The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening

The Way Back to Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual teacher and author Mark Zaretti from shares over 40 years of experience. Warning these podcasts put spiritual truth first and are thought provoking and full of guidance and support for your soul journey and spiritual growth. Focussing upon helping you have more real LOVE, JOY, and STILLNESS in your life in a down to earth and practical way.


June 3, 2016 30 mins

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator there are things you can do to improve your experience and enjoyment of meditation.

Join meditation teacher Mark as he shares nine things you can do to get more from your meditation.

These include practical approaches as well psychological approaches.

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  • Mark as Played

    How you end your meditation can be as important as how you start and go into your meditation.

    Meditation teacher Mark explains how to make sure you don't miss out on the wonderful opportunity that the end of your meditation represents.

    Explore how to bring more love into your life and harmonise your meditation with your everyday life.

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  • Mark as Played

    In this podcast meditation teacher Mark explores from a "non-religious stance" what it means to have "God in your heart".

    Enlightenment is described as reaching "the Source", "God", "Unity", or "Oneness" and is often called "God realisation" too. Therefore in this recording, filmed outside, Mark talks frankly and spiritually about "God" and what that really means w...

    Mark as Played

    Although this podcast is primarily about light and sound meditation it can be applied to any kind of inner meditation.

    In this podcast Mark breaks down the sequence and steps for going deeply into light and sound meditation. Essential advice for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

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  • Mark as Played

    "Can you make a real difference?"

    Meditation teacher Mark talks about how anyone can help heal the planet Earth by "sending love" to the planet.

    Mark breaks it down into practical steps and talks about a way we can work together (even remotely) to have a greater positive impact. This is a truly empowering podcast.

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  • Mark as Played

    In this totally unique podcast Mark breaks down what love is. Mark shares spiritual and esoteric insights from channelling, having attained enlightenment and over 35 years of meditation.

    This is a truly positive, uplifting and inspiring exploration that makes "love" tangible while still preserving its awesomeness and importance.

    The more you understand about love the more you can bring it into your life!

    Mark You ...
  • Mark as Played

    In this podcast Mark explores how you send love to other people. Did you realise that there are three different ways that you can send love to other people!

    Furthermore, where and how you send it differs. This is a fascinating spiritual exploration of something beautiful that many people take for granted.

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  • Mark as Played

    Following on from the last two podcasts meditation teacher Mark explores what happens when we receive love from others. He answers questions from an energetic and spiritual perspective including:

    "How does love affect you and where does it go?"

    "What happens to that love?"

    This is a truly wonderful podcast exploring what it means to be human and to learn more about your soul and spirit. 

    Full notes: ht...

    Mark as Played

    This is the fourth and final "About Love" podcast and it completes the story of love. In this instalment Mark discusses how you can bring love down into yourself.

    People are familiar with self-healing but did you know you can fill yourself with love? If you did then great! Even if you did or did not, this discussion is hopefully going to show you how easy it is and also give you a deeper understanding of how it works.


    Mark as Played

    Recorded on 7th of June 2020 this gritty podcast explores the soul journey and the role karma, ego and free will play in it.

    Hard hitting and exploring these important topics against the backdrop of racism, giving a refreshing and spiritual perspective to help people overcome not just racism but all negative behaviours that are rooted in ego and fear.

    WARNING: This positive podcast may just change your outlook on life.

  • Mark as Played

    An excerpt from an interview in January 2020. Mark talks about the three things he wished he'd known about when he started his meditation journey many years before.

    This is part 1 and he shares why he thinks the Six Virtues are so important. 

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  • Mark as Played

    The second excerpt from an interview in January 2020. Mark talks about the three things he wished he'd known about when he started his meditation journey many years before.

    This is part 2 and he shares why he thinks understanding ego and how it can hold people back in their spiritual journey is so important. 

    Get the full story here:

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  • Mark as Played

    The third excerpt from an interview in January 2020. Mark talks about the three things he wished he'd known about when he started his meditation journey many years before.

    This is part 3 and Mark shares why he thinks it is important on a spiritual journey to consider what God is and where light and love come from. This is not a religious perspective or a belief. What Mark discusses is the spiritual understanding of God and ...

    Mark as Played

    This is one of the most important podcasts Mark ever made. It pulls no punches in discussing the problems in the world and reveals what is behind them.

    In a practical and down to Earth way he then explains how the energy of Love and the truth about what God is (hint - it's not religious) can actually make a positive difference.

    You don't need to meditate or even believe in anything to be empowered. But you can mak...

    Mark as Played
    September 25, 2020 11 mins

    This is a direct reading of "The WAY", one of the cornerstone pages of The Way Back: read by it's author Mark.

    Mark discusses the holistic approach to the spiritual journey and explains why some people struggle to progress or to become still within their meditation.

    There is also a discussion about the reason for the soul journey and the differences between you...

    Mark as Played

    Most people think about their "spiritual progress" but have you ever stopped to think about your "spiritual maturity"? This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of spiritual growth. Yet ironically spiritual maturity may be one of the keys to becoming more spiritual within your life.

    In this podcast meditation facilitator Mark of provides a thought provoking exploration of spiritual ...

    Mark as Played
    May 9, 2021 9 mins

    In this podcast meditation author and teacher Mark discusses ego, sharing spiritual insights from almost 40 years of meditation. Develop a better understanding of how ego is defined. Importantly learn how it might be holding you back in your spiritual journey and what you can do to reduce your ego and overcome it.

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  • Mark as Played

    In this candid podcast I share my own personal insights into how I spiritually have more God in my life. This has nothing to do with religion or belief but rather is focused on how to actually know and experience God in everyday life. I cover different approaches, including the "yin-passive way" and the "yang-active way" of developing your relationship with God. I also discuss how meditation and spirituality are ...

    Mark as Played

    In this podcast spiritual teacher Mark is joined by Nik, one of the members of The Way Back in discussing a powerful message about moving beyond simply having belief in God to having God in our hearts.

    This follows on from Podcast #33 and is an honest and conversational discussion between Nik and Mark about the spiritual topic of God.

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  • Mark as Played

    In this very candid podcast I talk about the pitfalls and risks of trying to understand your level of spiritual awakening and progress. At the heart of this podcast is helping you to understand what is spiritual versus what is not.

    I also talk about some of the history behind many of the groups at this time and explain why there are some big assumptions which may be causing problems for genuine seekers of truth. Definitely o...

    Mark as Played

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