The World's Mayor Experience: A Multimedia Platform Elevating Passion & Purpose in Communities

The World's Mayor Experience: A Multimedia Platform Elevating Passion & Purpose in Communities

The World's Mayor Experience: A Multimedia Platform Elevating Passion & Purpose in Communities Joshua T. Berglan, known as "The World's Mayor," is a transformative figure in media, entertainment, and advocacy. His accolades as a two-time international best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and talk show host have positioned him as a global influencer. "The World's Mayor Experience" is Joshua's latest brainchild, a multimedia platform that bridges divides and unites diverse communities. Through a variety of engaging content formats, including: Spoken Word: A heartfelt and unfiltered broadcast where Joshua shares empowering messages rooted in faith and spirituality, and hard lessons learned. Conversations with Joshua T Berglan: An interview show where Joshua interviews inspiring, interesting world changers. Film Fabrications: Concept videos designed to be turned into movies or television series. Insights from Joshua T Berglan: Messages from Joshua offering media tips, how-tos, and media strategy. "The World's Mayor Experience" is more than just a platform; it's a movement that resonates through heartfelt conversations and live events globally. Joshua's passion for media literacy and his commitment to making media production accessible to all is evident in his innovative invention, "Media Company in a Box." This groundbreaking solution empowers individuals and organizations to create, manage, and distribute media content with ease. With a rich history of engaging broadcasts and a commitment to social impact, Joshua T. Berglan is a beacon of inspiration and a voice for those battling mental illness, HIV, sexual identity issues, trauma from abuse, and injustice. Embrace the vision of "The World's Mayor Experience" and join Joshua in his quest to connect, inspire, and drive meaningful change. Together, let's reshape the world, one experience at a time.


September 20, 2023 66 mins

The World's Mayor Experience Episode 8: Book Publishing Gimmicks and Success Stories with Brian Wright

In this episode of The World's Mayor Experience, host Joshua T. Berglan sit s down with Brian K. Wright, a bestselling author, writing coach, radio show host, and magazine publisher who helps people share their message with the world and monetize their expertise.

Brian discusses the book publishing industry and exposes c...

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The World's Mayor Experience Episode 7: "Why Donation Based Media Consulting"

Join host Joshua T Berglan as he delves de ep into the transformative journey of running a non-profit media organization and the pivotal decision to transition back into the private sector. In this episode, Joshua sheds light on his unique approach to media consulting - Donation Based Media Consulting. 

Why this approach? Joshua's mission has al...

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The World's Mayor Experience - Episode 6: School Safety  Insights with Daniel Dluzneski

Welcome to Episode 6 of The World's Mayor Experience. In this episode, we dive deep into the realm of school safety, emergency management, and the importance of being prepared for unforeseen threats.

Guest Bio:

Daniel Dluzneski

- Position: Retired Lieutenant, U.S. Secret Service & Former Coordinator of Eme...

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🎙️ Welcome to the World's Mayor Experience with Joshua T. Berglan, Episode 6! 🎉 In this episode:

- Reflecting on the journey of the World's Mayor Experience 🌍
- The importance of  handpicking guests with impactful messages 🗣️
- A look back at the enlightening conversation with Noah Healy on the financial system 📈
- The power of media literacy and its role in shaping society 📺
- A heartfelt mission to ...

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Unraveling the World of Market Design with Noah Healy: A Deep Dive

In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, the concepts of market design and game theory are gaining significant traction. Enter Noah Healy, a luminary who has seamlessly transitioned from nuclear engineering to the dot-com boom, and now stands at the forefront of redefining economic systems. In this exclusive interview hosted by Joshua T Berglan for ...

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Dive deep into the world of Coordisc and market design on 'The World's Mayor Experience'. Explore the key insights from the groundbreaking whitepaper on commodity market design, and understand its potential impact on economics. Discover the power of multimedia content as we discuss video explanations, podcasts, and their role in conveying complex ideas. Get a glimpse into the future of economic systems, and garner personal insights...

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Join us in 'The World's Mayor Experience' as Noah Healy delves deep  into his groundbreaking patent work on innovative commodity market design. Discover how his approach stands out from traditional models and the challenges he faced during its development. A must-watch for those keen on understanding the future of commodity markets.

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🎙️ Welcome to The World's Mayor Experience, hosted by Joshua T Berglan!

In today's captivating episode, we continue our conversation with Noah Healy, a market designer and game  theorist who is reshaping the way we think about economic systems. After exploring his early career in nuclear engineering and tech startups, we delve into Noah's transition to market design and game theory.

🔥 Inside This Segment:

👉 Transi...

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Nuclear Engineering and Tech Startups: An Exclusive Interview with Noah Healy

Hosted by Joshua T Berglan

Welcome to another episode of The World's Mayor Experience, where we bring you thought-provoking conversations and expert insights from leaders around the globe. Today, we are thrilled to feature Noah Healy, a market designer and game theorist who is making waves in the world of economic systems.

Table ...

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Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The World's Mayor Experience . Tonight, we have a special treat for you—a conversation with the incredible Paul Levitin. But before we dive into that, I want to talk to you about something that's been on my mind lately: the levels of surrender.You see, surrender often gets a bad rap. We associate it with defeat, with giving up.

 But what if I told you that surrender is ...

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In this compelling segment, we're honored to have Paul Levitin, a board-certified health and wellness coach, join us for an enlightening conversation. Known for his transformative approach to mental wellness, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the table.

Topics Covered:
Levels of Truth: Paul discusses how our perspectives shape our understanding of truth, urging us to consider multiple viewpoin...

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Welcome to another riveting episode of The World's Mayor Experience, hosted by Joshua T. Bergla n. In this episode, we delve deep into the realms of truth, surrender, and the art of living in the present moment with our special guest, Paul Levitin. 

Monologue by Joshua T. Berglan

Before we dive into the interview, Joshua sets  the stage with a thought-provoking monologue that explores the different leve...

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The World's Mayor Experience Episode 3: The Ethical Cost of Our Batteries and the Pollution of Our Planet

In this episode of The World's Mayor Experience, we explore two of the most pressing environmental issues of our time: blood batteries and plastic pollution.

Blood batteriesare batteries made using minerals like cobalt, which are sourced from conflict zones. The production of these batteries comes at a high eth...

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 In this segment of The World's Mayor Experience, we explore the ethical concerns surrounding blood batteries, show a clip from WION. Blood batteries are batteries  made using minerals like cobalt, which are sourced from conflict zones. We discuss the use of child labor in cobalt mining, the financing of armed groups through the sale of these minerals, and the technological, regulatory, and social responsibility measures that can b...

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Discover the profound effects of plastic pollution on both human health and the environment in this eye-opening segment of The World's Mayor Experience. Delve into the intricate web of issues, from endocrine disruptors affecting pregnancy to the alarming presence of microplastics in our bodies. Explore the devastating impact on marine life and ecosystems, as well as the urgent need for collective action. Learn how recycling, govern...

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🎙️ Welcome to Episode 2 of The World's Mayor Experience: 'To The Survivors' featuring Robert Uttaro! 🎙️

In this compelling episode, we sit down with Robert Uttaro, a dedicated rape crisis counselor and community educator with 15 years of experience. Robert has devoted his life to supporting survivors of sexual violence and advocating  for change.

📚 About Robert Uttaro 📚

Robert's journey began with his...

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Join us in the premiere episode of 'The World's Mayor Experience: Vision, Wisdom & Community  Heroes'. Dive deep into discussions on HIV awareness, the overarching vision of the series, and celebrate community champion Maggie Doyne. This multimedia-driven community movement aims to enlighten, inspire, and champion unsung heroes worldwide.

Thank you for watching, 

Joshua T Berglan  

Watch the episode and read...

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