fondly, saying he really valued the close family time. They were very involved in church, and this eventually led to Trevor feeling a calling at a young age to be involved in ministry. He shares a few stories from his time growing up, including a touching story about his Aunt Tammie who died of cancer in 2008. Tammie's faith impacted Trevor in a big way, and he shares that it was a significant time in their family's life. Throughout all of these stories shared, Trevor was going through his own struggles behind the scenes. At a young age he was exposed to pornography which led to years of hiding in shame, feeling that he was held captive by this secret struggle. He felt stuck in this cycle all throughout his high school and early college years. After completing his freshman year at a community college, he transferred to Arizona Christian University. It was there that he began to develop friendships that would ultimately help break this addiction and bring healing. We appreciate Trevor's realness as he emphasizes the importance of real and open relationships that are grounded in Christ. Trevor also shares about meeting his wife Danielle at ACU and how she lovingly responded to this chapter in his life. You will be encouraged as you hear about how the Lord has worked in Trevor's life since this time and how it now gives him a drive to help provide help for others who are struggling with addiction and pain.  

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