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September 23, 2023 32 mins

Maybe they’re going against your genes! 

 Do your genes say you’re a good candidate for intermittent fasting? Or that you’re at high risk for certain addictions? 

It’s not a one-size-fits-all. And the only way to truly set yourself up for a longer, healthier, and less frustrating life is for your health strategies to align with your genes. Discover your hidden underlying issues and find out which strategies are most likely to work fo...

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Do you need 100% blockage to have a heart attack? Can running a marathon trigger one? Do stents actually prevent heart attacks? Do you know the test that is most predictive of heart disease? (Hint: It’s not your LDL.)

It’s time to dispel the major myths about heart health, with the LDL myth leading the way. 

After hearing this podcast, you’ll want to make major changes in your pantry, because many popular items most likely in your pa...

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It’s tragic when doctors order an angiogram or implant a stent, and the patient doesn’t even know what happened. Or they have heart failure... and nobody’s ever defined what that really means.  
Now there’s a better way, as explained by holistic cardiologist Dr. Royce Bargas of Edmond, Oklahoma.  
In this podcast, she discusses the 7 pillars of the matrix that defines your overall health and your heart health. I...

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 Sometimes a long vexing health problem can be set straight with chiropractic in just a couple of minutes. From GERD to asthma… even being released from a death sentence. Check this out, because it could give YOU the hope you’ve long yearned for.  

Even if you’re skeptical, you never know where this path will lead you – and how good you could feel in a short time! Others were skeptical before you, and they found relief. It’s gentle ...

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Headaches for over a year gone in a couple minutes… touching a particular spot on your body… Imagine the joy of seeing vexing health problems vanish in a matter of minutes. Going from a world of hurt to the freedom and health to enjoy life again.  

Find out how to harmonize your body – and you might just become one of the “crazy” stories of people who’ve suffered for decades, then seen it resolved in a couple minutes. Even if you’ve...

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Eavesdrop as guest Dr. Terry Wood, DVM, reveals the truth about what your pets should eat… what titer testing is… antiaging strategies for your pet… and the great uses for photonic therapy.   

When Dr. Wood does surgery, his animals fare better and heal faster than other vets’ animals… why?  

Get the answers and insights that can help your beloved pet age more gracefully and with less pain, so you can enjoy each other all the days of...

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Got a beloved 4-legged family member whose health you want to optimize so you can enjoy them longer? Gain insights from our guest, Dr. Terry Wood. He’s been practicing holistic pet care for decades now.  

People travel for hours to have Dr. Wood treat their pets, because he offers perfect standard of care – plus effective holistic protocols that could save your pet from a stroke or heart attack in 7 days, and so much more.  

If you l...

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A high-quality and safe supplement offers a dizzying number of safety checks at every stage of production. So that you are really getting what you think you’re getting. 

Learn today what the DSHEA Act is... what GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) requires... what quarantine means... and why safety begins way before the ingredient supplier is even contacted.  

Does YOUR vitamin include all these safety checks?  Your body and cells think...

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When guest John Spence, M.D. realized the shortcomings of emergency medicine – basically keeping patients alive for the surgeon’s scalpel – he branched out into various regenerative therapies. Which ones are right for you?

Join us as Dr. Spence discusses life-saving therapies that are great for addressing viruses, long Covid, fertility issues, and regenerative wound care. Wounds have a shockingly high fatality rate, and he discovere...

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Listen in as former E.R. physician turned regenerative doctor tells the true story of the dentist who refused heart surgery, even though he was told he’d die without it. You won’t believe what happened next!

Might be one of the most encouraging health stories you hear this year. 😊

You’ll also learn new wellness strategies that could make all the difference in your life story.

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This American way of thinking can prove deadly. A baseball player’s deadly mistake deprived millions the opportunity to use the herb effectively and gainfully. 

 Today another helpful herb is at risk of being pulled from the market. 

 Do you give the herbs you use the respect they deserve? Or are you tempted to do as the baseball player did? Find out by listening in to find out – because it’s a very tempting mistake!

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Your oxidative stress pathway is like rusting from the inside out. How does that happen? You might be shocked. Discover the secret connection between oxidative stress, sleep, blood sugar, histamine, and more.  

Also, why the model of $10 co-pays can’t possibly work well for your health and what you should do instead.  

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Do you have the MTHFR gene? Have you ever been told you have an idiopathic disease? Or struggled with allergies, migraines, or memory?  

You’ll find tips and info on all these and more, in today’s podcast with guest pharmacist, Mary Jane Fry of Medic Pharmacy in Oklahoma City. She shares a wealth of information and finds the common denominator in many and various conditions you or a loved one might struggle with.  

Join us now to lea...

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When your hormones start giving your body mixed messages, what’s your best course of action? Something off the shelf (maybe even from a horse!)... or an individualized solution made just for you?

Get the recommendations of long-time pharmacist Mary Jane Frye on how to keep peak hormone function that’s customized just for you.

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When Dr. Windham was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you won’t believe where they marched her off to immediately. 

Yet certain tests point to the truth about that and other misunderstood diseases! 

If a doctor has ever implied that you’re crazy because they personally don’t believe a disease exists, you completely owe it to yourself to listen to this segment... where Dr. Windham tells of her personal experience in this e...

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If you’ve ever not gotten well after being treated repeatedly with the allopathic medical system, there’s good reason for that. What’s the hidden agenda that keeps you stuck in a cycle of poor health? And how do they perpetuate it against all odds? 

Discover how the system is rigged against you... and how they keep you hooked even when you’re thoroughly disenfranchised. 

Once you know that, you’ll know how to fight and win ...

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Doug Kaufman of KnowTheCause.com fame returned from Vietnam on death’s door. 

Once he finally learned what caused his problem, he became an avid crusader for people to look at this invisible threat as a hidden link to countless other conditions. 

Even if no doctor has gone here with you, you should consider doing so... as it could save your life. Because this threat has been dubbed, “The Great Pretender.” And conventional d...

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It is true that what you can’t see CAN hurt you. 

Listen to Doug Kaufman of KnowTheCause.com fame, and his story about how he was afflicted with a risky life-threatening infection when he came home from Vietnam... and how awful it was.

This set him on a life-long search for wellness that’s followed him all of his days... as he’s investigated the unseen enemy he’s written about for most of his life. 

Parasites and fungus...

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We wanted to share one of our favourite past episodes! Why do some people seem to get a "free pass" to live unhealthy... and others do everything right and still succumb to disease? 

Listen to this week’s podcast and find out how to tame your “naughty” genes so you can live life more fully. 

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We wanted to share one of our favourite past episodes!

 Discover why you are the way you are... and change your life today by activating your happy genes. Find out how best to work with the deck of cards you’ve been dealt genetically. 

It all started when our guest, Dr. Dunn, asked why her father who smoked and drank died of lung cancer at 55, while her step-dad did the same things and lived 30 years longer. 

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