Therapeutic Life Healing: anxiety, anxiety relief, therapy, wellbeing, mental health

Therapeutic Life Healing: anxiety, anxiety relief, therapy, wellbeing, mental health

Welcome to Therapeutic Life Health the podcast show that will be a guide for you on your healing journey in life. Here you will find topics related to mental health, personal development and wellness. I am a Psychotherapist, but more than that I too am a person that has experienced clinical depression, anxiety and know grief and loss all too well. I created this podcast to make healing more accessible for people just like you and I on their healing journey. Here you will find advice to help you navigate the highs and lows of life. This show is a mix of encouragement, inspiration, education, and strategies to support your healing journey. I trust you can experience your breakdown as your breakthrough as I help make your healing journey empowering and relatable. Please stick around, subscribe, rate and leave a review. I would love to hear from you and connect. LEARN MORE at to work with me or send me an email at


July 29, 2023 23 mins

To connect with me and see what services I offer please visit  or find me on Instagram @healwitheidit for inspiration & mental wellness tips. Enjoy the show! Have a topic suggestion? Email me your ideas at hello@eiditc....

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How to set boundaries! In today's episode, I share with you what are boundaries and how to practice them, including sharing one liners you can use to practice setting boundaries. Boundaries help to keep relationships close and help keep people in your lives, not out. Tune into today's episode to learn more about boundaries and to support your mental health, wellbeing and to nurture positive relationships.   

To conne...

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Hi Friends! It has been some time and I share with you in this NEW episode why I stepped away for a bit. This episode was inspired by my own personal experience the last few months managing a scary health scare with my mother who many of you know I love so much. If you have not checked out my interview with my mom, do check that episode out, she is a cutie! :) 

These last few months and weeks I have had to manage my own anxiety and...

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Episode 100 Quotes    “You are strong because of what you’ve been through and whatever happened was not necessarily what you deserved, it wasn’t your fault, life is just unfair and unkind to all of us in different ways and in similar ways but that you are here. And that’s what matters.”   "There are strength in your scars. That is proof that you’re alive. You’re here today still fighting and you still have hope for a new day or a b...

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Episode 99 Quotes

“I don’t know you but I know you are here today standing strong and trying to just take the next step forward in your healing journey and you might be going through a hard time today and you’re still not giving up. You’re still going to figure it out one day at a time.”


“I accept the best and the worst aspects of who I am. Changing is never simple but it’s easier if I stop being hard on myself. My mistakes just ...

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Episode 98 Quotes   “This feeling, this moment, this situation is just another moment. Big, small, medium, whatever size it is in your life, it’s going to pass. Nothing is permanent. There’s a lot of feelings that can come with that but in that moment of anxiety just that reminder that this too shall pass, this moment will not be forever, that it’s going to be eventually okay.”  

“I can’t control this. I can...

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February 10, 2023 22 mins
Episode 97 Quotes

“I would tattoo this if I could on my past self, my second advice would be that prioritizing yourself is not selfish, it’s self-respect. ”


“So just trust yourself that you are here for a reason, you’re going to figure it out, and just take it one day at a time.”


“Be scared but do it anyway. Don’t...

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Episode 96 Quotes: “Research has linked gratitude with a wide range of benefits including strengthening your immune system, improving your sleep patterns, feeling optimistic and hopeful about the future, experiencing more joy and pleasure, being more helpful and generous, and feeling less lonely and isolated.”   "Each of these small moments, these strings of happiness, these moments of joy - they’re a web of wellbeing. And over tim...

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Episode 95 Quotes

“If you strive to put yourself at the top, you will become a better spouse, you will become a better friend, you will become a better parent, you will become a better child, you will become a better YOU. Because when we pour into our own cup and not wait for somebody else to do it, we're that much more successful in anything and everything that we do.”

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Episode 94 Quotes   “And a reminder that self-reflection and journaling and thinking in this way and reflecting on how you want to live your life ultimately, it’s a great way to launch your year with intention. And you’ll process the past year and gain clarity to set yourself up for success for the year to come.”  

“I’m not one to be like ‘New Year’s Resolutions! New Year, New Me!’ You can do that at any tim...

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Episode 93 Quotes   “Bring that compassion for yourself, know that you can do this, take a deep breath, and share where your limit is this year.”

“Be very clear with knowing your limits so then you can communicate them to your loved ones in a way that feels comfortable enough for you so that they can understand where you’re coming from.”


“You have to do the ri...

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Episode 92 Quotes


“You’re not fixing memories, you’re not trying to fix what’s happened but you’re trying to heal through it and give yourself grace, compassion, love, forgiveness, patience, acceptance, and releasing this obsession with trying to ‘fix something.’”


“Your journey is your journey and that doesn’t have to match anybody else’s. It’s yours and your...

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Episode 91 Quotes

“Your true joy, your true inner peace comes from you really leaning into saying ‘I don’t care enough to let this stop me from making a decision I know is good for me. No matter if this person thinks this or that about me.’”


“I do care but I don’t care enough that it gets in the way of me living in my alignment and me living in my truth.”


“While you can’t control how everyone perceives you, you can lessen you...

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Episode 90 Quotes:

“It’s okay to walk away from something for a little bit or maybe forever. But it’s okay to just pause as long as you need until you figure out what you really want to say yes to next.”


“Sometimes you need to say no in order to then get to your yes. In order to get more clarity.”


“There’s some times where you just don’t put a timeline on things and you just pay attention to your soul speaking to you.”



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Hi there! It's been awhile since I've recorded a new episode, but I am excited to share that I will be returning to releasing new episodes starting in November. Thank you for continuing to be here, listen to the show and share it with your loved ones. It means so much to me that you have continued to tune-in. That is the reason I decided to return, after hearing from so many of you that this show has inspired you, helped you and gu...

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Boundaries can be tough, I know that. That's why in this episode I share my top three tips to help you get started with setting healthy boundaries that help you live in your truth without compromising your needs.


To connect with me and see what services I offer please visit www.eiditc.comor find me on Instagram @healwitheidit for inspiration & mental wellness tips. Enjoy the show! Have a topic suggestion? Email me your ideas at ...

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March 25, 2022 12 mins

You’ve heard of red flags in relationships, but what about green flags? It’s easy to point out the red flags in relationships, but if we focus on red flags it may be hard to identify the good sometimes.


In this episode, we talk about green flags in a relationship, also known as emotional safety. I’ll walk you through 5 signs of an emotional safe relationship and what that looks like.


To connect with me and see what services I ...

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If you’re ready to really reach your goals, it’s important to be honest with yourself. The first step is to really evaluate the way you’re spending your time.


When you’re working, are you showing up fully or are you distracted by the thing and people around you? Taking breaks and having a distraction can be a good thing. But this is only if you pair it with being mindful of your time and how you spend it.


Finding the balance ca...

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March 11, 2022 17 mins

Navigating day to day with grief can be one of the hardest things you can do. I often think about the anniversary of my father’s passing and my sister’s as well.


While everyone’s journey through grief is completely different I like to share some of the ways I have navigated my journey and remembering those so dear to me.


In this episode I talk about some of the ways I honor those that I’ve lost and how to incorporate their memo...

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Let's talk about anxiety for a moment.

It's a really tricky emotion to release because, well, you have to let go of control and that idea alone is enough to bring on anxiety!

In this episode I share other reasons why anxiety is so challenging, and of course, strategies you can start using today to find the inner peace you've been craving. 


To connect with me and see what services I offer please visit www.eiditc.comor find me on ...

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