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July 8, 2021 54 mins

Topics in this conversation include: 

  • Usama Malik discusses the changes that have occurred in business over the last 100-150 years with the incorporation of capitalism, the transformation to big business from local business; the growth of businesses to have larger GDP, in many cases, than smaller countries; and how these changes can impact the world for good when companies focus on being purpose-driven. 6:20
  • Dimitri de Vreeze discusses his role at Royal DSM which has come to stand for “Doing Something Meaningful” and how the public and private sectors joined together during COVID-19 pandemic to produce magical results as well as how that same collaboration can work on behalf of the world to solve other SDGs -- such as zero hunger and climate change -- as companies focus on a balanced combination of people, planet and profit. 15:38
  • Gabriela Cuevas Barron shares her experience in government and how budget is the most important public policy instrument for core national changes as well as how strategic collaboration between businesses and governments provide the opportunity for changes on a global level. 25:10
  • Global health must be addressed with consumers taking a proactive approach to their health, which would lower overall healthcare costs -- making healthcare more accessible for all. 32:31
  • Each speaker shares how their lives and business have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the global changes they believe will take place as a result. 46:56

Trade Wins is a podcast designed specifically to be thought-provoking and to provide insights from leading experts to help us navigate today’s changing environment. We aim to contribute to the empowerment of our global membership and their business networks in the world of global trade and investment.

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