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Welcome to 'The Whole Parent Podcast,' where we dive deep into evidence-based parenting strategies, blending cutting-edge psychology with real-world experience. Each episode offers insightful discussions, expert interviews, and practical tips to empower you and your family through the joys and challenges of raising children. Join us as we explore not just the highs of parenting, but navigate the complexities and embrace the journey together.


July 12, 2024 34 mins

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Episode Title: How To Get Your Toddler to LISTEN!

Episode Number: #29

Host: Jon @wholeparent


  • 0:00 - Introduction and Setting the Scene
  • 0:38 - The Frustration of Kids who WON'T LISTEN!
  • 2:40 - Why Toddlers Have Selective Hearing
  • 7:17 - Understanding Toddler Development and Autonomy
  • 16:18 - Effective Communication with Toddlers
  • 22:24 - Tips for Improving Toddler Listening Skills
  • 33:50 -...
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Struggling with bedtime battles? Discover an incredible bedtime hack that transforms chaos into connection, making bedtime one of the best parts of your day.

Episode Number: #28

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon delves into the challenges of bedtime routines and reveals a transformative hack to turn bedtime battles into moments of deep connection with your child. He discusses the reasons behind k...

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Episode Number: #27

Description: In this guest episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon welcomes KJ from Big Life Journal. They discuss the transformative power of reparenting, the difference between gentle and conscious parenting, and the resources available to support parents on their journey. KJ shares her personal experiences transitioning from authoritarian parenting to gentle parenting, offers her top reparenting tip, and expl...

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Episode Number: #26

Take the quiz to find our if your kid is Highly Sensitive

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon delves into the concept of collaborative consequences, explaining why this method is a powerful tool for effective parenting, especially for highly sensitive children. As a strong advocate for the abolition of punishment in parenting, discusses how to differentiate between punishment an...

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Want to know if your child is Highly Sensitive? TAKE THE QUIZ!
Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Episode Number: #25

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon delves into the world of highly sensitive children. He explains what high sensitivity is, how it manifests in kids, and shares practical strategies for parents to help their highly sensitive children thrive. Jon also highlights the groundbreaking ...

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Do you want to know how you can successfully navigate sibling conflict? This is the episode for you.

Episode Number: #24

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon delves into the challenging topic of sibling conflict. He shares practical strategies for parents to navigate and resolve conflicts between siblings effectively. Jon also talks about the importance of fostering a team-centric environment and b...

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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Episode Number: #23

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon discusses the importance of raising emotionally intelligent kids. Jon shares personal insights and practical steps on how parents can foster emotional intelligence in their children. Jon also opens up about his recent break from podcasting, the challenges he faced, and how taking time for self-care has impacted his p...

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Do we need to punish our kids to be effective parents?

That's exactly what Dr. Tina Payne Bryson and I navigate through in this enriching discussion on punishment-free parenting. By distinguishing between discipline as a means to teach, rehearse, and impart skills and punishment as an alternatively counterproductive reaction, we illuminate a path where parents can regul...

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Ever felt like it's all on you and your kids ONLY wants you?
Ever felt like, no matter what you do, you're always just second best in your child's eyes? 

You're not alone. In this episode, we examine the emotional rollercoaster of the attachment hierarchy in families. Sharing my own experiences as a non-preferr...

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Picky Eater Screener

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Have you ever felt like you're in a mealtime showdown with your toddler, armed with nothing but a spoon and the "wrong" color cup? Me too. Every day.

Today I'm joined by Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat in Color to arm y...

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March 21, 2024 30 mins

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As a parent, confronting the uncomfortable truth of a child's lie can be a heart-wrenching moment. On today's Whole Parent Podcast, we delve into the delicate balance of handling such revelations with empathy and understanding. Our conversation is grounded in personal experiences and the gentle wisdom of Fred Rogers, ...

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March 19, 2024 34 mins

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Kid's lie. There are so many reasons kids lie and probably the most UNLIKELY one is the one most parent's believe.
Our latest episode peels back the layers of childhood dishonesty, offering a comforting guide for parents grappling with their three-year-old's first ventures into untruths. We kick off with a candid look at the developmental milestones of toddlers, rev...

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When your past knocks on the door unexpectedly after 18 years, you realize that fatherhood isn't just a role—it's a journey full of profound discoveries. 

This realization comes to life in my heartfelt sit-down with Larry Hagner from the Dad Edge podcast. We peel back the layers of what it means to be an active, enga...

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March 12, 2024 46 mins

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Ever found yourself perplexed by your child's seemingly endless quest for attention? We're peeling back the layers on why kids clamor for the spotlight and how you might be contributing to it without even realizing it. Tap into a wealth of compassion-fueled insights and practical strategies as w...

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March 6, 2024 41 mins

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Struggling with sibling rivalry? Learn effective ways to foster harmony and connection among your children.

Episode Number:

Description: In this episode of the Whole Parent Podcast, Jon tackles the topic of sibling relationships and how to navigate common challenges. Whether it's dealing with sibling rivalry, sharing space and toys, or finding activities tha...

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March 5, 2024 -1 secs

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Conquering Bedtime Battles

Every parent has felt that tug at their heartstrings when they have to leave a child who's clinging to them, pleading for just one more hug. That's the moment you wish you had a magic wand to ease those tears and fears. 

Join me as I guide you through the emotional landscape of separation anxiety in children, exploring its nuances...

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This episode promises to enrich your parenting toolkit with the insightful wisdom of Eli Harwood (@attachmentnerd), a seasoned therapist and mother of three, who joins me to unravel the complexities of creating secure attachments with our kids. Together, we walk you th...

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February 22, 2024 49 mins

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The originator of the HEAR acronym is Dr Julia Minson of Harvard 

Have you ever felt like your parenting style is worlds apart from your partner's, yet you both yearn for a harmonious household? Together, we weave through the complexities of parenting partnerships and the artistry of conflict resolution. This episode brings you heartfelt stories and expert insights on e...

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February 20, 2024 42 mins

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Join Whole Parent as we redefine the very essence of discipline in parenting, not as a tool for punishment, but as an opportunity for teaching and growth. Our latest episode unveils a profound connection between 'discipline' and 'disciple,' urging us to embrace our role as educators in ...

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February 15, 2024 38 mins

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How do we teach social skills like sharing, turn taking, and making friends? Unravel these themes in the latest episode of the Whole Parent Podcast. We kick off  with a the struggles our kids have with sharing, debunking myths and laying out strategies that emphasize balance and respect for personal boundaries.

Navigating the tricky waters of parenting, we find ourselves teaching our kids ...

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