The StreetDog Digital Podcast

The StreetDog Digital Podcast

Hi and welcome to the StreetDog Digital Podcast! Here you will find expert advice from fellow pet industry professionals. It will include interviews and conversations about marketing, business ownership, pet industry trends and much more. Let’s spill the tea, let’s get those paws up and let’s get started!


December 13, 2023 7 mins

Failing to understand your target audience can be a big marketing mistake that hampers your business growth. It's really important to take the time to truly grasp the needs of your customers, their preferences, and pain points so that you can create marketing messages that actually work. By making the most of social media, setting clear goals, investing in SEO, and creating high-quality content, you can overcome this challenge...

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Imagine the possibilities for a small pet business when their products are showcased by a major retailer. It's a gateway to incredible rewards and benefits, with game-changing impacts and advantages. 

Now, let's turn this dream into reality. In this episode, we'll unravel the steps to land your pet products on the shelves of a retail giant.

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In this episode, we’ll break down several different types of marketing that may benefit your pet business.

By the end, you’ll understand the essential forms of marketing, and you’ll have a better idea of what makes sense for your pet brand.

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Even though influencer marketing is more popular each year, there’s still a lot of mystery around how these partnerships work.

We’ll cover what influencer marketing campaigns can look like and how you can use them to grow your pet brand. We’ll discuss how to develop an effective influencer marketing campaign and and so much more. We’ll also go over some tips for finding the right influencers for your brand and navigating successful ...

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January 13, 2023 13 mins

As a pet brand, staying mindful of industry trends and finding ways to address them within your marketing (when appropriate) is key to setting your business up for success in 2023 and beyond.

Listen in on our latest episode where we dive into the Top 10 Pet Industry Trends for this year!

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As mergers and acquisitions within the pet industry continue to compound, the marketplace will inevitably shift. With large companies taking up more market share, smaller players will be forced to find innovative ways to connect with their prospective customers and deliver a superior experience to hold onto their market share.

Listen in on our latest episode where we chat about how Mergers and Acquisitions Affect the Pet I...

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With so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever that you understand your target customers and their pain points or motivations so you can develop products, services, and marketing campaigns that make them feel seen. 

 Market research is how you gather the information you need to do this effectively.

Listen in on some great tips and tricks, and to learn more about us, visit our website at

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On this episode we are going to dive into creative ways to grow your email list.

Email marketing is effective for any pet business. Whether you run an e-commerce business, a brick-and-mortar pet store, or offer pet care services.

On this episode, we will also share with you some powerful strategies for growing your email list.

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On this episode, we will highlight some different types of video content and how you might incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

We'll also go over some tips for creating video content and how to ensure your video marketing efforts are successful!

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Content plays a vital role in any marketing strategy, and to achieve the best results, your content should be carefully conceptualized to address your audience’s needs and questions that arise along their path to purchase.

 If you’ve been creating a lot of content but aren’t seeing the conversions you want, it could be because you aren’t successfully supporting your audience through the buyer’s journey.

By the end of this e...

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With the end of the year approaching quickly, many businesses will soon be shifting their focus to year-end preparations, and the same rings true for those in the pet industry.

Most businesses use this time to review their accounting and sales goals, but it’s equally important to assess the effects of your marketing efforts as well. A year-end marketing review allows businesses to measure the contribution of their marketin...

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November 17, 2021 9 mins

Delegating sounds easy. Why wouldn't you want to share your workload? But in practice, it can be difficult to let go, challenging to choose what tasks to delegate and what to retain, and a failure to delegate can stump your growth and hold back your team. 

Hello and welcome back to the StreetDog Digital Podcast. On this episode we are going to talk about Delegating Your Way To Growth.

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November 3, 2021 10 mins

Marketing is crucial for your business to grow, but any business needs to watch their budgets and spend money where it will have the most significant impact. Spending money on marketing without a clear plan and objective can be a waste of your budget

On this episode, we are going to break it down. Where to spend your budget, finding out if your targeting the right audience and so much more.

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Entrepreneurs start with inspiration. They are inspired to create something new, improve a product or service, and change how something is made or done. They see an alternate future where their idea can help others. The inspiration is the motivation for an entrepreneur to chase their dreams and prevail through adversity.

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When you’re new to running a business there are many parts to consider, to give yourself the best chance at success, and marketing is no exception.

In fact, marketing has many components in and of itself. Trying to decide where to start with your marketing strategy can become quite overwhelming. Listen in on our latest episode where we break down where to start when creating a marketing campaign.

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September 22, 2021 14 mins

Have you ever wondered and wanted to gain more of an understanding of branding and all of those pieces that comes along with it?

If so, this episode is made for you!

We're  going to talk all about:

  • What makes up your brands identity
  • What actually is branding 
  • What are the steps in creating your own pet brand identity

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On this episode are going to dive into the world of Influencer Marketing, but not only that, more specifically Pet Influencer Marketing. We also have a very special guest, Apollo & Kristen

Buckle up, this episode is going to be a fun one filled with everything from;

  • What exactly is influencer marketing
  • What is the difference between macro vs. micro influencers…and nano influencers
  • How to find the right influencer for your pet...
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Hello and welcome back to the StreetDog Digital Podcast. 

Trying to understand the world of social media metrics and be daunting and overwhelming,  but knowing and understanding how your content performs and whether it’s serving your brand goals is key.

The reality is, that there are so many metrics to choose from and to track that it’s hard to tell which ones give real insight into your social strategy’s success. 

Join us o...

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