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Neko Mulally of Ride Kanuga Bike Park (#54) - Trail EAffect

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Trail EAffect Episode 54 Neko Mulally and Ride Kanuga Bike Park


This episode first aired on January 18th, 2022 on Mountain Bike Radio


Topics Covered:

  • Neko Mulally Back Story and how he got into Professional WC DH Racing
  • The formation of Neko’s own race program: Frameworks
    • Check out the Downtime and Vital MTB Podcast for more depth on the program
  • How the concept of Ride Kanuga Bike Park got started
  • Neko’s take on the land and topography that Ride Kanuga offered
  • 2020 the Pandemic created the time needed to build out Ride Kanuga
  • Building Ride Kanuga
    • How Callie’s trail building experience helped shape the diversity of trails at Ride Kanuga
  • The Layout of Ride Kanuga
  • How Ride Kanuga offers a diverse trail experience
  • How Ride Kanuga / bike parks in general offer a different experience than public access trails
    • Diverse Trail Experiences
    • Regular Trail Maintenance through paid staff
    • Ride Kanuga Country Club
  • User Numbers at Ride Kanuga and how they have exceeded the expectations of Neko, and how this lets to having 5 trail builders on staff for building and maintenance
  • The differences between Windrock and Ride Kanuga bike parks
  • How Windrock Bike Park came to be, Neko’s Perspective on this
  • What makes Windrock great for high level downhill style downhill tracks to train and race on
  • 500’ of vertical elevation makes for a great bike park
  • What Neko has incorporated into Ride Kanuga that he’s seen and ridden in other places
    • SE Style Jumpline
    • England Style Rut Tracks – GNCC
  • What makes a good trail community according to Neko (Hint: AMBC)
  • The Ride Kanuga Community
    • Ride Kanuga Holiday Party
  • Downhill Southeast and Enduro Southeast
  • Neko’s 2022 Sponsors



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Neko Mulally of Ride Kanuga Bike Park (#54) - Trail EAffect