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#12 Culinary Medicine and Diabetes with Michael Fenster, MD aka Chef Dr. Mike - The Virgin Diabetic Podcast

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Doctor Mike is the only Board-Certified Interventional  Cardiologist, Professor of Culinary Medicine, and Professional Chef. He is a trailblazer in the field of culinary medicine. By combining his culinary talents with cutting-edge medical expertise and evidence-based insights he forges an approach to healthy living beyond mere nutrition or fad diets. 

He doesn’t believe in setting boundaries when it comes to food. The ideas that healthy food can’t be flavorful, that tasty food can’t be good for you, or that a one-size-fits-all, healthy diet exists are all myths. And, one by one, he is busting those myths. "Every person is unique—from their body to their preferences. You don’t need a self-described 'health expert' telling you what to eat."
Chef Dr. Mike teaches a three-part Introduction to Culinary Medicine online course at the University of Montana College of Health.


  • How our mental state can affect our gut microbiome and the correlation between brain and gut good health when eating 'the right kind of food'.
  • Answering one common question: "As diabetics: Does our LDL colesterol have to be below 70 even if we maintain healthy glucose levels?".
  • Demystifying the impact of colesterol on your blood lipids and breaking down what LDL readings and saturated fats really mean.
  • Link between vitamin D deficiency and low values of colesterol.
  • US stats on type 2 diabetes and what reversing diabetes studies are showing.
  • Meat vs Vegan based diets and finding what's best for YOU
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    #12 Culinary Medicine and Diabetes with Michael Fenster, MD aka Chef Dr. Mike - The Virgin Diabetic Podcast