Tired By Twilight, Host Carolina Romanyuk

Tired By Twilight, Host Carolina Romanyuk

Welcome to "Tired By Twilight", where the magic of restful nights meets the joys and challenges of parenting. Join Carolina Romanyuk, a Dual Certified Sleep Consultant and Board Certified HHP, as she shares transformative stories and secrets for healthy sleep from 6 months to 6 years. This immersive podcast combines the allure of an audiobook, the thrill of a screenplay, and soothing sounds, offering empathetic guidance and practical tools. Create a sleep-filled haven for your little ones and embrace joyful parenting. Visit www.SleepTrifectaSystem.com for more resources. Sweet dreams await!


July 20, 2023 58 secs
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Episode 1: “The Invitation”… Journey of Toddlerhood Choices, Self-Care, and an Unexpected Invitation

Join Samantha, a tired but determined mom, as she navigates the challenges of her toddler's naptime battles in the first episode in this 3 part series of "Tired by Twilight." In her quest for calm and certainty,

Samantha learns the power of offering choices and the importance of self-care. When an invitation to Lady R...

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March 13, 2023 6 mins

There are several key factors that when combined, create the perfect sleep. Fresh air outdoors is one of them. Liket o this 6 minute raw talk on how my birthday weekend ended up in the forest, getting dizzy on fresh air and sleeping like a.....

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March 1, 2023 12 mins

Sleep training guilit is real. Listen to this 12 minute podcast. 

To take the next step and take away that guilt, I invite you to schedule a free sleep diagnosis session. Here is the link: www.carolinaromanyuk.com/sleep

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October 28, 2020 22 mins

This is the “Scariest” week of the year for parents - Daylight Saving Time- Falling Back! It’s like we spend so much energy and time instilling a healthy sleep foundation for our little ones and when you finally think you have figured it out, BAM!—a change occurs.

I remember in my 20’s, I LOVED this time. I mean who wouldn’t want to get an extra hour of sleep?

Now life is different. This time change not only guarantees that it will...

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What is the 1 tip that will either help you successfully sleep train or completely fail?  In this episode, we’ll talk about a tiny little tweak in your language that has this intense power in teaching you how successful this sleep training process will be for you. When you hear what I'm going to say in today's episode, I'm sure at some point in your life you said it. 

Now is the time to be aware of it and change it. 


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October 2, 2020 17 mins
Sleeping through the night is the topic of conversations around the world between moms and dads. If you’re a parent, it’s a phrase you either love, loath or just keep praying you will get to be able to say one day. Today’s episode is filled with golden nuggets on the process to have your little sleep through the night. As well as dive deeper into what does that actually mean? My goal is not to only help you solve your sleep challen...
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