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#67 For the Song in Your Heart (with Azima Jackson) - The Wonder Dome

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I found my way to Azima Jackson through a dear friend of mine, Elizabeth, who reached out and said, Hey, I love what you're doing with the podcast. You've got to talk to my mom. And she was right!

Her mom, Azima, is a remarkable soul who has evolved into an elder committed to questions of identity and purpose. She is an interfaith minister who explores the pains that life brings us and the ways in which we often attempt to run from them. But instead of running from these pains, what if we viewed them as invitations towards deeper self-knowing and deeper possibility? This is at the root of Azima’s work with spirituality, music, and healing.

She serves as a reminder of what might become possible if we remember to honor and pay attention to the gifts of life and old age, and the ways those gifts can travel forward to those younger among us. Stick around to the end of the conversation for a private musical performance from Azima. She refers to music as a kind of life force for her, and I know from my own experience, that music has been a life force for me too.

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#67 For the Song in Your Heart (with Azima Jackson) - The Wonder Dome